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19th-Jun-2017 10:10 am - ⇨ The Tourist Trap: WEEK 2
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Who: Anyone, anywhere in Portland.
When: October 7st - 14th, 2017
Where: Portland area, in the new reality.
What: The week begins as the time of the Animal Fair finally arrives! Meanwhile, the truth of this reality starts to be revealed, and forces both human and celestial alike attempt to take advantage of a rare opportunity.
Warnings: Individually marked!


Tensions thicken as various supernaturally forces react to the events of the previous week. Something critical is afoot, and it's only a matter of time before things start coming to a head. It's time to find out more about what's happened to this world, and what will happen in its future.

► A NIGHT AT THE FAIR: From the night of the 7th to the morning of the 8th, the Animal Fair is officially in town. There is a top level down below with more information, though you can also RP content from this elsewhere if you wish. The host, who is very likely something called a Wyld Fae (if you discovered that ICly), will be present, but they will only be appearing to you of their own accord and attempting to track them down by force will be ineffective. Just kick back and relax! Fairs are supposed to be fun.

► THORNS IN YOUR SIDE: Culminating in a full fledged attack against the Sanctuary, it would seem that The Rose Queen is declaring war on the changeling population of Portland. Though the vicious attack of thorns against the safe house was eventually stopped, it wasn't without damage, and the black roses that caused it are still popping up around the city and threatening the places where homeless and lost changelings would be likely to congregate. It's obvious now that this is a serious threat - will it ever stop without an intervention?

► HELL ON EARTH: As Anath's march draws near, the first waves of her demons will be entering the city. Primarily acting as scouts and foot soldiers, these demons will be attempting to secure loyalty from the local demon populace, as well as taking out any angels they can manage to catch. It's a level of aggressiveness against heaven's forces that hasn't been seen for years, and it's a foreboding hint of things to come. These demons can be NPCed by anyone, and will mostly be thugs or manipulators who don't know much about Anath's plans but do know that you need to join their side. They are also rowdier than most of the demons in Portland, and are a threat to the innocent mortal populace as well, if they decide to try to get their kicks here.

► THE WIZARD POLICE: The Enlightenment Council seems to have demanded control of the local Circle chapter, and now backup has arrived. These mages are being sent out into the city as if they are a police force, and will be attempting to demand control of various common supernatural areas, as well as questioning community members that they run into. Whatever is going on, it seems to have resulted in the Council instituting what is essentially martial law... of course, not everyone sees any need to heed their demands. If you are a demon, warlock, or other rogue element, expect to be harassed or even attacked by them. These character can be NPCed, and if you need additional information you can ask the mods.
22nd-Jun-2017 12:36 pm - It's a TOURIST TRAP....OF DEATH.
fortuneglass: (=A= ...)

Who: Carly, Jack, Lambert, some poor NPC sap....
When: 'October 10th, 2017'
Where: Portland area, in the new reality- Specifically Sanctuary, and some random abandoned office building.
Warnings: Carly is literally murdering a man (it won't be given much detail however and the log itself is mostly chatter before and outside the scene.)

coffincomfort: (Steeped in despair)
Who: Vincent, Sans, Lambert
When: Uh haha
Where: Sans' Trailer, The Lake
What: Vincent checks in with his two new supervisors.
Warnings: Hmmm.

She looked happy. )
4th-Jun-2017 10:45 pm - [Closed]
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Who: Lapis and Peridot
What: Lapis is having bit of A Depression after Blue Diamond shows up. Peridot is very concerned.
Where: Supervisor's Grove! Inside their shared trailer.
When: Prior to the AU event, a day or so after Blue Diamond arrives.
Warnings: Nah. No nasty content, just rocks being sad.

Ages. That's what it feels like. It feels like it's been literal ages since Lapis last got up out of her hammock and actually did anything other than sleep.

Logically, Peridot knows that isn't actually the case, that Lapis has only been in this position for maybe two days, tops, but what can she say? She's worried. Lapis may not be the most energetic or vivacious person she knows even on her best days, but Peridot doesn't think she's ever seen her quite THIS lethargic before, not even when the Crystal Gems had first brought her back to the Barn, after everything with the Cluster happened.

She sort of gets it. Blue Diamond, Lapis's Diamond, is here at the carnival now. Here to STAY, apparently, and that knowledge has to be what's messing with her, Peridot just doesn't quite get why. She keeps attempting to understand, trying to put herself in Lapis's place, but that tactic really isn't helping any, because it's not like Lapis got into a screaming match with Blue like she had done with Yellow, right? Things could be a LOT worse. But Lapis won't engage with her about the topic, so Peridot can't gather anymore data about the issue, and she's getting increasingly frustrated and worried about her friend.

That's fine then. If Lapis doesn't want to talk? Peridot will try to cheer her up a different way.

And so, the engineer sidles into the living room where the hammock is set up, a big cheesy grin on her face.

"Heeeeyyyy Lapis. Laz! La-zu-laaayyy. Here's an idea: Why don't you come outside and smash a box of these colorful illumination spheres with Pumpkin and me?"

She's talking about light-bulbs. She has a huge box of them in a myriad of colors, bits that she's been hoarding off of the old food stands whenever they need replacing. She's still not sure what she's going to do with them, or with the glass once she breaks them, but she thinks they could both make some pretty good Morps with the stuff.
4th-Jun-2017 04:20 pm - title goes here [Open]
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Who: Blue Diamond, Open
What: Getting down locations, meeting new 'coworkers'
When: 1-2 days before Event
Where: All over the Carnival
Warnings: None currently

There were worse things than being a low-ranked worker but she can't really think of many. )
3rd-Jun-2017 12:26 am - Oh Hell No [Closed]
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Who: Taako and Foster
When: After Rex's Birthday Party
Where: Lakeside
What: Taako tries to figure out what Foster's problem was. Foster has to explain black people to some kind of space elf, I guess.
Warnings: Foster is trying to explain black people, racism, and genetics to an elf. I don't know, it'll probably be kinda... dicey.

For those of us who are different, there is another group to follow )
2nd-Jun-2017 03:56 pm - [OPEN] In Rides the King: Day 103+
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Who: Jack and YOU!
What: Jack's come here on a mission and he really doesn't care about socializing, but bug him anyway! Just an intro log to get him assimilated before the AU event.
Where: The Carnival, the lake, wherever.
When: Day 103~105

My Soul! Red Daemon's Dragon! )
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Who: Taako and Zim.
When: Before the event after they are assigned a trailer.
Where: Their new trailer!
What: New roomies! New digs! This is going to go so well.
Warnings: Language, and Zim is prejudiced against non-Irkens. The worst birds and the bees talk ever happens as well.

DOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooomed. )
31st-May-2017 11:56 am - ⇨ The Tourist Trap: WEEK 1
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Who: Anyone, anywhere in Portland.
When: October 1st - 7th, 2017
Where: Portland area, in the new reality.
What: Memories begin returning to the displaced as the fall gets chillier. How the hell did we end up here, again? Also, apparently, the fair is in town.
Warnings: Individually marked!


Memory regains will come into effect at the beginning of October, to whatever degree you've decided upon, and may be regained at whatever pace you desire from then on. For those with their full carnival memories, it will be like waking up in the body of someone else - for those with half and half, it will be like rapidly recalling sets of memories from a totally different life. Those with full amnesia will simply feel as if this is how it's always been.

Unfortunately for you, memories aren't the only thing you have to deal with. The supernatural community of Portland is bustling all of a sudden - could your presence and these events somehow be related?

► THE OUTER CIRCLE: As of the start of the month, the Portland Circle of Enlightenment will find itself starting to get swarmed with members from other chapters. Most notably, it would seem that a small cabal of top mages from the North American Enlightenment Council will be making their home in Portland's HQ. For anyone but the highest of ranks, the purpose behind their visit will be unclear, but it seems like something is definitely up on a metaphysical level. The Circle will be buzzing with rumours of unique planar activity and threatening omens. It seems that it all started with an unusual flare of activity in the planetary ley-lines, starting approximately a week ago. However, even if you would usually be the type to keep tabs on such things, you will find that you oddly have no memory of observing this phenomenon yourself.

► THE ANIMAL FAIR: Good news, the fair is in town! Or, at least, it would be good news... if this was a regular fair. Instead, what's being observed is a bunch of nearly identical flyers, spread all around Portland - each of which bears only the words "THE ANIMAL FAIR", a seemingly bloody paw-print of unknown origin, and the directions to a vague forested location outside of the city. It's dated for October 7th, and all instances of its posting having been discovered with a scattering of rose petals, crow feathers, and pre-burnt matches laying on the ground around them. Most are taking this to be some kind of bizarre viral marketing campaign, but others may know better.

► THE EARTH SPIRIT: If you have connections to The Pack or any of its many variations, you'll probably hear whispers of something very odd that occurred last week - according to the elders, it sounds as if the Earth Spirit, the magical and spiritual center of the planet, has suddenly taken a wound. It's not clear why or how, but there is a fair bit of concern among spiritual types, as it is werebeast belief and nebulous magical fact that the magical forces within the earth are the source of all magic here, as well as the source of life. While many werebeasts claim to have felt the Spirit succumb, you strangely have no memory of such an event occurring. Though things do feel strange, if you know how to tap into the Spirit yourself.

► THE WAR CRY: Though Anath's rain of terror across North America lasted for the first fifteen years or so of the Severing, most independent demons have had enough time to start taking the arch-demon's relative inactivity for granted. For that first while, the warrior queen had seemed determine to rebuild an army on earth by forcing her scattered brethren into service - only for her to gradually settle down in a fortress somewhere in Texas and dig in her heels. Of course, this was too good to last - it sounds as if she and her demonic legion have begun tearing their way up the west coast, their goals remaining a mystery. Their destination, however, is almost certainly Portland.
29th-May-2017 05:56 pm - Day 106: Not So Lucky (?)
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Who: Marinette and YOU
What: Being miserable and meeting people.
Where: The Carnival
When: Day 106

1. She's not a happy camper, at first. As she roams around the carnival taking in the sights and sounds without a bunch of other guests around. She was employed now, no, indebted, and all because of her own ridiculous clumsiness. She's clearly feeling down as she finds away around. The only thing really distracting her from her gloomy thoughts the other workers who she at least tries to introduce herself too. Strangely though, they all seem a little weird or at least, not entirely human.

"Are most of the people who work here fae, like the Ringmaster?"

2. Later after a bit of a pep talk she's found her way to the food hall. Her stomach is grumbling. She's clearly hungry, but she just doesn't feel up to eating right now. Still, she knows she should eat something. She walks around grabbing this or that thing to eat, and being sure to snatch a lot of cookies. Cookies were part of her, uh, special diet. Or something. Anyway, she has to try and make the best of it here! Otherwise it was surely going to be a very long year. But, well, how exactly was she going to do that? Maybe just this first day it would be fine to sit by herself and just quietly eat something. Though instead of eating she just ends up moving her fork around on her plate a lot.

Read more... )
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