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Who: Carly, and YOU
When: The day of the Ringmaster's Request/the next two days after (Note your preference!)
Where: Carly's Trailer, & the Tailor's workroom
What: FITTING TIME! And Costume Practice! Oh boy. (maybe some dreamcatcher work here and there too)

[For the SHOW! | Carly's Trailer]

[Something that Medli might have caught sight of on her first evening in the Carnival, before it eventually became covered in various piles of clothes, Carly's sewing dummy shows just a little bit of wear once it's cleared from the stash. It's pulled out relatively often now that she's a tailor, but the times she gets to really make use of it are slim even now.

Mostly because people are So. So much better.

Alright! [It could be anyone that she's talking to. Her roommate. Her roommate's friends. Her own friends. Some combination of the three. Anyone!

But now that she's invited you in, it's time for just one thing.
] So what kind of thing did you have in mind to try!

[It's on the Clock | Tailor's Work Room]

[As comfortable as she is with working in her trailer, Carly's workplace at the end of the not her trailer. Instead it's back in the work room for the carnival's wardrobe crew, with rows and rows of costumes and fabrics and various supplies necessary to get from point A to point EYY. For the moment, she's working in silence; she's relatively alone when she works at things in this little corner, and it means things get done. Maybe she's working on your costume?

Or maybe you have a request...

[...Sometimes | WILDCARD]

[...Or maybe, just maybe, she's not working at all. Whether in her trailer, in the work room, or even the dining hall, Carly seems to frantically be trying to weave string around a hoop while adding a few of her down feathers (shiny and glowing) to the mix.] Mmmnh...hmnnnn, that doesn't look right at all....

[The announcement to make dreamcatchers wasn't long ago at all though, was it?

What could possibly have her working at these so frantically?!
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For the SHOW! | Carly's Trailer

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[Brook waved his arms wildly in the air. It made him look like a lunatic.]

I want frills! MORE FRILLS!
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[As a sort of answer, Brook waved his sleeves at her. The ends were... well, looking a little frayed, what with all the pirating and swordfighting he did, but he actually just sort of wanted more frills in general.]

On my show costume, of course! Don't you think this one could use some PIZZAZZ?

[jazz hands

more jazz hands]
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[He lowered his arms.]

Well, just in the important places, then, if you please. By the way, are you planning to make any of those dreamwhatsits for the Ringmaster?
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Me, too. I can't want to get my hands on that 'reward'...

[Uh oh, blood was dribbling out of his skull again. To be fair, though, the Ringmaster was such a babe.]

Nyoho... nyohohoho!
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Like what?

[Yes, tell him, young lady. He'd really like to know. Although as he tilted his head, it seemed like there was something sticking out of Brook's afro -- something like a piece of pink yarn?

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Oh yes, that! I've been putting a lot of time into my crafting, you see, but they're just not turning out quite right.

But I'm sure it'll be okay. All we have to do is wait for one person who's really good at them to make 100 dreamcatchers!

[well to be fair it usually worked in his crew...]
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What? Of course not, young lady! I'd never steal someone's dreams like that!

It's just that Ms. Ringleader wanted a bunch of them, and I'm sure someone's got the talent for this sort of thing.
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What? So you want magic treasure, do you? I'm surprised.

[What did he think she wanted, anyway...]

You'd better get cracking on those arts and crafts, then!
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Well, they already pretty much move on their own, don't they?

[Unless you lived somewhere where there was no wind, thus depriving you of the opportunity to annoy your neighbors. PERISH THE THOUGHT.]

And I still have to perfect my act! I've been thinking about adding a new instrument to my repertoire.
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The harmonica! How's that for soul? There's just one little problem...

[Wait for it]

...I don't have any lips!

[Ba dum tish]
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You're absolutely right, young lady! I won't let this keep me down!

[He brandished his little pocket harmonica, twirled it about in his bony fingers, then put it up to his skull and blew enthusiastically. ]

Fweeet. Fwoot.

[This wasn't going well.]
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I see, I see... in other words...

[You could practically hear the gears turning in Brook's skull. All he really needed was some sort of flexible apparatus that would lend itself to shaping a simple -- ]

Rubber lips!

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What? Can you make something like that?

[Excitement, pure excitement.]

Then please do!