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Who: Carly, and YOU
When: The day of the Ringmaster's Request/the next two days after (Note your preference!)
Where: Carly's Trailer, & the Tailor's workroom
What: FITTING TIME! And Costume Practice! Oh boy. (maybe some dreamcatcher work here and there too)

[For the SHOW! | Carly's Trailer]

[Something that Medli might have caught sight of on her first evening in the Carnival, before it eventually became covered in various piles of clothes, Carly's sewing dummy shows just a little bit of wear once it's cleared from the stash. It's pulled out relatively often now that she's a tailor, but the times she gets to really make use of it are slim even now.

Mostly because people are So. So much better.

Alright! [It could be anyone that she's talking to. Her roommate. Her roommate's friends. Her own friends. Some combination of the three. Anyone!

But now that she's invited you in, it's time for just one thing.
] So what kind of thing did you have in mind to try!

[It's on the Clock | Tailor's Work Room]

[As comfortable as she is with working in her trailer, Carly's workplace at the end of the not her trailer. Instead it's back in the work room for the carnival's wardrobe crew, with rows and rows of costumes and fabrics and various supplies necessary to get from point A to point EYY. For the moment, she's working in silence; she's relatively alone when she works at things in this little corner, and it means things get done. Maybe she's working on your costume?

Or maybe you have a request...

[...Sometimes | WILDCARD]

[...Or maybe, just maybe, she's not working at all. Whether in her trailer, in the work room, or even the dining hall, Carly seems to frantically be trying to weave string around a hoop while adding a few of her down feathers (shiny and glowing) to the mix.] Mmmnh...hmnnnn, that doesn't look right at all....

[The announcement to make dreamcatchers wasn't long ago at all though, was it?

What could possibly have her working at these so frantically?!
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Work Room

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[ Chiaki figured there must be a wardrobe department at this Circus. Apparently, judging by the rows and rows of clothing, she's found it. She walks slowly towards the back, gazing around, until she sees --

Ahh, the harpy. She definitely saw Carly at some point during the karaoke "orientation," but they haven't talked yet. She carefully approaches the tailor. ]

Excuse me...?
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[ She hesitates and looks around the room again. ]

Do you fix things? [ She uneasily shifts a bunch of fabric draped over one arm. ]
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[ Chiaki shifts the fabric again and carefully holds it up. It's certainly pretty recognizable as a plain light-colored jacket, but the top's been torn.

She holds up a small pile of the same color of fabric in her other hand. ]
My hoodie just... needs a new hood. It's not really urgent or anything, but if you get time, do you think you could?

[ It'd be a nice way to cover her pointy furry ears up again. ]
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[ She hesitates, then looks away. ] They just stick up.

[ But she probably shouldn't be complaining... she's barely changed, anyway. Carly's changed quite a bit more, probably. ]
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[ Chiaki quietly deposits the hoodie on Carly's desk as she talks. Her ears swivel a little bit, twitching. They feel more comfortable like this, actually, instead of all cooped up inside her hood. She smiles a little at Carly's ramblings. ]

I guess so. [ She scratches behind them, a bit embarrassed. ] Yuugi doesn't wear a hood, either. ... do you like yours?
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He's my roommate... we work at the Gamer's Circle.

[ Her ears perk up a little more. ] Mm! Mine do too. It's really strange, but... not bad.
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Well, they're nothing like getting wings... [ Which are... pretty impressive, honestly. ] That's like a whole new limb. Can you fly?

... What'd you make him?
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Ahhh...!! [ How many games has she flown in. Too many. ] That sounds really really fun...

You should teach Medli! She's trying to learn how to fly better.

[ Her ears twitch. ] Are those like earmuffs?
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She can fly a little bit! But she said she needs to keep learning, I think.

Cuffs sound nice. [ She's quite a bit brighter now than she was when she entered the room. ] I'll bet they'll look good with that spiky hair.
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... Could you make me some? I don't have anything to pay for it yet, I suppose, but...

That is...! Only if it isn't too much trouble?
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[ She should have figured. But still, she's a little surprised to hear it. ]

That is... only if you have time! I'm sure you're very busy!
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Okay! I'd be really grateful...

I'm supposed to bring people to the games, so... maybe they'd help?
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Like... shaped like Kirby, or Pac-Man? Or maybe like Gala Omega ships...

[ The Galaga hairpin still stands out in her hair. She hasn't taken it off since she's gotten here. ]

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