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Who: Carly, and YOU
When: The day of the Ringmaster's Request/the next two days after (Note your preference!)
Where: Carly's Trailer, & the Tailor's workroom
What: FITTING TIME! And Costume Practice! Oh boy. (maybe some dreamcatcher work here and there too)

[For the SHOW! | Carly's Trailer]

[Something that Medli might have caught sight of on her first evening in the Carnival, before it eventually became covered in various piles of clothes, Carly's sewing dummy shows just a little bit of wear once it's cleared from the stash. It's pulled out relatively often now that she's a tailor, but the times she gets to really make use of it are slim even now.

Mostly because people are So. So much better.

Alright! [It could be anyone that she's talking to. Her roommate. Her roommate's friends. Her own friends. Some combination of the three. Anyone!

But now that she's invited you in, it's time for just one thing.
] So what kind of thing did you have in mind to try!

[It's on the Clock | Tailor's Work Room]

[As comfortable as she is with working in her trailer, Carly's workplace at the end of the not her trailer. Instead it's back in the work room for the carnival's wardrobe crew, with rows and rows of costumes and fabrics and various supplies necessary to get from point A to point EYY. For the moment, she's working in silence; she's relatively alone when she works at things in this little corner, and it means things get done. Maybe she's working on your costume?

Or maybe you have a request...

[...Sometimes | WILDCARD]

[...Or maybe, just maybe, she's not working at all. Whether in her trailer, in the work room, or even the dining hall, Carly seems to frantically be trying to weave string around a hoop while adding a few of her down feathers (shiny and glowing) to the mix.] Mmmnh...hmnnnn, that doesn't look right at all....

[The announcement to make dreamcatchers wasn't long ago at all though, was it?

What could possibly have her working at these so frantically?!
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[Carly will just be doing her thing in the wardrobe area, when suddenly Steven is there, emerging from in between the rows of costumes excitedly, his eyes full of stars.]


[He announces it like his mere presence isn't its own surprise. He'd wandered in when Carly was preoccupied, and immediately gotten distracted with the whole thing. Most of this stuff wouldn't actually fit him, but that's not really the point. There's glitter.]
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[Steven blushes sheepishly, realizing his mistake. He bats a hand to dismiss the idea.]

Sorry - it's okay, though, I'm pretty tough!

[He lifts his hands to his sides. He's so jacked.]

I just came to get fitted for some costumes!
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Oh... sorry.

[He didn't really think about arranging ahead.]

I guess that's what I'm here to do now? I got fitted one time before, it was fun!
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A tux! But... I guess that isn't really a costume. Though I've never really worn something like that before, so it kind of felt like dressing up like a rich guy. We had top hats and everything.

[He laughs a little bit sheepishly.]