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Annabelle Blishwick ([personal profile] forkedroad) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival2017-02-13 10:41 pm


Who: Annabelle and YOU!
When: D55 dusk
Where: The backyard

Annabelle has been trudging around the backyard after an...interesting introduction to her eccentric roommate, which she has deemed as an overall satisfactory interaction. But there are other things to experience! And while she's walking around, kind of staring at the trailers with vague unease, because they are incredibly strange, the walky-talky thing she has tucked into her belt suddenly goes off.

She jumps, and drops it. It falls into the dirt, and she hears some chatter. She furrows her eyebrows, immediately lunging for it, and she tilts her head. Then, when she hears more voice, she tilts the device itself. She gives it a shake, looking increasingly puzzled. And agitated, actually.

So hey, if you're out and about in your neighborhood, you might find a tall, awkward girl you don't recognize standing in someone's garden, perhaps, shaking the communication device like it's a margarita-to-be. And she's caught sight of you, because she calls out, demanding and confused with the thing in her clutches, "What is this?"

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