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Oh, the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio [OPEN]

Who: Rin, the new arrival! And whoever he comes across! Plus a closed prompt for Sora.
What: A new hire settles into the carnival.
When: Post Atlantis, before arriving in PARTYWORL.
Where: The trailers, the cookhouse, wherever!

A] Trailer #15 -- Closed to Sora
[Rin looks like someone who has already been at the carnival for some time -- the swishing black tail and pointed ears definitely mark him as something other than human. But the fact that he looks a bit lost doesn't match with that story. He has a sword in a red cloth bag slung over his shoulder, and another large bag seemingly filled to the brim with stuffed animal prizes from the carnival. He approaches trailer fifteen, a small twin-tailed cat padding behind him. The cat meows curiously and Rin nods, looking at the slip of paper in his hand]

Yeah, Kuro... it looks like this is where we're going to live while I work off this debt... [he sounds pretty dejected about it -- if Yukio knew about this, he'd get an earful for being so stupid] But hey! Look, there's even a little cat door for you! Let's, um... meet our new room-mate, I guess?

[Kuro looks apprehensive, folding his ears]

Don't be that way. I'm sure he's nice. The Ringmaster wouldn't put us with someone who doesn't like cats, I'm sure of it.

[Rin collects himself and knocks on the trailer door before entering] Ah... Hello? Anyone here? My name's Rin, I'm gonna be... staying here a while, I guess? Oh, it's pretty cute and cozy in here...

B] Out in the carnival -- OTA
[Having met his new roomie and settled into his trailer, Rin is now off to find the place he's supposed to work -- the cookhouse! He gets to pay his debt off by cooking! That's, like... not even a real job, in his mind. That's just fun.

But Rin doesn't know the lay of the land, yet, and he's... well. He's lost. He stops whomever he sees nearby, lightly tugging on shirt sleeves if needed

Hey! Uh, I'm new around here. Can you tell me where the cookhouse is? I'm supposed to get to work there, but I'm kind of overwhelmed.

C] Games -- OTA
[directions get! Now on the way to the cookhouse, Rin has to stop and look at one game in particular; Test Your Strength. It looks... remarkably intact.

It was not that way when he left it.

Indeed, breaking this game was a big part of his debt

Wow... someone already fixed it? I busted it pretty badly... Woops.

D] Cookhouse -- OTA
[Finally! He's reached his destination. Rin can smell delicious food inside, and he enters the building with a bright grin on his face, full of confidence.

Now, whether that confidence is real, or just bluster, remains to be seen
] Never fear! Okumura Rin is here! I guess the Ringmaster decided this place needed some real good home cookin', and so she hired me! Wahaha!

[someone tell him he's just a line cook, please]

E] Jokers Wild
[Got another idea? Hit me up! We can work something out!]

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