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A Surprisingly Polite Awakening [Open]

Who: Snake and You, one prompt closed to Joker
When: Early day 59
Where: Starting in Joker's trailer, then going all over
What: Snake wakes up in an unfamiliar place, has a brief freakout because this is real, and then goes off on his own.
Warnings: None yet!

Joker's Trailer (closed)

It's not exactly sunrise when Snake wakes up from his dreams. They weren't pleasant, and he awakens in a cold sweat, shivering and still tired despite his best efforts. His throat hurts a little - he must've been crying or calling out in his nightmares. Blearily he sits up, and fumbles for a lantern before realizing where he is. The low light filtering in under the door isn't enough to see by, but that's just it - there's a door, not a tent flap or cage bars or open sky. It's the new place, the new circus - or carnival, as it were. He looks around in the darkness, but even with his pupils dilated to nearly round, he can't see in here. However, maybe one of his snakes can?

They're all asleep, curled into coils and pressed against him for warmth, though. He doesn't want to wake them, not when they're so comfortable, so he's very careful getting up and sliding off the bed. He's never been on such a soft, comfortable mattress, and he's almost tempted to stay, but he doesn't. Joker took the couch, he remembers that, and the couch was... over there. Best avoid it.

Of course, then the lights snap on and Snake winces. He's been caught, and it's so bright... Is Joker upset that he made that deal? Has he been waiting for him? Snake's stomach drops with dread.

The Cookhouse

Food is not hard to find - Snake just follows his nose. Now that his snakes have woken up, he's got them all over him - they don't need to be fed, but they still want to get a look around. He gets a few odd looks, but those seem less frightened or horrified and more curious and unfamiliar than most he's ever had. He's new here, and people don't know him yet. That's to be expected, but it's still surprising. Back home...

... Well, never mind that. This is home now, at least for the next year. He arrives soon enough at the cookhouse, and is just blown away. The circus never had anything like this! It's beautiful, but intimidating. He's not sure what to do. Here, he doesn't eat first, he knows that much, and it looks like there's still a large selection... He moves to the end of the line to follow along. He's going to have to find a place to sit, too. Looks like most of the tables are taken. He'll have to sit with someone, and that's... By the time he gets his meal, he's steeled himself to the inevitability, and sits down with a stranger.

"'Good morning,' says Emily..."

Around the Carnival

This is so... different. Rides. Restaurants. Events. Even the people. It's different, but some things are the same, too. The big top, the way everyone's in a hurry, and the fact that he's got a job to do are all familiar.

Snake can be found wandering almost anywhere, a little bit dazed. He may bump into you, or may say something as simple as, "'What are you doing?' says Webster..."

As always, he speaks in two voices. Webster's is low and cautious, while Snake's own is a bit higher and quiet.

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