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When: S1:D8 - S1:D18
Where: Visiting the Realm of Dreams.
What: The carnival arrives at a new location and has its first performance week with the new cast, as outlined here. This is a general mingling log for convenience purposes, but players are welcome to make as many other logs for this purpose as desired.
Warnings: Could be a lot of things, around these parts.


As the carnival arrives at its first stop since its recruitment phase, and prepares to put its new band of workers to the test. In the meantime, there is a whole new world of dreams and nightmares to be explored, and threats to be faced on carnival turf. As of S1:D11, the carnival will be opening its doors to the creatures within, and the carnival will be open daily from noon to midnight, though the connection to the realm will be constant.

This is an all purpose mingle log for the full duration of the stay, so please mark top levels with some estimate of what days they'll be occurring on. Please bring any mod questions to the original plotting post.
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One would think, given the world they have found themselves in, that getting to sleep would be an easy task. But Tanyuu had been coiled up in her bed for well on three hours without a single wink of it, and finally decided that maybe a 'walk' to clear her mind was in order. Between watching for any dream-related mushi, working out over a dozen new makeup and hair styles for the new performers, and doing her best to keep an eye out for any unwary nappers, she's had more than a little stress.

And these days, a wander in the woods surrounding the carnival is exactly the thing to bring her peace of mind.

She carries a small dreamcatcher and written charm in the pouch of a fannypack, not wanting to be caught out like some of the workers have been, and makes her way as quietly as she can through the trees. It's incredibly peaceful out here; nothing but the rustle of leaves, the smell of blooming flowers, the faint hum of an unfamiliar energy--


Tanyuu turns when she catches sight of something white and looming out of the corner of her eye, and freezes upon seeing...something. There's no way this doesn't have a connection to Sans somehow, not with those bones and that skull. But she has no idea if it's the dogs she's used to or something new altogether.

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Unfortunately, Sans is in the middle of something when this happens. This means that shortly after Tanyuu calls out to him, he comes charging straight at her full bore - only to basically jump right over her head and nearly knock a tree over in the process.

It takes a few moments for it to be clear why - but becomes all too apparent when one notices that he's just jumped onto the back of some kind of giant spider nightmare that had been slowly winding through the trees in Tanyuu's direction.
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Tanyuu yelps and flings her upper half to the ground, covering her head and coiling herself up into a ball as fast as she can manage. It takes several seconds before she can look up and see just what is going on for herself, and blanches in shock. Where had that thing come from, she didn't even hear--!

Keepling low to the ground, Tanyuu looks around before floating the heftiest rock she can manage over to herself. She can't help much, but maybe if there's an opening she can at least distract the thing.