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When: S1:D8 - S1:D18
Where: Visiting the Realm of Dreams.
What: The carnival arrives at a new location and has its first performance week with the new cast, as outlined here. This is a general mingling log for convenience purposes, but players are welcome to make as many other logs for this purpose as desired.
Warnings: Could be a lot of things, around these parts.


As the carnival arrives at its first stop since its recruitment phase, and prepares to put its new band of workers to the test. In the meantime, there is a whole new world of dreams and nightmares to be explored, and threats to be faced on carnival turf. As of S1:D11, the carnival will be opening its doors to the creatures within, and the carnival will be open daily from noon to midnight, though the connection to the realm will be constant.

This is an all purpose mingle log for the full duration of the stay, so please mark top levels with some estimate of what days they'll be occurring on. Please bring any mod questions to the original plotting post.
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[The good news at least is that Carly is so very drowsy that she has no idea what Peridot is even saying.

The bad news...
] ...Facets..? ...Do I have facets............

[It means she doesn't have any idea what Peridot is saying-and combined with residual Dreamland High, that's really not the best thing for conversation.] You should be even more messy though, you fix things all the time..! ...I just sew things...

[At all.]
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[The gem cocks her head, confused, before a strange smile quirks the corners of her mouth.]

Wow. You really are a mess... Metaphorically speaking, of course. I was just using an expression!
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People keep waking me uuuuuup... [She whines quietly, slumping over the chair she was in.] People aren't supposed to not sleep this long, it's not fairrrrrrr...

...And I still don't get what facets was about either...mess makes sense, but that one...

[Her eyes fall on Peridot for a bit, the woman muttering under her breath before cutting herself short.

And...slowly, her eyes widen...
] ...OH..! Because you have gems...

[So close. Yet so far.]
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[...And so she reiterates:]

Wow. [Like, seriously. Just stunning. She has to pause and take it in.] Why don't you just rest? It should be safe so long as you have one of those dream catcher things nearby, right?
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incoming icon mule, it's not the wrong account I swear-

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Mmmmm... [Blearily, she blinks, half moping at the suggestion.] You say that, but people have been waking me up even with that... I have one around my neck and everything, but they're still doing it..!

'You're not allowed to sleep, remember!' and so on...
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Have you tried sleeping in your trailer instead of out here where everyone else can see you?
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[personal profile] fortuneglass 2016-11-14 04:46 am (UTC)(link)

.....yyyyyy....yesssss... ..?

[Don't lie to the Engineer!!!]
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Huh. Sounds to me like you need to set up defenses to keep others from invading your space.
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[Hmmm...] You mean like...Setting out strings of cans to get tangled in?

[It was the first thing that came to mind!]
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[Peridot looks genuinely confused, a vague flicker of annoyance passing over her features. How did this conversation even get here...?]

Huh? What good are cans supposed to do?
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bn Heh? [She takes a minute before answering, as if it should have been obvious.] Well, with a bunch of cans tied together, it would cause someone to get tangled in them, and make a lot of noise!

So everyone would know they were there!