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but oh my heart is flawed // closed

Who: Joker and a whole bunch of people (Tamaki, Psionic, Childermass, Ginko, Doll, Hinawa)
What: After a good couple of years faking it, Joker finally breaks. He just wishes that multiple people didn't see it.
When: Early on in the Alola stop
Where: A couple places, including in a tree
Warnings: Alcohol. Joker's messed up past including child murder. A slight mental break.

[Snake is leaving.]

[Joker see it coming a mile away. All the bits of packing in their tiny shared space, and... Who couldn't see such obvious signs? But even with that kind of warning.... He doesn't do anything about it. Tries to ignore it, get back to work and do what he can, because the alternative is facing not only that hurt but so much else.]

[But there's no ignoring it when he steps into the trailer and all traces of Snake are gone.]

[Keep smiling and move forward. For years, that's been the only way he's been able to survive. Keep moving, keep making for over the hill, and until then, so that no one worries or sees too much... Keep smiling.]

[The words repeat through his head as he moves through the darkened carnival, a mantra to keep him going.]

[Just.... keep smiling.]
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It wasn't what I had in mind when I dropped by, no, but provided we find something else along with any blood wine...

[ He's not about to drink blood anything, thanks, but he does know there's enough of a variety hidden back here in the cookhouse to not worry about that terribly much. ]

I wouldn't be opposed.

[ Even if it's more to keep Joker company than anything else. If he's digging around for booze all alone, at this time of night, then he probably needs someone to keep an eye on him. ]
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Wine will be fine.

[ Because it'll take longer for him to get wasted on that over, say, brandy or whiskey or even rum. He pushes away from the counter he'd been leaning on and crosses the kitchen to stand by Joker where he's searching through the cupboard for bottles. ]

Any kind. I can't say I ever developed any fine tastes while serving the good men of society. [ Mostly because Hurtfew Abbey rarely ever had any guests, so why keep a decent stock in the first place? ] Any luck finding your blood wine?
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[ Yeah, one look at that bottle and Childermass knows he isn't going to be sampling that, not even a little. The other two bottles, however, he'll nod at. ]

I do believe we are. [ He steps back, out of Joker's way, and waves him on ahead towards the door between kitchen and the rest of the cookhouse. ] After you, sir.
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[ No worries about the glasses, since Childermass picked up a pair of them before following Joker out of the kitchen area. ]

I've never been to the tropics, so it has been a learning experience. [ Like how he's actually swapped to fewer layers for once, even though Joker sadly doesn't get to see the ridiculous Alolan shirt he's picked up. He skipped wearing that one this evening. ] And I've been thinking about picking up one of those creatures they have for the show.

[ He'll even admit that since the stage manager at least has some right to know the plans of his magicians. ]