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Foster Van Denend ([personal profile] control_freak) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival2017-04-11 09:34 am

Is It That Time Again? [CLOSED]

Who: Foster and Annabelle
What: Foster's vampirism is really cramping his style
When: Pre-Alola, probably?
Where: Trailer Bad News
Warnings: Foster. Annabelle.

At first, having Foster back was probably something of a trial. Foster finally emerged from bed a couple days ago, at which point he immediately became insufferable--or exactly as 'sufferable' as living with someone who is beating his head on walls and ripping stitches out of his neck (leaving smears of blood on the bathroom counter and dots of it on the trailer floor) could possibly be.

He's finally found some kind of equilibrium, though, and has settled down into clearing piles of coins off the floor--well, he's mostly just making NEW piles over in the corners--it's pretty purposeful, if a giant pain in the ass for anyone who has to live with him.

Are you noticing a trend yet. There's a trend here.

The trend is 'he's really making it difficult for Annabelle this week.'

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