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Who: Gongenzaka, and Y O U
Where: Carnival Grounds!
When: Day 86, During and After performances
Warnings: None... ...Except Team Skull Grunts being dumb I guess

[Patrol is Gongenzaka's job. In fact, it's his ONLY job, so he tries his best to do a good job of it. The difficulty of the task, of course, varies location to location-here in particular, it's not too bad...even during the Performance Week, when the gates are wide open and bringing visitors inside in droves, he's finding more often than not that the Carnival is relatively peaceful. His patrols, if anything, a calming walk.

Occasionally however...

I, the man Gongenzaka, must ask that you cease harassing the cinder spirit.

[Some trainers feel that the 'pokemon' here are open season. Cinder spirits aren't even the only issue-aside from them, Gongenzaka has not only had to turn trainers away from other workers, but even-]

YO YO YO uh...Dog? [In one particular case, a pair of teens in black with bandannas on their face are the problem. Both are trying to rap.

Both are failing. Badly. The wild arm gestures do nothing, and Gongenzaka frowns at them.
] You think you can trot up in the middle of OUR battle? You fixing for a match??

I, the man Gongenzaka, have heard complaints from other visitors, [he replies evenly, frowning.] Given your conduct...I, the man Gongenzaka, must ask you to leave!

UH, WHAT? [The other teen gives an exaggerated huff, and a shrug, before she butts in herself.] 'Conduct'? We look like old farts? We do improv music...


The exchange does not last long.

Suffice to say-


[Gongenzaka can be seen quite 'calmly' hauling these two out by the backs of the shirts, trotting toward the gates for now.]

[[OOC - Cinder Spirit mention is its own mini prompt, for those wanting something slightly more open than the Team Skull Escort-you're free to have some npc's pelting your own muse with pokeballs for the prompt too! But if you have something else in mind, just let me know and we can plot something out!]]
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[Yuya makes his way to the commotion--is hard to miss Gon's booming voice. He steps beside Gongenzaka, stuffing his hands in his pockets.] Hey.

[He won't interrupt his patrolling otherwise, though, until Gon kicks them out.]
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[ ..... guess who's just... watching... Gongenzaka haul out the troublemaking grunts out of the Carnival. It's mostly morbid fascination, actually, because Gogenzaka is picking two people by the back of their shirts like it's zero effort at all.

Also, Yamato is treating this as a five-minute work break.

He'll only talk to Gongenzaka when he walks back after having gotten rid of the troublemakers. ]

So, uh. I guess I'm going to send any future troublemakers your way?

[ Truthfully, though, he doubts he's going to find many of them. Unless they somehow manage to break into wardrobe or any of the other storage areas. ]
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[To be fair, Gongenzaka IS effectively a 9 foot dog-taur...Thing. So the Man himself is pretty fascinating to observe as well. The two grunts are sent through the gate ('WOAH!?! HE STOPPED BEING A DOG?!' 'YIKES!!!'), and once they're on their way, Gongenzaka dusts off his hands and turns-

Right to face Yamato. With twitching ears, he pauses, and then chuckles.
] Hmm! I, the man Gongenzaka, should hope so, considering it is my job! Though with any luck, you won't see too many of them here.

[Now then, that aside.] Auh...And you are, however..?
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[Out they go, and with great shock-the two grunts are shouting about how weird it is that the 'dog thing' turned into a man, and are blasting off as fast as they can book it. Giving a nod to himself, Gongenzaka prepares to head back to patrol only to turn when he hears a familiar voice-] Mmn! Yuuya! [he exclaims, only half used to seeing the other here.] You are done your first performance then? [he asks, eyes wide. He must be, if he's out here, but...] Hmmmn...I, the man Gongenzaka, regret being unable to watch then...unfortunately, there may only be the final day of the location for me to see...

...Mn! But, that aside, how did things go?
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[Yuya makes a face at the Grunts as they go bolting off. But he turns to Gon with a grin once they're off in the distance.] Yeah! I just did some tricks before one of the bigger performances, so you didn't miss much. Next time I'll be more prepared!

Why do you only have one day? Are we leaving soon?
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Auh, not is more that my shifts happen to overlap with the show during most of the remaining days that we are here... [He sighs, crossing his arms.] Though, perhaps that is for the best-I, the man Gongenzaka have been told that in many cases here, the 'finale' showing is the greatest one to watch! [Gongenzaka laughs.] And as it is the only one that I, the man Gongenzaka, do not work at all, I'll be able to catch all of it!

[Yes, now that's a good plan..! As is.] Mmnn...all the same, we have perhaps...three days left, I should think. If there is anything you wish to see of Alola before then...this is very likely your final chance to do so, that and whenever your next break is during that time.
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I guess you do have to keep the carnival safe. [He looks thoughtful, finger to his chin.] don't think I'm part of that this time... we should go see it! Do we get special seats because we work here?
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[ It's not too hard to tell that Yamato is a Carnival worker, especially since he's starting to develop fangs and there's small bioluminescent blue stripes along his arms. Still. Very minor changes, compared to Gongenzaka being a dog-taur hybrid that's towering over Yamato. Admittedly, Yamato thought that he'd been intimidating at first, but hey, he seems friendly enough. ]

Yeah, I hope so too. Don't think trouble is a thing we want.

[ He sticks out his hand, instinctively. ] Yamato. I just joined about a week ago.
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[And heck, still smaller than a certain someone's champion state...

Gongenzaka gives an instinctive bow of the head before taking Yamato's hand, shaking it firmly.
] Gongenzaka Noboru, [he introduces, the archaisms of his speech persisting.] It is a pleasure to meet you, Yamato! I, the man Gongenzaka, see that changes have come forth rather quickly then...

[He hopes he's right, and you aren't just. Well. Someone from a place where glowing stripes are common.]
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~I have no idea if this is actually correct whhhhoooop~

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Aah! are not part of the final show..? [Oh no...] Th-Then I, the man Gongenzaka, may not see you perform at all!? [NOOOOOOOO-

...Ahem. He clears his throat.
] a sense. If we wish for a seat nearer to the show, we must pay-a discounted, but no less existing-fee...however, there is space near the back where those of us who work here are able to watch all the same.
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It won't be the last time I'm on stage! It'll be a better show when I have time to prepare.

But I don't think I've earned any ticket money. I guess it can't be that bad to watch from the back!
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E-Even so, for I, the man Gongenzaka, to miss your first show at all...

[] It is UNFORGIVABLE..! At the very least, I, the man Gongenzaka, could have found time for one of the runs you would have during this week..!

[Nothing they can do about it now though. Besides, they both know Gongenzaka would rather use magic before skipping out on a responsibility. (Actual magic, not magic cards, obviously. There is a dIFFERENCE-)] You may have earned something, but chances are, it won't be paid until after we move on...

But! As you said, it isn't so difficult to watch from the back, most likely!

[He doesn't do it often, to be fair...]
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[Yuya waves his hands.] It's fine! I'll tell you when I'm performing next time. Besides, you look like you've been busy patrolling.
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Aah....that is true... [he admits, coughing.] ...Admittedly, though busy, most of the incidents have been quite minor. ...Not to mention...

...they are all 'repeat' offenders... [Team...Skull...]
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[Repeat offenders, huh.] So there's no way to stop them from coming back?
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Aah, not as far as I, the man Gongenzaka, have found...

...Though... [His nose twitches.] ...Admittedly, I, the man Gongenzaka, cannot be entirely certain that those were the same ones from before...

...They all smell quite...similar...

[That sounds somewhat creepy, Gon.]
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Smell similar? [He wrinkles his nose.] Do they look the same too?