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Who: Anyone and everyone; it’s a mingle-style log!
What: A sudden spike in the mushi population brings some trouble to the carnival.
When: Around day 87-90
Where: All around the carnival
Warnings: Illness, potentially some minor body horror, and so on

[Following the recent disappearance of Ginko and Tanyuu’s mushi repellent, there will be a sudden increase in the number of mushi in the carnival this week.

This is a mingle-style log, so just post a toplevel, tag out, and have fun with mushi disasters! Event information and questions are here.]
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Eventually, it becomes clear that just hiding from warmth isn't a solution, and that this sort of thing shouldn't be happening as part of a regular fae change. Being this weak to warmth would just be wildly impractical, after all. So maybe it's something else?

It helps that several other people have come down with their own weird ailments. Steven feels stupid for not realizing the connection earlier. He guesses he was expecting the strange mushi Ginko had described to be more... obvious? More alien?

Anyway, he decides he has to go talk to Ginko or Tanyuu right away. He waits until that evening, packs a hat full of snow from Elsa's trailer, and shoves it on his head before running around to find the guy. When he finally spots Ginko he practically screams.

"GINKOOO I THINK A BUG GOT ME," he yells, unintelligibly, running towards him with his own miniature snow storm.
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Lambert doesn't actually know anything about mushi except the little he's been able to gather from speaking with Ginko. Still, it seemed like a straightforward enough problem -- keep them away from gathering in one place until the repellent was found, right? Wrong, as it turns out. Normally Lambert wouldn't be one to put a shell to his ear, much less a singing one. But an inexperience in dealing with these creatures, and sharper senses, mean that when what he's pretty sure was an empty flask of White Gull starts to croon softly? He can't help picking it up to get a better look at the source of the sound.

And then he finds himself losing the ability to make any sound at all.

a. Around the Carnival
Lambert can be readily found stomping around the Carnival like a personified thunderstorm, if a much more silent one. Sword strapped on his back, he can be found either poking at fire sources where mushi have sapped heat, or using flame and telekinetic spells to scatter them away from more well-trafficked areas of the Carnival. He's not very gentle about it, and though he doesn't make a sound, he's clearly pissed and mouthing curses as he goes. If you need someone to poke at the creatures for you, he might be able to help, if you dare talk to him...

The rest of the time, when there's not something immediately in the vicinity to deal with? He can be found sniffing the air around the trailers, seemingly fixated on locating something ... though there isn't an obvious indication of what that is.

b. Lakeshore
Lambert's tracked the scent of the herb to the lake, but that's about as far as his explorations get him. He has a much bigger problem to deal with -- namely, the cluster of mushi swirling around his Mudsdale like a miniature blizzard. Though he's thrown a blanket over Pig and keeps worriedly trying to brush the mushi away, they only keep coming back, and he fusses worriedly at her in the mud by the lakeshore.

The horse doesn't make a peep of protest until finally, in frustration, Lambert raises his hand and wiggles his fingers to generate the spell for a small puff of flame aimed at the mushi he's brushed off to the side. Without warning, the horse suddenly jerks away and rears, sending Lambert stumbling back to splash into the water.

c. Wildcard
Prompt your own scenario!
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Is Lambert...sniffing something? Strange blinks a few times, yawning slightly, as if to confirm that he's not in a dream. He had just woken up, after all, and was observing the witcher from the window of his trailer, it's entirely possible this could be a dream. Just ignore the fact that it was the middle of the day, after dealing with the weird mimic thing all morning, Strange was damn tired and had retreated to his trailer for a nap. No, that is Lambert, and he is definitely sniffing the air around his trailer. Obviously the solution is to see what's going on and bother him.

Compared to his normal standards, Strange is a bit underdressed, what with him only wearing a long-sleeved white button-up shirt, his trousers, and a pair of shoes that he didn't even take off before falling asleep. His hair is even more wild than usual, thanks to a slight case of bedhead. As the thing that follows Strange is fully dressed with slightly tamed hair, it looks more like Strange than Strange does. Of course, for the thing following Strange to truly look like him, one must ignore the fact that it's still a reflection. It isn't solid in the slightest, shimmery and slightly transparent in some areas.

"You know, I thought this whole 'Wolf School' thing was simply a theme," he teases, as he walks over towards Lambert. "Don't tell me you can—" pause for a yawn. "Don't tell me you can actually sniff out things like a dog does?"
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let me know ... if this works ...

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Since nothing's wrong with any of Lambert's other senses, he has no trouble picking up when someone is approaching, particularly when it's someone as unsubtle as Strange. The magician's arrival means any chance Lambert had of catching the scent he was after is gone with the interruption, and he turns to Strange with a scowl. He's never been in less of a mood to joke around in the time Strange has known him.

Turning around, though, only means his eyes dart immediately to the liquid reflection over Strange's shoulder. Without any warning, Lambert reaches out to yank Strange to him by one arm, while the other hand is thrown up -- thank whatever mage came up with the signs in the first place for not needing a spoken component to it -- to aim a gout of flame directly at the damn thing.
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Tamaki | ota!

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It started when Tamaki heard singing coming from one of his shoes.

It was definitely pretty weird (Tamaki had never heard a shoe sing before), so out of curiosity, he picked it up and looked inside. When he couldn't see anything, he held it to his ear; maybe the singing wasn't really coming from the shoe?

The singing does seem to come from the shoe, but he still can't find the source of the problem. Chalking it up to a weird fae thing, he forgets about it for a bit.

He's more or less forgotten it by the time he realizes he can't speak.

A: Side Tent

For a while, Tamaki can be found in one of the side tents, watching himself in a mirror as he tries to speak. At first he thought maybe he just went deaf, but an experimental hit on the side of one of the tent poles confirms he can still hear the thud as his hand connects with wood. So it's not that he can't hear, it's really that he can't talk.

The more he tries, the more he realizes it doesn't even feel like he can remember how to speak. His mouth opens, and no sound comes out. He tries to mouth something, but he can't remember the right mouth shapes.

A teenager soundlessly screaming at himself in a mirror is probably a strange sight, but it's about all Tamaki can do at the moment. He's not sure if he's just going crazy.

B: Cookhouse

Later on, Tamaki is in the cookhouse. He seems pretty sullen, and not as interested in food as usual (still with quite a bit piled on his plate, though). He takes bites without making a peep, staring off into the distance.

If someone speaks to him, he tries to answer, before growing visibly frustrated when he can't. In fact, he's so frustrated that he suddenly turns and hurls his fork out of his hand and against the table, watching as it bounces off and goes flying off the other side to clatter into the floor.

He seems immediately embarrassed that he did that, reaching up to rub the back of his neck with a grimace.
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Honestly? It's not like Lambert can blame him, because he feels much the same way. Except he's much more inclined to throw the whole goddamn table over, not just a fork. But he doesn't, because he'd like to actually eat. If he's going to have to deal with this miserable phenomenon, he might as well do it on a full stomach. Nobody ever solved a problem hungry.

Instead, after that little outburst, Lambert picks up his tray and brings it over to where Tamaki's sitting, plopping down next to him with a clatter of plates and utensils. The witcher waits until he has Tamaki's attention -- taps him on the shoulder to get him to look up, if he has to -- before he touches a hand to his throat and cocks his head in inquiry, mouthing equally soundless words (and to be sure, he's not even sure he's shaping his mouth correctly around what he wants to say).

Nonetheless, the meaning is clear enough. You too?
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Rita | OTA! / will match format

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[Rita has yet to encounter any mushi until now, and even with Ginko's radio warning, she doesn't really know what sort of "something strange" to look out for. But, whatever. Whoever he is, it's probably his job to take care of it, so she figures she can ignore it. There are so many weird things going on in the carnival at any given time that she can't be bothered to pay attention to it all.

With her lack of spiritual sense, she doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, and doesn't notice when one mushi, a tamashi-ka, slips under the collar of her shirt and latches itself onto her upper back.]

(around the carnival: sightings)

[Rita's not used to being sick, but when she starts feeling weak and feverish, she assumes it's because of the large number of people (and people-like things) in the carnival. She probably caught something from one of them.

However, the tamashi-ka has another effect on her, and she soon finds herself noticing the strange spirit-like creatures in unexpected places all around the carnival.

She may be backstage, working on setting up the lighting when she sees something slithering around the equipment. Or perhaps she's just walking around the carnival grounds, or hanging out near the trailers when she notices them floating in the air. Wherever she is, she'll suddenly flinch, staring wide-eyed at the creatures (or just an empty space, to those who can't see them.)]

--Gah! What the hell is that!?

[She points wildly at the mushi. If she sees one attached to your character, she might even be freaking out and pointing at them instead.]

(cookhouse - employee area: soup, meet face)

[After a couple days, Rita's fatigue is even more pronounced. She's pale and looks as if she hasn't been getting enough sleep, despite taking extra-long naps during the day to attempt to sleep off her "flu". However, she manages to drag herself to the eating area to try and get some kind of nutrition in her body.

She procures a bowl of minestrone soup with a glass of water, and sits in a far corner of the employee eating area, trying to keep enough distance so as not to make anyone else sick. She props a book up with a creative arrangement of condiment bottles so she can try to read while she eats, though she ends up staring at a single page for an extra-long time, spacing out.

After some time, she simply passes out, planting her face right into the soup bowl. There isn't enough soup left to be a drowning risk, but... she doesn't seem to be sitting back up.]


[Feel free to have your character encounter Rita around the carnival in some other context! She'll be spending most of her time resting or reading in her trailer, eating at the cookhouse, or working backstage. If you want to plot anything, you can PM me or hit me up at [ profile] pzue! Also, this player loves horror of all kinds, so feel free to tag this thread with creepy body horror stuff!]
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[ By now, Strange is equally fatigued. The mizukagami is doing it's job and the thing following Strange is starting to look more and more like him. It's not a perfect copy: the thing occasionally gives off a silver sheen, it's liquidy to the touch, and the mizukagami hasn't actually gotten things like 'expressing emotions' down pat yet, but it's certainly enough of a replica to be eerie as heck.

Strange hates it and has tried to set it on fire at least once. No dice.

What matters is that even though he kind of wants to fall asleep here and now, he knows he should actually get some food himself. Strange has a few hard-boiled eggs for his lunch, wrapped up in a napkin. So, as he sits down to look at Rita with her face right in the soup bowl, he can't help but frown. Huh. Her too? But she doesn't have this thing following her around, why is she so tired? Strange sighs before making half-hearted efforts to push Rita slightly, nudging her in the shoulder. He should be doing more. She's planted right in the soup bowl, for heaven's sake. But mostly, he just wants to fall asleep here and now on the dinner table himself.

Wake up.
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[At first, Rita's only response is a groan. Is someone trying to wake her during a much-needed and well-deserved nap? He's got some guts. Maybe she should teach him a...

... why is her face wet?

It takes a few seconds for her to react, but when she does, Rita's head shoots up in a startled jolt. Disoriented, she whips her head around to look at her surroundings before finally acknowledging Strange. She stares at him... and notices what looks like a second, blurrier him not too far away.

Still staring, she wipes her eyes and squints. Is she so tired that she's seeing double? Or did she get something in her eyes just now? Her efforts don't seem to make her vision any clearer, though they do succeed in wiping some of the sticky vegetable bits off of her face.]
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sightings! let me know if this works

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[ 'What is that' turns out to be a cluster of un clustered beside a crate, their coiled shell-like bodies glowing with a low light. However, what that also means is that when Rita speaks, she won't actually be able to hear herself, as the mushi consume the sound as soon as it leaves her lips. If Rita wasnt too tired to pay attention, she may have noticed the environment around her growing unnaturally silent as soon as she came within a few feet of the crate.

Luckily, however, gesticulations work just fine. The wild pointing is enough to get the attention of one of her coworkers, a horned, dragon-tailed guy with a wolf's-head medallion on his chest who's been standing around scowling and looking around the area. Spotting her pointing at the crate, he nods.

Without any warning, he raises his hand, folding his fingers -- and the crate just explodes into splinters as though blown back by invisible force, scattering the un backwards in complete silence. As the mushi fly into the air, the Carnival's sounds come flooding back in. ]
Edited (the scars really are the least of his weird features at this point whoops) 2017-04-24 09:29 (UTC)
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Doll || OTA

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[Day 87]

[It's happening, it's finally happening!]

[So it wasn't wings like her brother, but it's fun anyway! Doll wakes up and goes through the motions of getting dressed and all that, but only when she's halfway to the cookhouse for breakfast does she wake up fully and realize what the extra movement around her is--]

[Little snowflakes. Her own personal flurries that she can't see on anybody else when she looks around. This is, of course, exciting. She waves her arms around, laughing as the snowflakes follow, does cartwheels and flips to create trails of the little snowflakes. Amazing! She can't wait to show her brothers that she's become a walking, miniature snow storm. She wonders, if she stands still long enough, would she get a whole drift around her...?]

[Day 88]

[The flurries seem to be getting a little thicker, somehow, and Doll just can't stop overheating. It's not the discomfort she used to feel during the summer either, where the heat was so thick and cloying that she could barely move without feeling sweat rolling down her back. No, it feels like she's being held too close to a fire and can't get away from it.]

[Blankets are out of the question, she can only stand in the shade, even standing too close to people is uncomfortable, she's stripped down to as little clothing as she can without being indecent and she still keeps feeling too hot to live. She sticks to resting in the shade of trees with iced water during the day, and at night the press of her trailer is still too much. She slips out and heads for the lake, thinking that maybe dunking herself in there at night will give her some relief.]

[Day 89]

[She's actively in pain. She's gone back to the lake and submerged herself, but the sun is still beating down on her head, making it feel like her hair is on fire. Maybe this is still a transformation-- Joker mentioned growing pains when his wings came in, maybe this is just the same.]

[Still, Doll is in such pain, and she doesn't want her brothers to see her breaking out into pained sweating and whining and whimpering, so she's still in the lake, trying to ride it out.]

((OOC: Also open to anything that fits into this loose timeline of what Doll gets up to! 83 If you'd like to work something specific out, just hit me up at [ profile] kouject! 83b ))
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Steven Universe | OTA

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Bud is actually the first one to notice that there's something wrong - usually the little fomatis likes riding around on Steven's back, or up on his head, when he's out and about in the carnival. Today, though, Steven is just going by the Cookhouse to get a drink (it feels really hot out today for some reason, and he just wants to dump the water all over his head) when Bud starts making whiny noises and swatting at something in the air.

Steven frowns, distracted between the way his scalp is sort of hurting and Fomantis's complaints - he can sort of get that Bud is uncomfortable because of temperature, so he assumes she's feeling the same way.

"Are you hot, too?" he asks. He lifts up his glass. "Here, let's just..." And he dumps the glass of ice over their mutual heads. That's felt good on his fur and roses before, so it feels natural to try it now. Of course, Bud disagrees.

She squeals and flops right off of back, before thrashing around on the floor in a panic. As she starts chirping out what can only be some kind of Pokemon profanity, Steven is filled with palpable relief - albeit, apologetic for apparently upsetting Bud so much. He gives her an apologetic look, and leans down to pick her up... which she promptly refuses, making a wild gesture at him with her claw.

"Huh? What's the..." He looks himself over, and sees specks of white settling on his dampened shoulders. Is it... snowing? "Oh..."

He looks around, but it isn't snowing anywhere else.

When the snow doesn't seem to stop, Steven's first assumption is that this is some new fae thing. Another change, like... a snow aura? It would make sense, he's seen all kinds of other elemental effects, but ice seems like a weird thing to add to plants. Will his moss and flowers be okay if this keeps up?

As it turns out, they won't. Early on, just being in the shade is good enough to feel about room temperature, but it seems to be getting more sensitive with time. After about a day, it's become too hot in the trailer just from the ambient sunlight and heat needed to keep their plants healthy. That, and while he doesn't feel the coldness of the snow, everything else seems to... he can feel the discomfort of the other plant life around him, and he really doesn't want to bother them.

Bud doesn't want to get too close to him either, but that doesn't stop her from following him around at a distance, chirruping and squeaking with increasing agitation. She's concerned, but too much cold hurts her. Just like it seems to gradually be hurting the moss and roses growing on him.

About the time that his flowers are dying and his moss is going brown, Steven has decided this officially sucks.

He's ended up with fewer and fewer places that he can chill out and be comfortable. Eventually, the need to be away from the heat leads him to the conspicuously ice covered trailer in the Supervisor Grove. He doesn't even know who lives there, but he's desperate.

He knocks on the door, as politely as he can. The urgency is clear in his voice, though.

"Excuse me? Does someone live here? Can I come in?"
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Elsa has heard about the mushi tobacco going missing, and knows that is a problem, but she's left it to Sans, Ginko, and Tanyuu to handle for now. They know more about it than she does, and unless there's a mushi infestation that can be cured via intense cold, she's not sure how she can help anyone at the moment. So she's staying in her trailer more or less on standby for now, idly playing chess using ice sculpted pieces against one of her snowmen (though they aren't very good at it) while she waits for some stew she made to finish cooking.

The knock on her door startles her enough that she drops the rook she was just moving, glancing over. She hears a voice she doesn't recognize; must be someone new(ish).


She hurries to the door (whoever is outside sounds rather anxious), and is surprised to see a young kid outside, who seems to be surrounded by lightly falling snow. A new fae change, maybe?

"Um, come in," she affirms, stepping back to allow him in. "Is something wrong?"
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He's still under the impression that it's just a fae change too, even if its a painful and increasingly inconvenient one. If it goes on for much longer, he's going to be tempted to ask the Ringmaster if she can change it to something else... he doesn't mind having changes or anything! He's sure she would object to making it go away. But, the feels like the elements are kind of at war, here, and he doesn't like being in the middle of it.

It's a poor match for the moss covering parts of him like lush fur, which has now turned stiff and brown, along with the pink roses that have almost shed their petals entirely by now. All that left is some increasingly dry looking brambles in his hair.

He's quick to step in as soon as he's given permission, and it's a sense of immediate relief. He the discomfort of the warn sunlight goes away, and he doesn't feel cold, either. Standing in what is basically a refrigerator just makes him feel neutral right now.

"Um, I'm Steven," he manages, though he sounds a little panicked and therefor is struggling to put his words in order. "I think a really weird fae thing is happening to me, and... and this was one of the only places I could find that was cold."
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[personal profile] handwringing 2017-04-24 03:16 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, he really doesn't look at all... well, like that. Like all the plant parts of him are slowly dying. For Elsa's own changes, they kept to the obvious theme, but she's never seen anyone with changes that conflict so violently. She feels bad for him.

"I'm Elsa." She gestures at a chair, closing the door behind him. "Here, sit down."

She looks him up and down as he chooses to sit (or not), putting a hand to her chin. This really is very odd - maybe she'll ask the Ringmaster about it later.

"The snowflakes are new, then." She reaches out a hand, catching one on her finger and bringing it close to take a look. Something feels a bit off to her, like the snowflakes she's looking at are unnatural, but there doesn't seem to be any discernible difference between it and a normal snowflake. "Why did you want to be somewhere cold?"

Not that she enjoys particularly hot weather, but it's never bothered her like it seems to be bothering Steven.
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[personal profile] starseedling 2017-04-24 04:15 am (UTC)(link)
He does sit down, mostly because it seems polite and this is her house, but it's a bit mechanical as a result. He's not putting together information super well at the moment, but her having to ask maybe means she DOESN'T have to be somewhere cold? No fair...

"Because... being warm kinda... hurts?" he explains slowly. He doesn't know how else to describe it. "Anything more than room temperature and it starts feeling really bad! I tried to put up with it, but I couldn't take it anymore!"

And he's getting himself a little worked up about it.

"What am I going to do? Do I have to live here now?" Is this where all the snow people live??
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Yuya Sakaki | OTA

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[A - The lake]

[Going to the lake wasn't the best idea this time around. He was just looking for space to practice, and after Ginko's warning he didn't want to draw the attention of any of the Mushi floating around. He didn't account for any being in the Lake.

There's something shimmering and at first he thinks maybe it's a lost object, say a watch--or perhaps trash.

Until it rises up in some goopy, barely-together form. Yuya recoils quickly.]

[C - The Trailers]

[Of course, the Mizukagami hasn't left. Not in a few days, and while Yuya has tried his hardest to go along as normal despite it... it's gone from creepy to menacing. Maybe it's just the stress of being stalked by some weird mercury monster, but Yuya swears it's almost touched him a few times.

So this fine night when people are turning into their trailers, the Mizukagami is standing in front of one and looking... up?

Up at Yuya, who is sitting on top of the trailer and staring right back at him. Is that your space they're blocking?]
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Sherlock | OTA (TW: Spider-related body horror, technical self-harm)

[personal profile] thevictoriandetective 2017-04-24 09:01 am (UTC)(link)
Sherlock comes from a world where magic isn't a thing, though his time here and how much he's changed have given him some insight into the phenomenon. He's reluctantly accepted that Weird Things were the norm, especially when you yourself looked like a Weird Thing.

And yet, that still didn't prepare him for what was to happen next.

It started out as a pain in the neck, literally. He was walking, doing a cursory patrol near the trees with Toby (fairly pointless when there were no visitors but it was something to do with the dog, at least) when suddenly he felt something hard hit his neck, and then, just--pain. And--and lots of it!? It was awful, like something was digging into him.

"AGGHHHhhhhh--What--?!" He frantically tried to reach around his neck, but couldn't quite feel anything. In fact, now that he noticed, that terrible pain had ceased, fortunately. He tried reaching again but...he couldn't feel it. It slowly dawned on him that he couldn't quite feel anything. Not his hands, nor his feet, nor his long forked tongue, which was sticking out of his mouth stupidly because he simply didn't know it was there.


Sherlock stumbles clumsily into a more populated part of the Carnival, occasionally falling and very carefully picking himself up. He didn't realize how difficult it would be to walk without the sensation of touch, he had no sensation of his feet on the ground. He had to look down, to measure his strides. Toby was helping him, whining and crying worriedly, dashing between his legs and trying to guide him.

He'd given up on his tongue, which stuck out of the side of his mouth about a foot in length, like a ridiculous cartoon.

"I need help!" he said, slurring his words, fairly sure he was suffering from a serious medical condition.

And not the spider-like mushi clearly visible, burrowed halfway in the back of his neck.


Now that Sherlock knew what was wrong with him, and that there was absolutely nothing he could do until the mushi was sated and just fell off, he was currently doing experiments on his current condition.

In the cookhouse, away from prying eyes (though how soon his isolation was to remain, it was to be seen) he had a pot of hot water, a lighter, a bowl of ice, and a small knife.

It was obvious what he was trying to do.

First off, he plunged his hand in the ice water, fascinated that he couldn't feel a thing. He wondered what it would do to his reptile-like physiology, the longer he kept his clawed, webbed hand in there. After several minutes, he was starting to feel slightly sleepy, and his hand didn't quite respond to his commands. He pulled it from the ice bowl, it seemed a bit...frozen to the touch.


He placed his poor hand in between warm heated towels--unable to feel it, but he was certain it must be helping.

And now for the hot water...
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Greg Universe | OTA

[personal profile] fragileandsoft 2017-04-24 09:44 am (UTC)(link)
A - Around the Carnival

Light sensitive headaches are a real pain, but not wholly unfamiliar; he hadn't been the healthiest guy around before joining the carnival. It's been a long time since it's bugged him like this, but he just pops on a pair of cool guy sunglasses and goes on with his day. A sweet pair of shades can disguise any amount of discomfort. So much that he doesn't even want to take them off indoors. Hey, he's gotta get work done somehow.

What makes it even harder, though, is the little pokemon that keeps scrabbling around underfoot. Lil is on edge, squeaking his growls at every noise and movement. He can't quite tell what it is he's seeing, but there's always something on the edge of his vision squirming around. It has worn on the chikorita's nerves like no other. He paces anxiously around Greg's feet wherever they go and chirps warnings at anyone who gets too close.

B - Big Top

Now that the carnival is between destinations, there's not as great a need to use the Big Top. Performances have ended and Rehearsals have not yet begun for the next set, but a few performers may be moved to continue practicing their routines. If they come into the big top, however, they'll find it a lot... dimmer than usual.

Greg's at the lighting controls, fiddling with knobs and wires and looking greatly perturbed. There's something wrong with the lights. It's gotta be something with the bulbs, or the wiring, or... it's just too bright, it's bright everywhere, his job is the lights and there's just too much of it.