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dorkypantsuit ([personal profile] dorkypantsuit) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival2017-05-08 06:07 pm
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Who: Psi and Ginko
What: Ginko's sad. Also Joker is a dick.
Where: Weedhaus
When: Day 91

He flies his way to Ginko's pretty much immediately after his disagreement with Joker. He's still angry. He feels bad going to Ginko just to vent, especially to vent about someone else, but like fuck if he knows what else to do. He definitely doesn't want to shout at Grubbin or spend the rest of the evening sparking randomly or snapping at others. He wants to check on Ginko anyway, so really this way it was like he was hitting two flightbeasts with the same elasticity propelled pellet. He lands rather suddenly without warning, and if Ginko isn't around he just knocks on his door.

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