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Sometimes awkward is in the eye of the nervous. Psi isn't scrutinizing Ginko's movements. He hardly noticed the twitching of Ginko's tail while he was speaking, and he doesn't really notice Ginko's hesitation now as he reaches out to the Psionic. He's just glad for the gesture to be honest. He feels relieved, and he slumps as the tension leaves his body. He wasn't being turned away. Just the opposite, Ginko was actually listening to what he had to say, and while there was a part of him that still felt guilty for coming here, mostly he was just relieved.

Ginko's perspective is different. The things he says sound reasonable, and Psi sort of wonders why he didn't think to tell himself the sorts of things he's hearing now. He never was very good at thinking about things reasonably though. Just another stunning personal flaw he supposed. The thought has him deflating, as does Ginko's advice of giving things time. He really hated waiting. He rests his arm on his leg as he hunches over somewhat. It's sort of a silly looking position to be in when you're sitting on a bed and as tall as Psi is.

"If time could fix it before I doubt it will now." He takes a breath before just biting the bullet. "I sort of, just shouted his business out to everyone."

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