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Who: Scout and OPEN
What: Adjusting to new feet using the power of Athleticism
When: After the Game Cube, for the next few days
Where: Anywhere really? Most notably the Backyard, the woods, the lake, and one of the tents.
Warnings: Nah

Considering the things Scout could have kept from her Game-form, tusk-cat feet aren't too bad. She's still pretty aggravated though. It's literally having to walk on the tips of her toes! She can with an effort put weight on what used to be the balls of her feet - she has to get those coarse pads touching the ground in order to traverse really smooth surfaces - but she can only keep it up for so long. Her feet themselves, or tarsi or whatever now, are elongated. Scout's not keeping her knees and ankles bent in the light crouch that becomes natural to most people who end up with digigrade or ungulate feet, so this makes her noticeably taller.

She has to readjust to standing and walking and pretty much everything, which is a very broad concept. Still, it has to be done. No matter how many times she falls over, or how concerned Thranta seems.

So Scout can be seen for the next few days with a determined expression, walking with a wobble at first. When out of the way, around the less populated trailers, she may be seen side-stepping tens of times in a row, stepping up and down from a block from every angle, hopping and stamping and kicking out and balancing on one leg, performing squat thrusts, and running. She swims in the lake and sharpens her bronze dewclaws and tackles trees. She climbs things. She does strange things with gravity. She can be seen in the woods running along a thin fallen log and jumping from wooden ring to wooden ring. Finally, she spends a lot of time in one of the tents with music of all kinds playing, because she was a really good dancer before and refuses to just lose that.

Over that time she goes from falling or nearly falling every few minutes to... not. Still, even by the end,
it's not unheard of if you startle her.

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