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A Bit of a 'Downgrade' [OPEN]

Who: THE MAN, GONGENZAKA and you i guess
What: A MAN COMES OUT FROM THE GAME...And becomes Tree Covered...
When: Late Day 98 - Day 100
Where: Mainframe, The Lake, Carnival Grounds...
Warnings: N/A


[When the game cube rises back up, Gongenzaka pays no mind to the curious addition of a cable or two off his back. There are more important things to do after all, such as celebrate. They won. 'GAME OVER - COMPUTER WINS' is echoing in the air, and it is quickly joined by rousing laughter and excited yips from his snubbull.] HAHAAAHAHAAAAA!! [He laughs, grabbing the nearest person and pulling them into a crushing hug.] WE DID IT..!


[Did you need that spine you didn't need that spine right? (Also, you might be getting a bit wet. He is absolutely crying.)]

[DAY 99 - LAKE]

[It is strange, but once he returned to the Carnival, he began to feel rather...lethargic. He considered using the scroll of meditation to help recover some-after all, the day following when the Game touched down would be the start of the Performance Week-but eventually decided against it, instead trotting up toward the lake and springs. His intention had been to go to the springs, but...

...The minute so much water lays before him, he finds himself running as fast as his legs can carry him, vaulting off the side and crashing in with an enormous SPLASH. He doesn't so much leave as surface slightly, shaking off a bare minimum of the water as his proud pompadour falls flat over his face, the usual combined strength of gel and dryness falling apart.
] Hoooo... [Who knows...why he needed this much water, but he feels a lot better now, that much is certain. He moves some of the hair from his face-the black strands far longer than most would have likely expected from him, and their roots tinged with what could be a mix of green and brown.

...Hmm. Hopefully he didn't splash anyone...


[So. ...It appears this is why he needed the water.] A...AUH...

[Quite literally overnight, Gongenzaka's body becomes coated in plantlife-stretching from within his hair to move down along his back and shoulders, all through his tail and even along the underside of the taur-body he has. His silvery white fur is dotted with bark from the life now growing off of him, tendrils of equally pale wood coiling down through his limbs to allow various flowers and leaves to sprout from tufts of once 'flame-like' fur. The leaves and flowers, one will notice from any long distance, are at least themselves a 'flaming' red. Red, Japanese Maple, dark rose (nearly red themselves) sakura blossoms among them, and a few other plants that he himself can't fully recognize. His tail seems to have been completely replaced by them in fact-though despite all appearances, it seems people can still sit on his back if the question ever arises.

Or rather, they can sit there and not end up seated on twigs-it instead feels like a bed of flowers and leaves, as soft as the fur once was. (And he is, somehow, still wearing a T-Shirt today.)

It is not the only change, perhaps-but it is certainly the one that Gongenzaka pays most attention to, and certainly the only one he sees at this point in time over himself-Suzu the snubbull is also left with a minor change of her own in fact, and the pokemon follows him around for the day bearing a collar of moss about her neck, with similarly fluffy patches at the base of her ears like little bows.


Quite impressive, really, though he doesn't honestly feel it. If anything, as he makes his way from his Trailer to the Cookhouse for some food, he feels a little lost about everything.
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Ah... ....I, the man Gongenzaka, was rather severely injured...

For most, such changes can certainly occur, but only after far more time here! However I, the man Gongenzaka, required immediate medical attention, and so... [...Well, to put it lightly and vaguely,] ....And so, with the treatment, became exposed to just as much magic...

[He frowns.] I, the man Gongenzaka, cannot speak for this most recent one however... [...If he's 'made' of it, could that be connected though..?]
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You were hurt bad enough they had to use magic to fix you? [Was Yuya not supposed to worry? Because he's worried.] Can all of this zreally be reversed when you go home...?
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[Quite, considering he died. But he says nothing on that-injury is one thing, but to say he's died? That it almost couldn't bring him back?

Gongenzaka nods.
] Auh-of course! [Not that he necessarily will-and he's already taken that into consideration.] For those who desire to return to normal, they carry a glamor until it reverses. It isn't all at once, from what I, the man Gongenzaka, have been told.
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It's hard to imagine that working when you won't fit through doors anymore. [But... magic??]

You don't get injured like that a lot, right? Isn't it usually pretty safe?

[At least, safe enough nobody's life is in danger. He'd like it if his friends weren't likely to get killed or carded for once.]
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[Yuya had spent very little of Alola indoors, so it's no surprise he missed that.

Gon's confidence boosts his own back up, at least, and he nods enthusiastically.]
Yeah, all right! It's... actually been pretty good here, but I'm glad nothing worse happened to you.
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Hmm! I, the man Gongenzaka, am glad to hear that-and more importantly, glad to say the same for you! Have you had any shows yet? [Because come to's day one of Performances isn't it?]
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Not yet. [He absently rolls his shoulder before reaching to scratch it as he talks.] I'm performing in the middle of the week, and then the end of next week. I think both of them are in the morning? When are you patrolling?
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Hmmm! Perhaps I, the man Gongenzaka, will be able to finally catch one of your acts then... [He nods, beaming.] I, the man Gongenzaka, have evening patrol, beginning tomorrow!
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I guess I can't really watch you the same way, like we did back home. [He shrugs.] Do you miss dueling for people?
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Hmmm? [Does he miss dueling?!] O-Of course..!

I, the man Gongenzaka, have been wondering if we would perhaps find time to duel each other at some point soon in fact..! [JUST THAT. WELL. Now they both have jobs, so that's not really happening with an audience.] Even if we cannot watch each other's duels, I, the man Gongenzaka, shall never tire of our own battles..!
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You're right! Maybe we can clear the area by the lake long enough for a duel? [And given Gon's changes, it's probably a good thing he's not much for action cards.] There's always time when the performances finish!

[Scratch scratch.] I just hope I get used to going in an out of the mainframe before I go on stage.

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No doubt we can...! I, the man Gongenzaka, should think the shoreline will be perfect in fact..!

[And... ...He'll just laugh at that last bit.] I'm sure you'll be fine..!
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I just don't want it to distract me on my performance! And it got a lot worse after the game... I wonder if that has something to do with it?
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Ah....worse? [Uh oh.] ...Worse how?
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Uh--I've just been really itchy. Turning into things just makes my body feel weird.

[Boy does it ever.]
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....Hmm. [Sorry Yuuya, but having seen others go through changes before....] ...Are you still itchy now?
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Yeah. I thought it'd go away on it's own but it's been a couple days. [He frowns.] Do you think the doctors have anything here for that?
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A new change? [Well, he has been doing a lot of changing with the--oh. Ooooh.] You mean like you?

... I'll be back. [And then he goes running for the wardrobe tents. He needs a mirror right now.]
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[Gon will have absolutely no trouble catching up to Yuya. But Yuya also isn't really paying attention to if Gon is behind him, he's far more focused on getting into an empty dressing room section, almost jumping in front of the mirror.] It better not be another limb...

[Sure, he knew eventually he was going to have a more permanent change to his body--everyone else at the carnival was proof enough of that. But he didn't know when.]
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Yuuya, where- [Ah, there he is. Gongenzaka sighs, shaking his head a moment as he follows the other in.] ....It would take quite a lot of magic to grow another limb, I assure you...I, the man Gongenzaka, barely even had more than fangs before my own injuries came...

[As it is.] If it were a limb, I, the man Gongenzaka, doubt you wouldn't have been able to see it just yet...
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[He throws his coat off carelessly and turns his back to the mirror.] I would've preferred fangs. I thought I wasn't going to feel it...

[He pulls his shirt off and looks over his shoulder as far as he can to see his back in the mirror. Sure enough, there's a jagged pattern of some sort of opalescent substance going from his shoulder to his back. It looks like it could be scale, but instead of the pattern you would find on a reptile it's in small rough, flaked pieces.

Of course, he immediately reaches back to pick at it.]
Is that my skin?
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NGMH- D-Don't just pick at it!!

[GEEZE YUUYA. He crouches down to peer at what seems to have grown there, nose twitching somewhat.] ...They look to be stone. I, the man Gongenzaka, would think someone such as Zecora would know better however...

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