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When: NOW!
Where: Around the carnival grounds, and in the Cookhouse.
What: Carnival worker orientation, Ringmaster style.
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, maybe drugs. Other things?


THE NEW: It doesn't matter when you entered the tent to discuss your new contract with the Ringmaster, you exit it beneath a blanket of stars. Pointedly alien stars at that - currently the carnival grounds are being treated to a show of shooting stars, and what appear to be unnaturally large and living green moons hanging just a bit too close. The carnival was bustling when you entered, but now it's in the latter stages of being shut down for the night. If you manage to find a clock, it states that it's around 8PM.

Workers from during the day will be passing through the grounds, attending to various pieces of business. None of them will seem very surprised or concerned by the goings on, though some may be sympathetic enough to pause and answer your questions. If you put some effort into finding out how it became nighttime, you may discover that it's been anywhere from a few hours to 7 days since you originally signed your contract. Someone may explain to you that it was probably some kind of time bubble, meant to keep you out of the way until the Ringmaster had time to deal with you.

Every few minutes another new person will pop out of the tent, looking just as confused and under the impression that they had only just finished discussing things with the Ringmaster. Weird.

She passed you a note before you left. Opening it up, you'll see you've been assigned a trailer number, and been given the instructions to drop off any excess belongings and do what you can to get settled in. You have until exactly 9:36PM to do so, because that's when you'll be expected to attend what is listed only as "WORKER'S ORIENTATION".

This is, perhaps, more abrupt than you were expecting - but what can you do? You're here for the long haul.

THE OLD: If you've ever seen a mass recruitment before, then this is no surprise. People enter the tent when they're recruited, and then sometimes how up again days later when the Ringmaster is ready for them. She isn't a big fan of wasting her time on individual orientations when she's expecting a crowd.

Maybe you're too jaded to all of this to care much, but you'll see the newbies wandering around, probably confused and maybe a bit lost. Maybe you're the kind whose is sympathetic enough to pause your role in clean up and give them some directions, and maybe a word of confidence. Maybe you'll just jeer at them, because you're some kind of asshole. Either way, you expect you'll have the chance to see them later tonight.

Whether by world of mouth, radio, or written note, supervisors will be passing out the following message: all workers are to report to the Cookhouse at 9:36PM sharp for "orientation." If you are at all familiar with how things go around here, you probably have a good idea of what this implies.

Mandatory Karaoke Night.


At 9:36PM, the main dining hall of the Cookhouse will be found heavily decorator with various coloured lights and at least one disco ball made of what is ostensibly high karat gems. There are a bunch of cushions and additional seating set up along with the usual tables, and at the head of the call there is a state set up - a karaoke stage. For veteran workers, this is no surprise. Karaoke nights are fairly frequent as activities go, even if they are not usually mandatory. Some of you probably have signature songs already prepared.

The karaoke machine is set up with mostly karaoke tracks that would be popular in the 90's and 00's on the average modern earth, with a few that are more recent. It also has some other random stuff from other worlds that people rarely sing because they are confusing and in languages no one understands. Here is a big karaoke list for your inspiration! The more stereotypically karaoke the better.

Beyond that, there is plenty of food and snacks that were prepared by the cooks earlier, as well as a bar set up for alcohol and other vices. The selection is, as most things in the carnival, eclectic.

Music will be played in between if nobody is singing, and otherwise veterans are encouraged to bring along their own fun and show the newbies a good time. The Ringmaster does ask that vets attempt to be courteous to their new coworkers.

It's just being a good host.
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Karaoke Night

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[ It's another strange person -- though, somehow, not even the first naga Chiaki's seen tonight. She hadn't expected to see a single one, much less two.

Chiaki's sitting and watching the singing, for the most part, but every so often she'll glance over at the naga with a bit of wonder in her eyes.

When she next returns from the food table, she quietly places an extra plate of meat snacks on Tanyuu's and attempts to scuttle away unnoticed. ]
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[Tanyuu doesn't notice the staring too much--after four months she's become fairly used to it from new hires and patrons both, even if she isn't usually out and about too much. Other than a glance and friendly smile sent Chiaki's way, Tanyuu doesn't give her any mind.]

[But she does notice the plate left behind, and frowns for a moment before waving and calling to her.]

Excuse me! You left your food behind!
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[ She freezes, her ears swiveling towards the naga before the rest of her does. She turns slowly. ]

N-no I didn't.
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Are you sure? I saw you leave this plate--

[...ah. Tanyuu chuckles a little and cocks her head to the side.]

That was very kind of you. You've just been hired, right? Come, sit down.

[It takes a little bit of doing, but Tanyuu manages to shift her tail to leave a decent chunk of one of the beanbags free for Chiaki to settle down--she doesn't mind someone sitting on her, but she has a feeling this girl is a bit too shy to feel comfortable doing that.]
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[ She goes a little pink. She'd meant to hurry away, but...

She sheepishly returns and sits carefully next to the large snake coils. Here's one of the stranger people she's seen all night. ]

Mm... I just got here. Or... this week, at least. Tonight's my first night.
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[She nods with an understanding smile, picking up a piece from the plate Chiaki brought her to munch on.]

Mmm, it tends to go like this when the Ringmaster decides to hire a lot of new workers at once. It's a little disorienting, but you'll catch on to the pace her pretty quickly, I'm sure.

[She casts a glance up at the stage and snorts with amusement at the scene, before turning back to the girl.]

I am Tanyuu Karibusa, by the way. It's nice to meet you.
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Chiaki Nanami. [ She bows a little - but her ears are still pointed towards the stage. It's kind of the most dominant thing in the room, and they're a bit distracted by it. ]

Have you been here long? [ With all the evident changes -- face, tail, etc. -- it seems reasonable, but... maybe not? ]
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For a little over a year now, yes. I suppose it's pretty obvious!

[Tanyuu laughs softly, the eyes on her forehead glancing up and behind Chiaki for a moment before she pulls a pipe out of her coat. If she looks, Chiaki might see the softly glowing creatures that caught her eye--or then again, she might not.]

I'm human, outside of the changes the magic of this place has caused. Not everyone here is, but that does seem to be somewhat more common.
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Mm... sometimes it's hard to tell.

[ Quietly, she thinks that Tanyuu's had quite a lot of changes for only a year of work. How much will she change, she wonders...

Her ears perk up again and she looks towards where Tanyuu is looking, but-- nothing. Huh. She doesn't even hear anything... ]
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It can be! Of course, then there are people like Sans or Zecora; it's hard to mistake them for anything other than what they are.

[Tanyuu packs a bit of mushi tobacco into her pipe and lights it, taking a drag of the odd-smelling smoke and blowing it in the direction of the clumped up mushi.]

I wont lie, you're going to need to get used to a lot of things very quickly around here.
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[ She nods. As she settles in, it's hard for her not to glance again at the woman's great tail. ] Did you?... It seems like a lot for you to get used to, too...
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Mmm, to an extent. I was used to some supernatural things because of where I am from, but not magic or this severity of physical transformations.

--ah, I should warn you about that. The changes that we all eventually gain here, those are painless as a general rule. If something is happening to your body and you feel ill because of it, come find myself or Ginko--he's that man over there, with the white and green scales.

[Tanyuu indicated her roommate across the room, who is currently looking more than a little uncomfortable while one of the other veterans tries to badger him up onto the stage.]

There are some creatures that followed us here from our own world, and they are the source of some odd sicknesses. The doctor, Zecora, she has brews that can help as well, but we can tell you for certain if something is caused by a mushi or not.
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Sicknesses? [ How strange. Add it to the growing list. She looks across the room at Ginko. ]

Oh... we talked a little. He's your roommate? [ They both share scales, at least. So they have that in common? She and her roommate both have funny ears. Maybe that's how the Ringmaster decided on them. ]

Mostly everything's just sounded louder. I've never heard of a mushi before.
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Mmm. They can cause you to go deaf, or not be able to stand bright lights, or any number of odd effects.

[She nods with a faint smile.]

He is. We knew eachother back home, and the Ringmaster was kind enough to allow us to stay together. [Or more likely it was just easier to put the pair that came to her together in the same empty trailer.]

Not many have, even where I come from. They are...creatures that live between this world and the next, in a sense. They are simple, and do not mean to cause any harm.
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They sound really interesting!! I've never heard of them, in all of my games...

But they sound like something you really have to keep an eye on. Like they could be dangerous.

[ Her wide-eyed look betrays her complete fascination with the concept, if her words didn't already. ]
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[Ah, she's quite the imaginative child, isn't she?]

They can be, but no more than wind animals, can be. It's only that so many people cannot see them or know of their existence that most problems with crop up get as bad as they do. It's rare to need anything more than an herbal remedy or a small ritual to fix the problem.

[Of course, having a mushi attractor in a single spot for so long amplifies the chance of those rare instances, but she's trying to reassure Chiaki right now.]
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It sounds like you're used to them... I'll definitely come to one of you if I feel strange.

[ Or to Zecora, but -- she seems to be more practiced in physical remedies. Her ears twitch again. ]

That seems like it'll be inevitable here...