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When: NOW!
Where: Around the carnival grounds, and in the Cookhouse.
What: Carnival worker orientation, Ringmaster style.
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, maybe drugs. Other things?


THE NEW: It doesn't matter when you entered the tent to discuss your new contract with the Ringmaster, you exit it beneath a blanket of stars. Pointedly alien stars at that - currently the carnival grounds are being treated to a show of shooting stars, and what appear to be unnaturally large and living green moons hanging just a bit too close. The carnival was bustling when you entered, but now it's in the latter stages of being shut down for the night. If you manage to find a clock, it states that it's around 8PM.

Workers from during the day will be passing through the grounds, attending to various pieces of business. None of them will seem very surprised or concerned by the goings on, though some may be sympathetic enough to pause and answer your questions. If you put some effort into finding out how it became nighttime, you may discover that it's been anywhere from a few hours to 7 days since you originally signed your contract. Someone may explain to you that it was probably some kind of time bubble, meant to keep you out of the way until the Ringmaster had time to deal with you.

Every few minutes another new person will pop out of the tent, looking just as confused and under the impression that they had only just finished discussing things with the Ringmaster. Weird.

She passed you a note before you left. Opening it up, you'll see you've been assigned a trailer number, and been given the instructions to drop off any excess belongings and do what you can to get settled in. You have until exactly 9:36PM to do so, because that's when you'll be expected to attend what is listed only as "WORKER'S ORIENTATION".

This is, perhaps, more abrupt than you were expecting - but what can you do? You're here for the long haul.

THE OLD: If you've ever seen a mass recruitment before, then this is no surprise. People enter the tent when they're recruited, and then sometimes how up again days later when the Ringmaster is ready for them. She isn't a big fan of wasting her time on individual orientations when she's expecting a crowd.

Maybe you're too jaded to all of this to care much, but you'll see the newbies wandering around, probably confused and maybe a bit lost. Maybe you're the kind whose is sympathetic enough to pause your role in clean up and give them some directions, and maybe a word of confidence. Maybe you'll just jeer at them, because you're some kind of asshole. Either way, you expect you'll have the chance to see them later tonight.

Whether by world of mouth, radio, or written note, supervisors will be passing out the following message: all workers are to report to the Cookhouse at 9:36PM sharp for "orientation." If you are at all familiar with how things go around here, you probably have a good idea of what this implies.

Mandatory Karaoke Night.


At 9:36PM, the main dining hall of the Cookhouse will be found heavily decorator with various coloured lights and at least one disco ball made of what is ostensibly high karat gems. There are a bunch of cushions and additional seating set up along with the usual tables, and at the head of the call there is a state set up - a karaoke stage. For veteran workers, this is no surprise. Karaoke nights are fairly frequent as activities go, even if they are not usually mandatory. Some of you probably have signature songs already prepared.

The karaoke machine is set up with mostly karaoke tracks that would be popular in the 90's and 00's on the average modern earth, with a few that are more recent. It also has some other random stuff from other worlds that people rarely sing because they are confusing and in languages no one understands. Here is a big karaoke list for your inspiration! The more stereotypically karaoke the better.

Beyond that, there is plenty of food and snacks that were prepared by the cooks earlier, as well as a bar set up for alcohol and other vices. The selection is, as most things in the carnival, eclectic.

Music will be played in between if nobody is singing, and otherwise veterans are encouraged to bring along their own fun and show the newbies a good time. The Ringmaster does ask that vets attempt to be courteous to their new coworkers.

It's just being a good host.
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Carly Nagisa | VET/OTA!

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[[OOC - Note: Carly has a permissions post here for those who need it!]]


[This, technically, is Carly's fourth round of Mass Recruit sessions. The first time, she was one of them-leaving the tent, confused and sputtering and wondering what happened to the sky...

The next two sessions after, it was others that she was watching go through that-and naturally back then, she'd done her own part trying to help. Offering to show them around, maybe help them find the trailers...

This time, she knows someone in the tents already. THIS time, she knows where they're staying, and she's had a few days to prepare to that end! So with a great big sign, she writes down a big name in marker-

...which is why Medli will see first thing, upon leaving her tent, Carly holding a large sign above her head.
] O-OVER HERE!! Over here, this way!!


[Can You Play Me A Memory...? In honor of Wow Her VA Can Sing]

[Those who know Carly probably know (at least by now) that she has a habit of getting a little...excessive. While folks like the Ringmaster know how to balance that excess, Carly...not so much. fortunately the excessive does not tend to creep into her wardrobe

For all the excessivness however, Karaoke night is going to be something of a surprise-

Ahhh... I'm, I'm still not sure how to get this machine to work but I think I've got a song ready..!

Let's see, um... [It takes a bit to get started, but the minute the music kicks in-]

What we swore as we admired, where the light shines upon
Is the future we will build upon, that's ours and ours alone...

[It's not as deep as the actual singer, but who knew she could lower her voice to an appropriate range for this?!]

[I'm Not Really Sure How It Goes.]

[Of course, Carly being Carly, she can never resist the more Fun songs, and by the time everyone is a little more loosened up for the karaoke rounds, she's grabbing the mic again-]

AHAH!! My turn again, finally!

[Annnd one, two...ONE TWO THREE-]

The Devil went down to Georgia..~
He was lookin' for a soul to steal!

[Even within the first few lines there's points, gestures, spread feathers-a song like this needs acting! ACTING! And she's not going to do it half-heartedly!]

[BONUS: Come Back Shadow-]

You need to sing! It's mandatory!

It is not. Leave me alone.

What kind of spirit is that?!

[Around the tail end of the 'orientation', Carly can be seen arguing with either her shadow, or her reflection, a list of carefully chosen songs in hand. It's only this year that Aslla has been making his presence known via her shadow, and Carly's not about to let the opportunity pass her by!]

We might not get to do this ever again!! Please?

What are you intending to do, place the microphone at your feet? I refuse.

MMMMNNN! [Cue Carly Pout.]
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[ Well, it was already nighttime when Medli first met Carly, so the stars being out wasn't anything new. If time has passed, she didn't notice it, but she definitely notices the huge sign. She hurries over to her first friend in the Carnival. ]

Y-yes! I just got my contract settled. Miss Ringmaster is just like you said she'd be... and I don't have to worry about abandoning my duties or anything, either!

[ A pause. The Rito fidgets. ]

So... what happens next?
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Amazing~! Ah- what did you ask...

[...For? Oh! She should answer first, she realizes, shuffling the sign away.] I get to show you where you'll be staying~! The Ringmaster uses time bubbles to make sure everyone gets their contracts settled at the same time, so I had lots of time to set up!

It's like the reverse of how we can work here and go home! [...Accurate, that.]
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Time... bubbles...

[ Medli's expression goes blank for a moment, attempting to decode that.

Attempt failed. Moving on...
] Um, okay! Guess I'll be following you again then, Miss... er, I don't think I got your name, actually...
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Yeah! Like a bubble of time...so no time passes in the bubble, but time passes outside the bubble! [..That makes sense right?

As for names, she quickly sputters, realizing how awkward it must be to have had the sign ready in spite of that.
] AHH!! Th-That's right, I got your name from the Ringmaster's message...um.

[She coughs, bowing just slightly as she beams.] Carly Nagisa! I'm really looking forward to this!
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[ Her eyes seem to glaze over during the explanation. Quantum physicist, Medli is not. But she snaps to attention once that's over with, and bows in turn. ]

I'm glad to have met you, Miss Carly! I hope everything turns out well for us both!
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A-Ahh! Just Carly is fine! [she laughs, scratching her cheek.] 'Miss' seems so formal...

Do you know what your job will be while you're here though..? [she asks, moving to lead Medli toward the trailers.] I was only told we'd be sharing the trailer, so I don't know anything else...
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My job... ? Oh, right, the Ringmaster said I was going to be a beast tamer! But I'm not sure just what a beast tamer does...

[ Yes, this small bird child is a beast tamer. Just have faith... ]
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Beast Tamer?!

[Whaaaaaaaaaat- She stares for...more than a few moments before realizing she hasn't been walking for a few moments either.] Well...B-Beast tamers are performers who work with animals...

...Normally really big scary ones to show how impressive they are to the audien- Are you sure that one's fine?!
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[ Medli nearly collides with her, but manages to redirect herself in time. ]

Big scary animals, huh... I don't really know how it'll go, but I... I'm sure I can do it!

[ She's not sure at all. But fake it til you make it, right? ]
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Y-Yes! Things from other worlds, that we've never seen before, like manticore, or-

[...In hindsight she should probably not be scaring the young bird girl.] ...Well, if the Ringmaster made that choice, then it's probably fine..! It's probably like how something can look scary when it's actually not! Aha!

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[ She doesn't know what a manticore is. For now. ]

Uh-huh! I'll figure something out. And if not, I can just... fly out of harm's way, haha...

[ save her ]
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She could cry if she wasn't so determined to make sure no one else cried! Realistically she herself is likely the only one at risk of that...
] I-If there's ever anything you need, I'll definitely make sure nothing happens..! I get a lot of breaks during the day after all..!

[They should be coming up to their trailer soon at least. The perfect distraction, maybe? The outside is fairly simple-mostly white, with a few stripes, there's an awning covering the doorway and 'garden'. A few things have already been set up there over the years for some personal charm-a bird bath, a mail 'sock', some flowers...it's pretty simple, and she's not really used to even having a garden she'll admit.]

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Shadows Talk

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[Lauren just watches in awe. He has no idea what the fuck he's looking at.]
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wheezes oh man yes- if it affects things fyi, Aslla's got a Deep Man voice hahah

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[It's a Mystery Lauren. A Mystery. Weird and velvety as she's gotten over the years working here, she's pretty obviously still some young flustered 20 something at heart. The shadow...

...Well it's a shadow. With seeming eyes. Talking. That one's a little less normal, but that's hardly the point of things when she realizes they have an audience.
] AH-!

[A-HEM. The girl waves a little, laughing uneasily.] D-Don't mind us..! He's just not chosen a song yet-

I won't be singing, ignore her.

Oh come on..!

Re: wheezes oh man yes- if it affects things fyi, Aslla's got a Deep Man voice hahah

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[Her sudden response does nothing to relieve his confusion.]

Is your shadow.... A different person?
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Yes! [The only straight answer so far.] He's-

Aslla Piscu.

[There is something of an awkward pause as she looks to the shadow, and then back to Lauren.] What he said!

Normally we share a body, but this is easier for him I think!

[...It's probably easier for her too, now that she thinks about it.]

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[He looks a bit horrified. They used to share?]

So this shadow... Was possessing you.
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AHHHH!!! [Well, before Aslla himself can even explain, Carly's in full fluster, her feathers raised and odd-shaped wings threatening to knock something behind her over.]

I-It's not like that..!! We're just bound! It was an agreement-!

And I am no mere 'shadow', for that matter, [the other continues, apparently determining that part of things to be the most important matter here.]

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[It's kind of amusing to see her get so flustered, but also embarrassing. He feels bad for distressing her.]

Oh. Sorry?

[Is that something he should apologize for?]

I was just confused.
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Ah- [She waves, quickly going back to a more cheerful attitude.] It's fine, it's fine! It's a long story anyway, so don't worry about it...

There's lots of different things out in the other worlds!
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I had no idea...

What kind of world are you from? Is this normal there? Two beings in one form?
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Eh? Well, where I'm from, it's an amazing place! There's always something going on, always something around the corner! [Always, it is Duels.]

... [As for that last question-] ...It happens sometimes.

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[Not the most descriptive answer, but he doesn't really know what he was expecting her to say.]

That's strange. I never met so many people from different worlds.

[So many worlds with different kinds of magic, different kinds of people, it was honestly all a bit overwhelming.]
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Well, meeting people in other worlds doesn't normally happen to begin with right? [Carly replies, shrugging.] I-I mean the only reason it happens here to begin with is because we travel between them for the job!

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