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[CLOSED] sick like a dog

Who: Ginko, Tanyuu, and unfortunately Sans.
When: The morning after. (Season 1 : Day 2)
Where: Outside Weedhaus.
What: Sans has a bad night so the Mushishi have a bad morning.
Warnings: Alcohol, problematic drinking.

Well, if he was going to run away from something he was going to do it right. After his discovery the night before, he abandoned the party all together, and took his pack with him. It was late enough. Whatever. He would risk it.

He made sure to take his flask with him.

At first he just wanted to throw up, as the reality of it sank in. There was no going back now. There was no way to fix it, except with time or one hell of a stellar deal. It wasn't supposed to be like this. He was supposed to solve the problem, and none of the others were ever supposed to know what he'd done to get there.

There was nothing he could do. He'd have to face him eventually. Yet, when the thing he most vividly remembers is seeing his brother fall into dust due to his own pointed negligence, what could he even say, now that time has worn away the comfort of his emotional disconnect?

Why didn't he even try?

The memories creep up on him too quickly, and in far too great a number. He has to do something to stop it, to distract himself, before it consumes him all together. He drinks as much as he can manage, and then sets off into the woods, stripping off his clothing. They'd just get in the way, for this. It hurts when it happens, but that's fine - it just takes his mind off of things.

The rest of the night is a blur, until around the point that he goes back to normal and starts feeling unbearably ill and tired. He knows he's wound up near the trailer park, where he left his hoodie, and he manages to get it on himself before staggering around beneath the light of dawn, and eventually dropping all together near the most recent place he'd considered going.

He falls asleep right there, and the rest of the pack curls up around him and do similar. By the time it's fully morning, he's just pantless and snoozing uneasily in a pile of skeleton dogs, right outside of Ginko and Tanyuu's trailer. All of them are coated in a layer of ashy dust.
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Tanyuu isn't nearly so bad off as...well, probably as most of the carnival, other than the younger members. Grumbling and scrubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she pulls a loose but warm sweater on and heads outside to start watering the garden--

And stops short, staring at the pile of unfortunately familiar bones all but crushing one of the bushes. She pauses for several very long moments, then sighs and closes her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose before calling back towards the bunk-end of the trailer.

"Ginko! Can you bring one of our spare blankets up here?"

She doesn't want to slither back over herself is the has to, really.
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Unfortunately, Ginko has only been awake for about thirty seconds, which means it takes him a couple seconds to process that. He shoves his bangs away from his good eye, squinting as he goes over that again in his mind. "Uh... sure. Give me a moment."

He hauls himself out of bed and grabs a blanket, already holding it out by the time he reaches the door. "Here y'go. Mind if I ask--"


And that would be Sans sleeping pantsless outside their trailer.


His tone comes out completely flat and he is definitely no longer asking about the blanket.
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Tanyuu takes the blanket with a sigh and continues on her way out, debating to herself if she should toss some water on Sans and the dogs to rinse some of that dust off, first. (How did they even accumulate that much, anyway?)

"Who even knows. I thought he'd been getting better about his drinking."

Once she's looped around and her tail is mostly out of the trailer, she considers the pile for a moment longer before sighing, flapping the blanket out fully and letting it fall over all of them.
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"Mm. Guess not." Once again, he finds himself tempted to try and actually talk to Sans about that, but he knows his chances of actually getting anywhere are probably incredibly low.

Ginko steps down to the ground and crouches next to the now-blanketed skeleton pile. He lifts the edge up a little so Roman can see, giving a quiet snort. "Just us, guys."
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It's hard to not laugh a little when the dogs' tails all start wagging, and she chuckles before bending low to pat one of the moving heads under there.

"Bones or not, you lot are going to catch a chill one of these days."
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Ginko leans back a little, waving off the fog. "Ah-- yeah, hey there."

He glances down at Sans when the Warden is suddenly visible and raises an eyebrow. "'Morning."
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Tanyuu laughs and straightens up a bit, watching Roman with good humor and reaching out to give them a good scratch should he stop for a moment. When Sans is exposed she casts him an amused look.

"I wasn't aware we had been hosting an after-party out here."
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...Well shit. This is looking worse than expected. Ginko's wry expression doesn't take long to shift to one of concern.

"You okay?" He glances over at Tanyuu. "Should we get him inside?"
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"I think so," Tanyuu says, her own expression mirroring Ginko's concern. Leaning down, she offers Sans her hand to haul himself up and keep steady.

"What happened?"
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Ginko would ask Tanyuu what that meant if he thought she had any more of an idea than he did. Instead, he considers Sans for a moment before leaning forward and going to scoop him up.

"Alright, c'mon. Should really get you inside before trying to talk about this."

Whatever "this" is.
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She most definitely does not, from the perplexed and very concerned look on her face. While Ginko scoops the small skeleton man up, Tanyuu gathers the blanket up again, fully intending to wrap Sans up in it properly once he's settled inside. If only she didn't have to go all the way to the cookhouse to get something Sans could eat or drink right now...

"It is definitely not 'nothing', Sans."
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The growling makes Ginko kind of nervous, but he does his best to speak soothingly to the dogs, hoping they'll calm down a little. "It's alright; I promise, I'm not going to hurt him."

He steps up to re-enter the trailer, glancing over his shoulder at Tanyuu. "Should we leave the door open? It make make these guys more comfortable, but I'm not sure we want them coming in here..."

He may not mind Sans's dogs, but he's not sure that having three giant skeleton hounds nosing around among all the plants in the house would be a good idea.
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Tanyuu frowns and murmurs to the dogs as well, carefully winding her way through them. "Shh, we're not going to hurt him. We're trying to help!"

She looks from Ginko down to the pack and back, then sighs and shrugs, gesturing for Ginko to head on inside. "Even if we try to keep them out, they'll get in before I'm fully inside anyway."
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"Good point."

Ginko had been heading for the bedroom, intending to set Sans down on an actual bed instead of the freaking ground, when he felt the already-slight weight in his arms suddenly disappear. Oh goddammit.

He crouches down next to Sans again, frowning. "No, you're not getting anything. Sans, you need to rest, and you shouldn't be trying to go anywhere right now."
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Tanyuu slides back into the trailer behind Ginko, and startles when Sans is suddenly on the floor--she hasn't actually seen that trick nearly enough times to become used to it just yet.

"Sans, please. At least sit down, you can barely even stand as it is!" She moves up a bit closer, and quickly folds the larger blanket in two before draping it around Sans's shoulders.