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Who: The Nightrunning Crew!
When: Day 73
Where: ALOLA
What: Scouts doing SCOUTS STUFF and Mercs ALSO DOING SCOUTS STUFF maybe catching pokemon maybe getting clothes WHO KNOWS
WARNINGS: People being Dumb

Alola, the scouts will notice initially, is fairly warm-but fairly diverse all the same. Everyone is equipped with their handy-dandy radio, which is good considering the chances that everyone arrived on separate islands.

Those landing at Poni Island find it largely uninhabited, aside from one lonely property and a dock filled with houseboats. The pokemon here are wild and untamed, and among some of the strongest in the region-and scouts will find massive canyons and equally large trees, that some can even walk on.

Mele-Mele Island on the other hand, while small, has more sizable a population. There's one city, and plenty to do, and the scouts becoming familiar with pokemon will observe that those in the wild here are good for anyone 'starting out'-the labs here as well might supply tourists with pokedexes even just as a temporary measure, so that's handy.

The third of the four islands meanwhile, Ula'Ula, is home to the highest peak in the entire well as a desert. There's a lot more people living here, though scouts venturing far enough north are going to come across the town that Team Skull took over, which might be a good idea to warn others of. It's one thing to dismiss Team Skull as a threat, it's another to just waltz into their home base. There's also a local bus that will take visitors up to the Hokulani Observatory, up on Mt. Hokulani.

Lastly, the most populous of the four islands, Akala Island has hotels, a natural park, an impressive mall...scouts can probably take at least a brief moment to get themselves to blend in more with some local clothing while here, especially while in one of the two cities. Konikoni in particular seems to be selling numerous items relating to pokemon in one way or another, so it's a must-see!

Though really, scouts should probably try to focus on what's relevant to the Carnival, right..?

[[OOC - This is a mingle log; players of scouts can assume they can be anywhere among the islands given how easy it is to travel between them, or just radio out-and beyond that everyone is free to come up with their own ridiculous scouting scenario! Just try not to alola yourself out, we still have the main event after all.]]

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