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[Do These Shorts Make My Tail Look Big]

[While it hasn't been long since he was wearing clothes as a 'person', it's a little strange to do so under glamor rather than as a digital being. Gongenzaka himself still feels aware of his fur, and his extra legs-yet, as he tries to do good by the Ringmaster's request that they 'blend in' nothing he tries on doesn't...fit.

It just sort of changes itself around, rather like how he's even getting into the store to begin with. He thinks he's done a good job? Obviously, he is keeping his sashes. Those are a must. In the end though...he settles on a simple t-shirt and shorts. It works best, and in this heat, it's already warm enough being furred. He's half tempted to see if going shirtless would be acceptable...

In fact, anyone passing as he walks out of the store will notice that Gongenzaka seems a little out of it...

...He should probably get some water actually...

[A Breath of Rain]

[This is far better. Poni Island is a bit of a dead-zone, but it is a rainy dead zone, especially on their neighboring islet. Gongenzaka isn't visiting Execcutor Isle, but he is at least wandering the grasslands now-at least until it starts to rain. Even he can only handle the falling rain water so much, and while he's managed to somehow avoid wild pokemon thus far, it seems he's going to have to leave the 'beaten path' now.

So he finds some trees, their branches just covering a nearby mound of stone and dirt, and sits there to wait out the more brutal part of the storm.

That is...when he realizes he is being stared at.
] Hmm?

[...Stared at by what seems to be a tiny pink and blue ball of fluff with an underbite, the thing's wide eyes looking over where his glamor's head should be.

And where his actual head is. ...Erm.
] Auh...h...hello little one... [Carefully, he tries not to reach out or do anything sudden-he had been warned at the docks that most creatures here were very strong, and appearances were always misleading, so-]


[Annnnnnd now there's a puppy running over and worming its way under his forelegs, glamor be damned.] HMM!? W-What?!


I-I, the man Gongenzaka, am not what you think-

[No use. The Fluffy Puppy must snuggle and sleep.

Gongenzaka merely sighs in the end, and crosses his arms. Well, he supposes at least while it rains, it's fine...


[In the end, 'Suzu'-so named because every now and then as they were running from something that set them on fire/shocked them/froze them, he'd hear her make a 'bell ringing' sound-stuck with him. She followed him all the way to the Seaside village, at which point a rather kindly old woman handed him a bright red pokeball and noted that it might be an idea to give the little one some rest.

...So he supposed that Suzu was 'his' now.

They travelled off island from there, heading for 'Ula-Ula', and after some wandering and walking, well...

....Keep...very quiet, Suzu-chan...


[Well, now they're wandering around in an abandoned Thrifty Megamart. Supposedly there's lots of ghost pokemon here. Which he supposed, meant this place was haunted.

] Very....very quiet...


[Please god no one sneak up on them-]

[Home Again, Home Again-]

[Well, 'Suzu' is very wide eyed now.] Sahh, Suzu-chan, this is where we live... [It's just a trip back for bed; they admittedly did a bit of camping out for the sake of the 'Trial', but that just means they absolutely need their rest. Especially since once the gates open for patrons, it'll be Work Time!

So now the Snubbull is pouring over the trailer.
] If you wish, naturally, I, the man Gongenzaka, will not confine you to the pokeball...


[The conversation continues along these sorts of lines all over the Carnival grounds-with Suzu the Snubbull staring, Gongenzaka rambling as if it understands, and...Suzu the Snubbull staring at anyone who works there as if they're the greatest things she's ever seen.


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