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[A Tale of Woe]

[Carly has thus far done her job fairly well. Day one of scouting and she had a pokedex, some information on basic medical care for pokemon, basic information on...Pokemon in would think she's currently a good image for the Nightrunners!]


[Except right now.

Carly looks to her current travel companion with absolute rivers of tears running from her eyes, pointing toward the cubone some distance away in the volcanic brush. It doesn't seem to be minding anything aside from its own business, but Carly had taken the opportunity to take a scan with the pokedex and...well...

L...LAMBERT, IT HAS NO PARENTS..!! It's a defenseless little baby that's so sad..!!

[This is what he has to put up with.]


Hmmm-hmm-hmmm~ [Well, now that this Cubone-currently called 'Nuna'-has been safely caught in a brilliant black and gold 'luxury ball'-Carly is taking every chance she gets to make good use of a little bag that's been steadily gaining weight each time they stop at a Pokemon Center. The thing about Pokemon Centers here is that they have cafes. Which means Coffee. And, since she brings little Nuna everywhere now...]

'Ohh! What a cute pokemon-here, have some Poke-beans.'

Hahhh, thank you~

[She's got a lot of these weird beans. And Nuna likes eating them, so that's even better! The little one gets to eat them whenever they can, and whenever they come out of a battle the first thing that happens is pets and a wipe down with a towel and-

Come to think, watching Carly pull out a portable hair dryer is probably making it Pretty Clear that Nuna is...Spoiled rotten to put it gently.
] Hmnnn, I wonder if you'd look good with ribbons...

[Absolutely Rotten.]

[A Tale of WOW]

'Vikavolt', the 'Stag Beetle' pokemon... Hmnn! Okay, Nuna! Let's go!

[This trial hasn't been so bad. The idea had been that they were just going to summon what was called a 'Totem Pokemon' right to them so they didn't have to find it, of course, but a black-out wasn't too hard for her these days. She could TAKE IT. And so could Nuna! Against electric attacks, she'd be fine, and so far all these bugs were going down easy under her bone club!] It's still electric type, so don't worry!

[...There's just one problem, now that they're fighting the Totem.]


Nuu! Nnnnn-U!

[Vikavolt's ability is 'Levitate'. Now that the bone attack-or 'ground' attack can't hit, it doesn't matter that Nuna's immune to the electric attacks. Now that bug can just start chipping away with other moves, and nothing Nuna's throwing can hit-leaving Carly frantic as she shouts to the poor thing.] N-Nuna..! Nuna, you can do it..! Use a headbutt..!! You can still headbutt..!

[She can, but it still misses. And the bug gets faster, and faster, and faster...

Until finally at the brink of the battle, something miraculous happens.

Nuna 'glows'. Before Carly's very eyes the pokemon changes form, brown hide going black and grey, their helm seeming to fuse with their face.


[And suddenly, after one slight hit, the Vikavolt can't use that bug move any more.] H...HAHHHHHH-!

[Of course, it also means they just lost the electric immunity, but...] Q-Quickly, Nuna..! While you can..!

[It seems Nuna at least has something of an advantage now that they've evolved-

And with a flame wheel, that bug goes DOWN.
] H-

Hhahahhaaaaa... You did it..!~ Nunaaaa, you did it~~

[They are So Celebrating now-and to that end, everyone can find these two at the nearest Malasada shop, both seated and eating some deep-fried pastries.]

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