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Doll || Open

[Carnival Grounds - Day 73]

[It feels like she's been in that tent for days. Maybe weeks? She doesn't really know, but she does know that the scenery outside seems a little different than it was when she went in. But maybe that's just her imagination.]

[But here she is-- a part of the carnival now, officially. She's got jobs to do! Real, legitimate work to engage in! Another chapter in her admittedly stranger life is starting, and that is at least a little exciting for her.]

[First things first though, she should find Joker again. And then he can show her where she can sleep! As she walks through the sunny grounds, looking around for her brother, she wonders what her roommate is going to be like. Who she'll be working with in the makeup tent, who she'll be performing with... Despite Joker's reservations, she can't help but smile with excitement as she wanders around, taking in her new home.]

[Melemele - Day 74]

[Doll isn't sure how this portal works or why they're stopping at a place that seems to be full of very... odd looking animals... but it's not like she's in a hurry to get somewhere. As long as it's her and Joker and Snake, working for the safety of the rest of their family, she'll be happy as a clam.]

[But a trip to a beach with real sand and real waves and real sun isn't going to go unappreciated. The locals are very helpful pointing her towards a nice beach, and once she finds it, it's almost overwhelming. The water is so beautiful, and the weather is so warm!]

[Doll plunks down into the sand and starts stripping off her shoes and socks, rolling up her trousers, and starts wading in. It's like nothing she'd ever dreamed of when thinking about the beautiful Spanish beaches or exotic Caribbean islands, because it's real and she's experiencing it. She takes a long moment to look out at the ocean and feel the breeze, and she smiles even if it feels uncomfortable the longer she thinks about her luck.]

[The sound of something smacking the sand draws her attention, and she double-takes when she realizes it's a giant orange fish flopping around helplessly on the sand.]

Oi, how'd you get all th'way up 'ere? [Poor fish... she should help it. Cautiously, Doll grabs the flopping fish's fins and drags it back into the water, despite its attempts to flail and flop into her. But thank goodness, it makes it back and swims away, and Doll seems pleased.]

[Until she turns around and sees three more have beached themselves. What in the blazes is up with these fish...?!]

[Day 80 - Ula'Ula]

[Whilst exploring, Doll caught wind of a place people could go to look at the stars-- an 'observatory' they'd called it. And while her experience with stars was more or less limited to laying on top of some of the animal cages and looking up at the night sky, the fact that people had places specifically for looking at the stars caught her interest. It must be vastly more beautiful and amazing if these people had built a place specifically to look at stars!]

[There's a bus yes, but Doll doesn't exactly have much in the way of funds-- plus, she tells herself, the best things on these islands have happened when she's just walking around, so why not hike? She sets off in the morning, looking forward to an afternoon of looking at stars.]

[...the walk is longer than anticipated, and Doll has to take several breaks. She sits down heavily on the side of the road and breaks out some water and a snack. Her exhaustion is just a setback though, she's determined to make it to this observatory if she has to spend all day getting there!]

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