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Zecora | OTA

Day 73: Melemele

[The berry fields are a unique and exquisite place, one Zecora had been in a hurry to visit. And for perhaps half an hour, she had the delights of the place to herself -- exploring the trees, picking berries and testing them, collecting several for use in potions...]

[Now, however, her peace is shattered. A ball bounces off her flank, making her jerk her head up in surprise. A nearby kid stomps his feet and bemoans that the Pokemon had broken free of the ball -- but a dozen of his friends are close on his heels, all of them holding the same red-and-white gadgets.]

[Zecora pelts out of the berry fields at a gallop, with a host of eager aspiring trainers right behind her.]

Day 75: Carnival Grounds

[So yeah, Zecora is assuming a human shape for their duration here.]

[Those seeking out the zebra doctor will find a woman in her place, whose warm rhyming cadence ought to be instant identification as she greets visitors to her tent with a smile from amidst the bubbling cauldrons. But Zecora doesn't confine herself to her tent; she can often be found wandering about the carnival just watching everyone work.]

[Later in the evening, she takes a seat near one of the food booths with a funnel cake heaped high with fruit, an eager look on her face.]

Day 77: Lake of the Moon

[Well. Time to see what all this hype is about.]

[Zecora, properly a zebra now, slowly creeps through the tall grass towards the great temple that might have once held some great legend of a beast, her eyes on a barely-there creature drifting faintly on the wind. In her teeth she clutches a Pokeball. Slowly, carefully...]

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