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Rita Mordio | OTA / will match format

(melemele: hau'oli city / so cheery it's eerie)

[Rita can hardly believe it. After signing a contract for a full year of work with the ever-suspicious Ringmaster, her first order of business is a tropical vacation, of all things!? Naturally, she's skeptical. There has to be a catch.

But the locals who pass by greet her amicably, and some even offer samples of local food items. When a friendly older lady hands her a malasada, she takes it, but doesn't eat it right away. This easygoing, harmonious atmosphere, the strange creatures seen throughout the city… all of it is incredibly alien to Rita. Her foreign clothes and tense demeanor make her stand out as she stands around on the sidewalk, squinting suspiciously at the sweet-smelling food as if trying to determine whether it's safe to eat or not.]

Just what the heck's with this place, anyway...?

(melemele: hau'oli city beachfront / casual theft)

[While it wasn't easy for Rita to acclimate to her new surroundings, she's at least changed her appearance to something more Alola-appropriate. She now wears sandals, shorts, and a tank top, and her goggles have been temporarily replaced with a pair of sunglasses resting on her head.

She even made a new friend! A stray Litten seems to be warming up to her, and while she hasn't officially "caught" it, it's started following her around, and she rather likes its company. However, it's not exactly tame. The Litten does what it likes most of the time, and having found a human it's fond of, it now seems to want to show its affection to her in a very catlike way: with gifts.

If your character happens to be carrying something that isn't all that secure – a food item, accessory, trinket, maybe even their wallet – they may find it unexpectedly snatched by a stealthy cat Pokemon. Following the little thief will lead them straight to Rita, lying back in a reclining beach chair, reading a book. Oblivious to the crime, she doesn't even look up when the Litten deposits its prize on the sand in front of her.]

(ula'ula: abandoned thrifty megamart / spooky sightings)

[Rita approaches the creepy-looking abandoned Megamart, holding a borrowed Poke Finder and scowling as if the building itself offended her somehow. The Electric Challenge went easily enough for her, and if she wants to complete the Island Trial, she just has to get past this… nonsense. Easy, right?

Still… a "Ghost Challenge"? How is Rita supposed to take pictures of ghosts when obviously they don't exist? When she steps inside, she half-expects to find some kind of stupid trick waiting for her. It doesn't take long for her assumptions to be proven wrong. The rattle of a shopping cart draws her attention, and a mere moment later, a Haunter materializes and appears to lunge at her. It may be doing so out of mischief more than malice, but its intentions couldn't be farther from Rita's mind right now. All she knows is she doesn't know what it is, it came out of nowhere, and it's coming her way.

From outside the Megamart, a bloodcurdling scream can be heard, followed by an explosion. Should anyone come to investigate, they may find a terrified Rita conjuring and flinging fireballs at the offending Pokemon, while her Litten lazes about unhelpfully on a nearby counter.]

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