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Papyrus | ota | action/prose both fine

Trial Challenge, Take 1
► [Akala Island, Wela Volcano Park, sometime D73-75]

[A firey mountain... Snowy mountains were one thing, and lava-filled chasms with all kinds of terrible transportation were another, but this was strange and intriguing enough to draw Papyrus to exploration.

It had an excellent hike up the mountain, with even the occasional monster interested in a fight! A trial at the top, testing skills of observation, even better! But apparently the trials are for trainer and pokemon, not a lone disguised monster summoning his own bones.]

Wait... don't you have any pokemon with you? How did you make it up... [The trial captain frowns and vigorously shakes his head.] That won't do! The trial is only for a team, trainer and pokemon. We cannot perform our most spectacular dance for you alone.


Sandcastles are friends! Probably.
► [Akala Island, Hano Beach and Grand Resort, sometime D75-77]

[Another world full of oceans and sand, another chance to grace lives with the sight of sand Papyrus. With a little asking around, he learns the best beach on Akala Island is Hano Beach, accessible only through the most expensive resort. The resort is an opulent place, and Papyrus moves through it to reach the beach quickly. It's not nearly the sprawling and addictive maze that the celebration was, but... Still. Building sand skeletons is more appealing. Problem is...]

Hey, is that some Team Skull thing you're making there?

[The people here don't like skeletons! There's some rough, criminal group besmirching the good name of skeletons everywhere. Tempting as it is to offer the example of a good, admirable skeleton, there are other things he can make. Things like sand castles! They're very popular on this beach, some of them seeming to pop up around him the longer he sits here sculpting.

In fact, it turns out... some of them are even alive. The scouts mentioned 'animals' but it seems like pokemon really are a different kind of monster, made of all kinds of strange materials. He cheerfully greets the next sandgast that passes him, and invites it to enjoy his growing model of New Home. It... sure is interested in offering him its shovel, despite seeing that he's using the ammolite.]

Seasickness is no excuse for missing school!
► [Melemele Island, Trainer School, sometime D78-D83]

[As much as there is in just Akala, there are other islands in this world, and all sorts of ways to get to them. With how familiar he is with the Riverperson's offered rides, Papyrus opts for traveling by boat.

Traveling on the ocean is terrible. The choppy waves, bouncing them up and down. The motor, constantly running, keeping them moving forward.

Eventually they reach land, and he ever so briefly considers never leaving. But that wouldn't work for many reasons, least of which is that he does still have a job to do! Multiple jobs. One of which is learning enough about how friendship and fighting with these pokemon work. And where best to learn that than going to school?

The people at the school don't seem interested in sudden enrollment, though. They're much more keen to give him a visitor's pass, letting to walk around and learn the basics.]

Trial Challenge, Take 2
► [Akala Island, Wela Volcano Park, sometime D84-87]

[In his visits through the last several days, a few pokemon have gathered around Papyrus, connecting through curiosity and friendship.

The Cubone who'd followed him down the mountain the first time, fascinated and pushy about wanting to see more bones... The Sandygast that did just wanted to enjoy making sand sculptures, changing its designs a little to imitate his New Home design, and growing really excited about how the ammolite could change the color of sand... The Cutiefly that's been insisting on perching on his crystal crown, a nearly weightless friend that tickles without itching...

They've been enough for him to learn about being a trainer, shouting encouraging instructions to them in playfights with other pokemon. And now, they're surely enough to try that trial a second time!]

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