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Jamie, OTA

A: I wanna be the very best (Day 73 - closed to Yamato)
Hello, newcomer to trailer #28. If you assume that the dwelling is unoccupied, well, that's understandable, given that the half that's actually lived in is so meticulously kept up and devoid of personal effects that it's indistinguishable from the other half. There also...doesn't appear to be anyone here?

Probably because the door is open and letting in horrible, wholesome sunshine, so Jamie is pressed into whatever corner he can find that isn't exposed to the light. "Hey, could you maybe shut the door? Please?"

Vampires, man. Have fun with your new roommate, Yamato.

B: Like no one ever was (Melemele Island, Day 73 - night)
Anyone strolling by the vicinity of Verdant Cavern on this fine evening might find Jamie being followed by an eyeless blue bat that squeaks and chirps at him constantly, ignoring his attempts to wave it off. Jamie is becoming increasingly flustered.

"What does it even want?!" he demands of the nearest person, gesturing at it with a longsuffering look.

C: To catch them is my real test (Days 74-79)
Going out during the day in his current state means covering up pretty much head to toe, which explains why Jamie can typically be seen wearing long pants, a hat, gloves, and a coat or sweatshirt as he prowls the city, still trying to keep to the shadows. It's not as though he can get overheated and die of heatstroke, after all, and at worst the residents of the area give him curious looks for his choice of attire. Nighttime is a little better, as he can forego the extra layers and stroll around wherever he pleases, dressed almost like a normal person.

Transports to the other islands in the archipelago run, accommodatingly, day and night. They're finite in number just like any other resource, though, and other travelers might find themselves approached Jamie and his Zubat, eyeing up that last private boat.

"Where're you headed? I'll split the fare with you."

D: To train them is my cause (Day 80-87)
Performance week starts off fairly dramatically as one of the midway rides breaks down with a gout of ugly black smoke and a shower of sparks. Thankfully no one is hurt, but it's a big mess that needs fixing, so a good chunk of the week finds Jamie meticulously poring over the guts of the machine, which are spread out over part of the back lot for a thorough inspection.

The components are amazing, from an engineering standpoint, wrought of metals he's never seen before and assembled in ways he never would have imagined. It had all fascinated him when he first arrived here, even delighted him, but now it's just...it's whatever. A thing he has to do for one more day of a term of service he might not even live to see the end of. He's grown pretty fatalistic in the past week or so.

But there's nothing to be done for it other than keep his head down and do his job. Jamie's Zubat is with him more often than not, burrowed into the hood of his sweatshirt during the day and flitting about catching bugs by night, screeching inquisitively at anyone who wanders by. Jamie's a little less friendly.

"Watch your step," he sighs, looking up from the schematics spread out in front of him - and this might be aided by a subtle mental nudge imploring the target to halt before they scatter the machine components underfoot. "I've got those pieces lined up that way for a reason."

E: Wildcard!

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