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Sherlock Holmes | OTA

[Akala Island]

Normally, he'd find a tropical resort place sort of boring. He wasn't necessarily one for unnecessary vacationing. But after what had happened at the Celebration, even Sherlock Holmes could use a break. The sun and sand was doing wonders for his healing injuries, as well as being the absolutely perfect climate for a reptilian man. Being under a glamour was quite admittedly, a big relief, but it was slightly disappointing it had no effect on how he saw himself.

So he spent his time half-exploring, half lying shirtless on a beach with bowls of shave ice piling up behind him, letting the sun warm him and sorting through his mind palace, without a care in the world.

That was, until, something knocked over his impressive pile of paper bowls, the sound of licking catching his attention.

A blue eye shot open, until he lazily rolled over and saw a small, brown animal desperately licking the leftover condensed milk and melted flavored ice in one of the spilled bowls. Oh yes. One of the 'Pokémon,' animals indigenous to this world. Sherlock wasn't all that particularly interested in them, this whole world seemed obsessed about their creatures, but this little fellow looked like a puppy.

Sherlock had an extremely soft spot for dogs, Pokémon or not.

"Hello," he offered a hand. Wondering if the animal could smell his scent and would be frightened off.

Nope. The curious creature came over and sniffed, and promptly began sniffing over his nearby bag. A laugh.

"You're hungry." The detective unwrapped a spam musubi he'd been saving for later and removed the meat, and handed it to the little guy.

He must have been starving, because he scarfed it up in an instant. Sherlock laughed and produced another spam musubi, which was consumed in the same manner.

"Right, well, I don't have any more..."

The dog-creature looked at him with big blue eyes.

Ah, this wasn't fair. Not at all.

"Come on," the detective sighed, getting his things. "We're going to get you a bigger meal."

--and that was that.

Even hours later, as night fell and Sherlock, tried as he might, could not shake the little guy.

"You have to go home, you can't follow me,"
Sherlock said fondly, crouching down to pet him one more time before he left the beach shops. The pup rubbed against his legs, the weird rocks that circled its neck clicking against his scales. "Seriously, I can't take you with me. It's dangerous, where I live..." his voice softened. "I don't want you to get hurt."

Even if Redbeard wasn't a dog, he still carried that scar. Courtesy of childhood trauma.

"Ruff!" barked the little pup. He shook his head, refusing to leave.

The intelligence in these animals was impressive, Sherlock admitted.

But his heart couldn't take getting attached to this animal.

"Go on! Get out of here!" He tried to growl, stomping sand around, but his voice got caught in his throat as the puppy Pokémon shook his head again and stepped forward, rubbing up on his leg and placing his paws on them.


"I can't..." Sherlock bent down, and with a quick look to see no one was watching, hugged the puppy tightly. He licked his face. By now there was no way that the dog-like Pokémon didn't know that he wasn't a human, and yet he loved him anyway?

Yeah. Sherlock's willpower had faded to a 0. The little Rockruff was there to stay.

[Melemele Island]

After hanging out with his new friend for a couple days, he figured out how to use a pokeball on his little Rockruff--silly name, but it was endearing. Sherlock decided on the name Toby, not unlike the Bloodhound he'd so adored back in London. He'd ended up at a bookstore at the Hau'oli shopping district and desperately bought as many wonderful books as he could afford, hauling them back to the Carnival and to his trailer (which took several trips because there was a really good sale, okay?) Toby was not at all bothered by Sherlock's true appearance, which only served to endear him to the detective even more.

Begrudgingly he'd sat down at a cafe in the bookstore and learned all about the creatures in this world and how 'battling' was done, and since he really had not much else better to do, obtained several pokeballs and went out to go catch some and see what these 'battles' were all about. Initially he was appalled at the idea of his precious Toby getting hurt, but the little fellow seemed to quite enjoy the bouts. Sherlock was a boxer and a fencer in school and knew the excitement of such fights.

In short, after many battles, Sherlock Holmes made several children cry with his taunting and arrogance and found himself owning entirely too many ratattas. Which to his horror, the scent of which made him hungry.

[Melemele Trial]

Sherlock wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. So when he heard about the island trial, he scooped up Toby, gathered up his pokeballs and went off in search for it.

The ferret-things...were odd, and Toby and the fleet of ratattas only just barely won. Apparently he'd have to train more if he wanted to get any more advanced trials, but he hugged his little dog close, the poor thing was exhausted and would have to go to a center.

"You did such a good job," Sherlock patted him on the head. "You're a good boy."

[Patrol at the Carnival]

A couple members of Team Skull were causing trouble at the beginning of the performance week, and Sherlock found them trying to push around some patrons.

"Toby, let's have a little fun, shall we?"


He checked to make sure he had his other pokeballs on his belt before challenging them to a battle. By now Toby was stronger, faster, and had learned more moves. This would be no trouble at all.

[Performance Week]

"H...hey! I'm not a Pokémon!" Sherlock bellowed, as someone threw a pokeball at his head.

This was the third one today, and it was still early.

"Oh my gosh, he can talk!"


Sherlock shot his chameleon-like forked tongue several feet into the air and grabbed the next pokeball that was shot at him.

"I'm keeping that!"

"We...we don't want it back...."


Sherlock pretty much made a circuit of everything there is to see, everywhere on all the islands. When he's not exploring he can be found sunning himself on a beach or jungle area with a Rockruff curled up on his stomach.

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