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Jonathan Strange | open!

sometime in days 77-80, thrifty megamart
[ The idea was to hang out in the abandoned building so that he didn't really have to deal with certain Pokemon (Exeggutor) and certain people (Childermass). Strange wasn't hiding, per se, he just didn't want to have to explain the rationale behind the accidental snow day over and over again (this is a lie, he is totally hiding). However...this wasn't really working out so much. Apparently everybody's coming to take pictures of the ghosts for some Island Trial or something? Which really, is a bit annoying.

Considering his reluctance to deal with certain Pokemon, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Strange has been getting along wonderfully with all the various ghost Pokemon. They've pretty much accepted the magician with his weirdo magic powers as just a friggen bizarre Pokemon of some sort. The problem here is that ghost Pokemon are massive assholes and Strange is just having a little bit too much fun being a massive asshole himself. It makes the ghost Pokemon happy which makes him happy which gets his mind off of the fifty different things he's dwelling on.

So sorry whoever's just trying to finish this Island Trial, you get to deal with Strange being a douchebag. To the delight of his new ghost friends, Strange has been adding onto the creepy atmosphere with all sorts of cliche horror movie nonsense that includes some of the following: odd creaking noises, spontaneously generated atmospheric mist, creepy laughter that seems like it's coming from nowhere, creepy whispers that seem like they're coming from nowhere, boxes falling over despite nobody touching them, a drop in temperature, a spooky breeze, that feeling that you're being watched, and so on and so forth. It's all just Strange using his magic to be a bit of a dick, much to the delight of all the ghost Pokemon who are also taking the opportunity to be a dick.

The problem here is that Strange hasn't realized A: his voice is still recognizable despite creepy laughing and whispers, B: if someone puts in effort to find him, he can be found fairly easily (he's not the world's best hider), and C: that he's probably gonna get punched in the nose for all this nonsense.

day 81, the big top
[ He's back at the Carnival now, having swapped from hanging out with the ghosts to actually practicing for his magician act. For some reason, Strange is still having trouble with birds. Sure, if he concentrates hard on that feathers to magical birds spell then he's able to turn the feather into a beautiful swan or a dashing peacock. But if he tries to make a flock of birds out of feathers, they still default into chickens.

Not even ravens or anything like that, if he summoned a flock of ravens then that could at least be thematically appropriate. But chickens? Chickens are just degrading. And of course, it's at the time when Strange is turning the chickens back into feathers that a couple of enthusiastic trainers stumble into the big top and start asking so many questions. Do chickens actually exist in Pokemon world, hell if I know, but these trainers certainly don't know what one is.

It's not a Pokemon, it's a chicken, [ Strange can't help but grumble to whatever poor Alolan trainer is trying to use their Pokedex on the chicken and coming up with nothing, partly because of the magic thing but again, because it's a chicken. Ignore the fact that Strange is a bit embarrassed about the created-from-magic chicken that's just pecking at a rock as if it expects the rock to be food. ] You can't fight with them, they're just chickens. They--I don't know what type it is, it's a chicken!

[ This is going nowhere fast. He shoots a slight frown over at another employee who's hanging around the big top. Help him out here? ]

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