fortuneglass: (:D)
Carly Nagisa ([personal profile] fortuneglass) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-03-30 03:20 pm (UTC)



[What's that in the air? A BIRD? A CHARIZARD? A PLA-

No it's actually a bird, and it looks like a weird one even next to those here. Possibly because, once it's sure only Papyrus is looking, it turns back into Carly...complete with proper Alola garb and a pokeball at her side.
] Whoo~ That really is the only way to travel, after driving! [she cheers, throwing her ball down. Out comes her own spoiled-to-no-end cubone, the creature giving a yawn and a stretch. Recognizing her spa-mate from the Celebration, Carly now gives a wave...seeing how she has the arms to do so.] Papyrus~

How are you~?

[She's a scout so she has no questions about this place. SHE'S SEEN IT ALL...]

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