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When: Day 73 - Day 87
Where: The islands of Alola.
What: The Carnival arrives at its next touring location, a series of tropical islands inhabited by a species of animal called Pokemon and their trainers!
Warnings: Pokemon is pretty PG-rated.


Alola is broken up into four different islands, with a number of unique points of interest. Boats can easily be rented in order to get between the islands, or you can just pay for the fair of a scheduled trip. If you can prove you have the skills for it, you can also call on a "Ride Pokemon" - that is, either a Charizard or a Lapras that will fly or swim you between locations.

► POPULATION: Though the islands appear very small as an abstraction in the actual games, that doesn't hold over into the actual reality of it. When interacting with the different locations, imagine that they are about as big and spread out as they would be in real life. It's about on the same scale as Hawaii is on earth. Ignore any wikis that say the population of each island is like 200 people, because that's just adding up all the scripted NPCs, and there are realistically more than six houses per town.

► AMENITIES: Even if they aren't overtly listed on island maps, it can be assumed that all towns and cities will have basic amenities - that is, places to eat, place to go to the washroom, places to buy souvenirs, and the other things one would expect in a tourist heavy area. You can also buy malasadas pretty much anywhere.

► POKECENTERS: You'll be able to find a Pokecenter in pretty much every town - a Pokecenter is a public building in which Pokemon Trainers can rest and get their Pokemon healed. Think of it like free international Pokemon healthcare. You can also buy Pokeballs here, as well as potions and other healing items for later use.

► AETHER FOUNDATION: A peace keeping organization that shelters Pokemon from harm and abuse. If you kill/maim any Pokemon or otherwise act violently in public, they will come to try to take you down with their Pokemon. They also are the main force working against Team Skull.


► TRAINER SCHOOL: A full fledged for young, aspiring Pokemon Trainers! Students go here to learn about Pokemon care and battling before setting out on their own journeys. It would be sort of weird for an adult to show up here, like it would for an adult to try to attend an elementary school, but you can probably learn some of the basics just from touring the facility.

► HAU'OLI SHOPPING DISTRICT: The biggest shopping district on Melemele, you can do a lot here, from eating out to getting your hair dyed. A lot of shops are, unsurprisingly, completely Pokemon focused - but there are some that aren't, too. There are also some very nice beach fronts nearby.

► BERRY FIELDS: Berries come in a lot of different types and have different effects when used. Mostly, Pokemon love to eat them, regardless of what type they are. This is a big field of them, most of which are free to take if you catch them when ripe.

► TEN CARAT HILL: The secluded interior of a small mountain, filled with some rare types of rock Pokemon. You have to be able to bypass the left overs of some recent rockslides to get in.

► TRIAL SITE: There is only one trial on this islands, which is the Normal type trial. All you have to do is fight a bunch of Pokemon ferrets, and then fight an even bigger Pokemon ferret that thirsts for your blood. It's not so bad.


► TIDE SONG HOTEL: A big ass hotel near the port - if you want to stay on Alola overnight, this is a pretty good place to go. It isn't too expensive, and is also rather nice.

► DIMENSIONAL RESEARCH LAB: Alola, on occasion, has been the site of various dimensional breaks (haha) in which extraplanar creatures called Ultra Beasts have crossed over. There isn't much information about these beasts, but they are something that are being actively studied. Characters who are nerds might find some of this information interesting.

► HANO GRAND RESORT: The inevitably big, fancy resort that tends to take route in touristy places like this. If you actually pay to spend some time there, you can enjoy all the things you'd expect to find in a fancy resort, except with way more Pokemon. There is also a fancy, secluded beach for resort goers only.

► BATTLE ROYALE DOME: A battle area in which 4 trainers fight each other all at once, with teams of there Pokemon. The trainers here are mostly quite expert, and you need a team of three Pokemon to play, so player characters probably won't be able to participate. However, you can still come to watch, if you like seeing a bunch of colourful monsters slapping each other around.

► PANIOLA RANCH: A large ranch that keeps a lot of Pokemon that resemble earth farm animals. You can leave Pokemon here to stay for a while if you need a break from the strains of trainer life. Quite often, however, your Pokemon will end up getting knocked up and leave you with another egg to care for.

► TRIAL SITES: Brooklet Hill is a lake filled area that contains the Water Trial. You have to fight a bunch of schooling Wishiwashi, and then an even bigger schooling Wishiwashi to win. Wela Volcano Park contains the Fire Trial, where you must climb to the top of the dormant volcano, and spot the difference between a series of ceremonial island dances. Then you gotta fight a team of Marrowaks and a giant Salazzle. The Lush Jungle contains the Grass challenge, in which you have to find a series of rare organic ingredients in order to brew something that will lure out a giant Lurantis.


► MALIE GARDEN: A nice big garden to hang out in and chill. Also, there are Pokemon there... and also, Pokemon battles? There's really no end to it.

► MOUNT HOKULANI OBSERVATORY: Up at the top of the local mountain, you can go see a space observatory. Like most things in Alola, it's like a regular observatory, except with more Pokemon, since some Pokemon just straight up come from space. You can take a bus up here, but you can also hike if you want.

► HAINA DESERT: A shitty desert in the middle of the island. Mostly only good for if you want the kinds of Pokemon that live in shitty deserts.

► ABANDONED THRIFTY MEGAMART: A Megamart, but haunted. Extremely haunted, filled with the kind of ghost Pokemon that would actually kill you. You have to take a bunch of pictures of ghosts on your way through here if you want to beat the Ghost Trial.

► PO TOWN: The ramshackle remains of the town that Team Skull have taken over. It's completely walled off from the rest of the world, and is pretty terrible. No point in going in there unless you're fighting crime, in which case you can expect to get challenged to Pokemon battles by a lot of Team Skull knuckleheads.

► LAKE OF THE MOON: A huge, round temple thing in the middle of nowhere. It's used to praise a legendary Pokemon that existed years ago, but there presently doesn't seem to be anything around except cool architecture.

► TRIAL SITES: The Observatory contains the Electric Challenge, during which you have to fend off various kinds of electric grubs, before eventually taking on a giant Vikavolt. The Abandoned Megamart must first be cleared before challenging the Ghost Trial officially, at which point you will have to defeat a powerful Mimikyu.


► SEAFOLK VILLAGE: A village made of nothing but houseboats and other water fairing homes. It's the only major town on Poni Island.

► ANCIENT RUINS: Most of Poni Island has been reduced to ruins, over time. Not many people live here, relative to the other islands, but there are a lot of abandoned buildings from when they apparently used to.

► VAST PONI CANYONS: Most of the island is comprised of canyons, caves, and valleys filled with particularly strong Pokemon, and also a lot of fight-hungry Pokemon trainers. Most of them will want to fight you as soon as they see you, since they are there mostly to train, but they will back down if you tell them you're not a trainer. Though, at that point they will strongly urge you to go home, because it's too danger for anything other than the strongest trainers.

► ALTAR OF THE SUN: A matching altar to the one found on Ula'ula, except this time dedicated to a legendary Pokemon of the sun. If you play some magic flutes here at the right time then apparently a giant lion might show up, but there's no way to be sure.

► TRIAL SITES: The only Trial here is the Grand Trial, which is a fight against the leader's ground type Pokemon. You may also get lucky and have the Fairy Trial's kahuna deign to fight you, with her fairy types, if she randomly wanders into your path. Both of them are very strong, and are not advised to challenge for new trainers.
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Greg Universe | open

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A. Melemele (Day 73-74)

The weather is warm and pleasant, the view of the sea is lovely from this high up, the smell of fresh ripe berries and blooming tropical flowers fills the air. All this comes in stark contrast to the Yungoos's claws prodding a little too eagerly at Greg's shins.

"Ow, owow, hey, you already got some, don't get greedy, all right? Woaaah, gimme some space, bud." He waves off a Cutiefly trying to sneak its way closer by perching on his shoulder, while an impatient Chikorita rears on its back legs to try nipping at the bottom of the bag in Greg's hands. "Come on, guys, wait your turn, there's plenty if you just--no!"

Greg hadn't planned on gaining this little entourage of Pokemon around him--he hadn't even bought any Pokeballs in town. All he'd wanted was to enjoy the nice view and chow down on all these malasadas he'd splurged on, and what's the harm in sharing a bit with curious Pokemon who came close? (The harm is he's going to get bowled over at this rate if someone doesn't come and help, is what.)

B. Akala (Day 76)

He stares over the list he's been handed. "Mushrooms, berries, seeds... we're just... foraging?" He'd heard these trials were supposed to be pretty tough, but this didn't sound so bad at all. Sure, the thick jungle foliage has turned the day to darkness, and already the humidity has soaked through his clothes, but being around all this plantlife makes Greg feel... nice. Energized. Hidden under his glamour, the flowers growing in his hair are blooming in the perfect environment.

Greg's nostrils flare, and the smells of the Lush Jungle feel sharper. "Yeah... yeah. We can do this. It'll be fun."

C. Carnival Grounds (closed)

Greg really hadn't planned on making a habit out of it--warning people away from carnival activities. It started with only purest intentions, truly. He catches a frustrated kid in a skull outfit on the verge of making a little property damage, he cuts in and points them to the hammer game to blow off steam. A giggling couple would ask which way to the dunk tank, and he'd point them instead towards games a little less rigged.

Before long, Greg realizes he's overemphasizing the importance of ticket management to any patron he speaks with. He points out which games they can afford, and reminds them to always double-check the cost. He's not sure when that habit started, but he sure knows the source. It's only right, isn't it? Things have progressed past him getting bitter over his employment. People have gotten hurt, nearly killed. Warning people away from working here is the least he can do. Heck, better to avoid bringing up the carnival at all to anyone he meets out on the islands.

After that, Greg gets a little more active in his helpfulness. He keeps an eye out for anyone who looks unsure where to go next, and starts the conversation himself. He starts keeping an extra roll of tickets on him to let people do quick exchanges when running low. Before the performance week is through, he's started butting in on any conversation veering towards payment or I.O.U.s, commenting a little too loudly on the killer interest rates around here. The pointed stares from interrupted workers is blithely and pleasantly ignored. Don't mind him. He's just fixing the lights.
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C is for Carnival Grounds

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Maybe it won't be a surprise, then, when he gets a call from the Ringmaster on his radio towards the end of the performance week, asking for him to meet her in her office. The words are somewhat terse, and not very lenient in terms of schedule. This is something that isn't optional.

When he comes, she'll be waiting at the desk in her tent. She remembers that the last time he came in here, it was because he wanted to be friendly towards her. Apparently he didn't mean it after all!

Though only time will tell.

"Sit," she'll say once he enters, and leave it at that for now. She wonders if he knows why he's here.
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Greg sits as told, without protest. He's already sweating--from the hot Alolan sun, probably. As far as anyone else knows.

It doesn't take too much to guess at why he might get called in. He hasn't forgotten Psiionic's warnings early in his employment here, and it's not as though the Ringmaster has had many other reasons to call on Greg before. He seriously doubts there's another local king he has to make nice with, anyway.

"What's up, boss?"
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"I've noticed your behaviour this week," she says. Is she being ambiguous on purpose? It's not clear. "But before I go on..."

She presses her palms together, and then points them at him.

"Do you know why you're here?"
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Greg swallows, and looks down at his lap. He keeps his eyes on his tightly folded hands, and opens his mouth to answer--

He catches himself, and stops. With a frown, he raises his head. His heart's going a mile a minute, but he meets the Ringmaster's gaze.

"I think so. But I think you should explain it to me, if you could."
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Interesting look, there. She feels like he's trying to get at something with the way he's saying that, and so she purposefully straightens her back as she gives him a direct answer.

"You've been doing your best to prevent the natural cause and effect of other people's carelessness. I comprehend your reasons for doing so, but you must be aware that kind of thing is against the rules of the carnival."
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If Greg were a clever man, he could try and claim otherwise. She'd been awfully cheeky and roundabout on the subject when they'd spoken about it, and if he were smarter he could work his way around a loophole that says he's done nothing wrong.

But Greg knows he's not a clever man, and can't beat her at that game. Trying would only undermine his effort. And, in the end, he hasn't done anything wrong, rule or no.

"Yeah. That got mentioned at some point." He sits up in his chair a little. "I--" His voice cracks, and he clears his throat. "I just think... with how things are, that rule is in... in pretty poor form."

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Steven is looking similarly perky as they pass through the trees, his dad looking over the list of what he needs. His mossy fur feels all the more vibrant and plush with the humidity of the jungle, and an extra rose or two is already starting to bloom in his hair. There is some tension in the air of the forest, but the flora feels well nourished, at the very least.

He follows after Greg, looking around in amazement. He doesn't have any Pokemon to his name at this point, so he's just going through to stick with his dad. The refs didn't seem to have too much of a problem with that, anyway.

"Yeah!" Steven agrees. He knows he's gotta leave this to Greg mostly, but that doesn't mean he can't be supportive. "You guys can hunt, and I'll keep a look out!"
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Ahead of them, a little high-pitched call cuts through the grass. The Chikorita who's buddied up with Greg is brimming with even more energy than the two of them, the atmosphere pushing it to rush ahead.

"Slow down, little man, we gotta stick together!" Greg's not entirely sure what to make of the Pokemon yet, but... well, he wouldn't have signed up for this whole trial business if he weren't fond enough to keep him around. "Wouldn't want to get lost in a place like this."

A leaf twists in the grass--after a second, Greg realizes it's the one atop Chikorita's head--and he hears a squeaky little growl of impatience. "I think if he had his way, he'd do the whole thing himself."
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Steven puts his hands to his cheeks, watching after Chikorita as he runs away. Greg got so lucky, finding that guy.

"Oh man, he's so cute," Steven coos. Then, the practicality of the situation occurs to him. "Though... There's usually more Pokemon hiding in grass like that, so he might be trying to fight someone now. We should catch up!"

He takes Greg's hand and tugs him forward, in a somewhat more gentle version of Chikorita's own impatience.

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"All right, all right!" Greg laughs as they delve into the thick grass. Chikorita's gone on alert, the tiny little creature running in a tight circle around them as they approach. Nearby, leaves rustle and shift--too rough to be wind, and too many to just be one Pokemon. They're being watched.

"Uhh. Good thing we got you watching our backs, huh little man?"

Chikorita squeaks, still pacing around them. He'd be crouching low to the ground if his legs weren't so short already. Greg peers up, into overhead branches.

"Oh! I think I see some berries up there. Shtooball, think you can reach it from my shoulders? Or... jumping, I guess?"
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"Um... I think so. Lemme see!" Steven pokes out his tongue out in concentration, shuffling in the grass as the readies himself to jump. After preparing himself for a few moments, he goes for the leap-

-and successfully catches himself in the air, floating next to the berry laden branches of the tree. He grins down at his dad, obviously pleased with the chance to show off in a relevant situation.

"Got it!" he beams, and plucks a few berries - just in time for the branches next to where he's floating to start rustling in agitation. "Oh um..." he pulls back his hand. "I'm sorry... are these... one of yours...?"

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"Wow, you are just Disney-princessing it up here." Ash gave the Chikorita a gentle shove as she strolled on up, like one would a big dog who was way too eager. "You sure you aren't breaking into any musical numbers? Because I'll break you if you infringe on my gig."

She winked at him -- only kidding, promise!
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"Not if that'll draw any more of 'em in." He sighs, exasperated. The Chikorita only gives Ash an offended squeak before jumping on Greg again, insistent and cooing. "They make it look so easy in the movies..."

He holds the bag out to Ash, and the whole herd of animals watch the motion intensely. "You can have one, if you want, but I can't promise they won't move on to you."
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"I warn you guys!" Ash swept a finger around the assembled herd, pointing out each one of them with a flash in her eyes and a flick of her tail. "If you all swarm me, I WILL start a musical number, and it will be thrash metal, and you will scrape your vocal cords raw trying to tweet and squawk along, and you will all end up with neck pain from headbanging, and if that doesn't make y'all behave there WILL be a mosh pit!"

Trying her very best not to giggle madly at her own wit, Ash took the bag from Greg.
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He chuckles himself. "She's not kidding, folks. I've seen professionals retire from headbanging sprains!"

The Pokemon may not fully understand the implications, but they are a lot less intent on rushing her. Rattata and Yungoos pace warily around her, keeping a very close eye for crumbs. The Chikorita in particular chitters in irritation as he looks between the two of them. How dare she take the food! That's THEIRS!
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"And I once saw a guy get hit so hard in a mosh pit his shoes flew on-stage," Ash said with a grin as she apportioned out food, then squatted down to hold out a hand. "One at a time, you guys."

As the Chikorita, which was closest, came first, she glanced over it at Greg. "You gonna...?" She made a little tossing motion with the hand that held the bag.

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"You're gonna get eaten alive!" Scout's laughing. She curls her long furry tail around herself, using it to press her Togepi between it and her stomach so she can free her hands to prop on her hips. Her tail's not prehensile but it's strong and flexible enough to do this for a little while. "Want me to scare them off, or..."
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"I don't mind them so much in general..." Despite the glamor, a couple Cutiefly have perched happily onto Greg's antlers. He's not entirely sure how many of the Pokemon can see through the magic, but it must look terribly odd to any passersby who can't. "Could do without the claws, tough. How'd you get your guy so mellow?"
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"Well, I'm the..." 'Owner' is Scout's first thought, she swaps it hastily, "Trainer. A lot of these creatures get more biddable when that relationship is there, and when they're not, you can put them in storage. Plus, she's full right now." The Togepi closes its eyes and chirps.

"Did you bring any dried food? If they're just hungry that can help." Producing a bag of multi-species kibble, Scout opens it and holds it out. It doesn't look like much to human eyes, and it has a vaguely meaty-fruity smell that's not entirely appetizing, but everything she's had much to do with it enjoys it.
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"Oh! Uhh, lemme see if I've got anything good in here..."

Greg rummages theough his fanny pack in search of poke-appropriate snacks. Already, a few of the amassed crowd have perked up at the scent of Scout's bag, noses twitching.

"I was at that cafe-center place earlier. The guy gave me a real deal on these beans with my coffee. Oh, did you try any of their pastries? Apparently they got specialties from all over this world."

Greg pulls out a little bag of brightly colored beans, and offers a wrapped galette to Scout. The crowd seems equally excited by all of the treats going around.
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[personal profile] stillwinningthehardway 2017-04-15 04:31 am (UTC)(link)
"Here, guys. How about this?" Lowering the bag Scout pours out a line of pattern-pressed discs no bigger than coins, brown with flecks of red and yellow embedded in them. Cutieflies aren't really interested, but it's a good offering for the mammal-like creatures to crunch up, or birds to peck apart. "Go on, I've got to get rid of it anyway. The baby will only eat this if I soak it in water. Spoiled brat." She jiggles it affectionately.

"Aww, thanks!" She accepts the galette. "This seems like a fun planet. Then again, these islands are a tourist destination. I'm sure there are ugly places, too."

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"You're going for this one, too, huh?"

Ginko has an ingredient list in his hand, too - and a Spewpa rustling back and forth impatiently by his feet. He gives Greg a quick smile, his attention somewhat divided between him, looking over the list, and keeping an eye on the little bug Pokemon. "I'm pretty glad they've got something like this; Tanyuu and I weren't sure how we would've fared in some of these trials."
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Greg welcomes Ginko with a grin. "I was in the same boat myself. A lot of these seem geared in a pretty particular direction, but everyone can enjoy a little scavenger hunt, right?" The dim light and ominous rustling of leaves promise something a little more complicated, but Greg is pretty enthusiastic for the time being.

By contrast, Chikorita makes a show of putting himself between Greg and Ginko. He presses himself up close to Greg's shins and eyes the Spewpa, sniffing warily at the bug. He doesn't like bugs, no sir, but he won't hesitate if he needs to!
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"Yep. This jungle is incredible, too; there's all kinds of plants here I haven't seen before." Ginko, that's true practically everywhere you go with the carnival. "Finding this stuff should be a fun challenge."

It takes the Spewpa a moment to notice Chikorita moving; when she does, at least she doesn't seem to keen on fighting. Instead, she shakes herself, puffing up a little, then inches a little closer, peering curiously at him.