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When: Day 73 - Day 87
Where: The islands of Alola.
What: The Carnival arrives at its next touring location, a series of tropical islands inhabited by a species of animal called Pokemon and their trainers!
Warnings: Pokemon is pretty PG-rated.


Alola is broken up into four different islands, with a number of unique points of interest. Boats can easily be rented in order to get between the islands, or you can just pay for the fair of a scheduled trip. If you can prove you have the skills for it, you can also call on a "Ride Pokemon" - that is, either a Charizard or a Lapras that will fly or swim you between locations.

► POPULATION: Though the islands appear very small as an abstraction in the actual games, that doesn't hold over into the actual reality of it. When interacting with the different locations, imagine that they are about as big and spread out as they would be in real life. It's about on the same scale as Hawaii is on earth. Ignore any wikis that say the population of each island is like 200 people, because that's just adding up all the scripted NPCs, and there are realistically more than six houses per town.

► AMENITIES: Even if they aren't overtly listed on island maps, it can be assumed that all towns and cities will have basic amenities - that is, places to eat, place to go to the washroom, places to buy souvenirs, and the other things one would expect in a tourist heavy area. You can also buy malasadas pretty much anywhere.

► POKECENTERS: You'll be able to find a Pokecenter in pretty much every town - a Pokecenter is a public building in which Pokemon Trainers can rest and get their Pokemon healed. Think of it like free international Pokemon healthcare. You can also buy Pokeballs here, as well as potions and other healing items for later use.

► AETHER FOUNDATION: A peace keeping organization that shelters Pokemon from harm and abuse. If you kill/maim any Pokemon or otherwise act violently in public, they will come to try to take you down with their Pokemon. They also are the main force working against Team Skull.


► TRAINER SCHOOL: A full fledged for young, aspiring Pokemon Trainers! Students go here to learn about Pokemon care and battling before setting out on their own journeys. It would be sort of weird for an adult to show up here, like it would for an adult to try to attend an elementary school, but you can probably learn some of the basics just from touring the facility.

► HAU'OLI SHOPPING DISTRICT: The biggest shopping district on Melemele, you can do a lot here, from eating out to getting your hair dyed. A lot of shops are, unsurprisingly, completely Pokemon focused - but there are some that aren't, too. There are also some very nice beach fronts nearby.

► BERRY FIELDS: Berries come in a lot of different types and have different effects when used. Mostly, Pokemon love to eat them, regardless of what type they are. This is a big field of them, most of which are free to take if you catch them when ripe.

► TEN CARAT HILL: The secluded interior of a small mountain, filled with some rare types of rock Pokemon. You have to be able to bypass the left overs of some recent rockslides to get in.

► TRIAL SITE: There is only one trial on this islands, which is the Normal type trial. All you have to do is fight a bunch of Pokemon ferrets, and then fight an even bigger Pokemon ferret that thirsts for your blood. It's not so bad.


► TIDE SONG HOTEL: A big ass hotel near the port - if you want to stay on Alola overnight, this is a pretty good place to go. It isn't too expensive, and is also rather nice.

► DIMENSIONAL RESEARCH LAB: Alola, on occasion, has been the site of various dimensional breaks (haha) in which extraplanar creatures called Ultra Beasts have crossed over. There isn't much information about these beasts, but they are something that are being actively studied. Characters who are nerds might find some of this information interesting.

► HANO GRAND RESORT: The inevitably big, fancy resort that tends to take route in touristy places like this. If you actually pay to spend some time there, you can enjoy all the things you'd expect to find in a fancy resort, except with way more Pokemon. There is also a fancy, secluded beach for resort goers only.

► BATTLE ROYALE DOME: A battle area in which 4 trainers fight each other all at once, with teams of there Pokemon. The trainers here are mostly quite expert, and you need a team of three Pokemon to play, so player characters probably won't be able to participate. However, you can still come to watch, if you like seeing a bunch of colourful monsters slapping each other around.

► PANIOLA RANCH: A large ranch that keeps a lot of Pokemon that resemble earth farm animals. You can leave Pokemon here to stay for a while if you need a break from the strains of trainer life. Quite often, however, your Pokemon will end up getting knocked up and leave you with another egg to care for.

► TRIAL SITES: Brooklet Hill is a lake filled area that contains the Water Trial. You have to fight a bunch of schooling Wishiwashi, and then an even bigger schooling Wishiwashi to win. Wela Volcano Park contains the Fire Trial, where you must climb to the top of the dormant volcano, and spot the difference between a series of ceremonial island dances. Then you gotta fight a team of Marrowaks and a giant Salazzle. The Lush Jungle contains the Grass challenge, in which you have to find a series of rare organic ingredients in order to brew something that will lure out a giant Lurantis.


► MALIE GARDEN: A nice big garden to hang out in and chill. Also, there are Pokemon there... and also, Pokemon battles? There's really no end to it.

► MOUNT HOKULANI OBSERVATORY: Up at the top of the local mountain, you can go see a space observatory. Like most things in Alola, it's like a regular observatory, except with more Pokemon, since some Pokemon just straight up come from space. You can take a bus up here, but you can also hike if you want.

► HAINA DESERT: A shitty desert in the middle of the island. Mostly only good for if you want the kinds of Pokemon that live in shitty deserts.

► ABANDONED THRIFTY MEGAMART: A Megamart, but haunted. Extremely haunted, filled with the kind of ghost Pokemon that would actually kill you. You have to take a bunch of pictures of ghosts on your way through here if you want to beat the Ghost Trial.

► PO TOWN: The ramshackle remains of the town that Team Skull have taken over. It's completely walled off from the rest of the world, and is pretty terrible. No point in going in there unless you're fighting crime, in which case you can expect to get challenged to Pokemon battles by a lot of Team Skull knuckleheads.

► LAKE OF THE MOON: A huge, round temple thing in the middle of nowhere. It's used to praise a legendary Pokemon that existed years ago, but there presently doesn't seem to be anything around except cool architecture.

► TRIAL SITES: The Observatory contains the Electric Challenge, during which you have to fend off various kinds of electric grubs, before eventually taking on a giant Vikavolt. The Abandoned Megamart must first be cleared before challenging the Ghost Trial officially, at which point you will have to defeat a powerful Mimikyu.


► SEAFOLK VILLAGE: A village made of nothing but houseboats and other water fairing homes. It's the only major town on Poni Island.

► ANCIENT RUINS: Most of Poni Island has been reduced to ruins, over time. Not many people live here, relative to the other islands, but there are a lot of abandoned buildings from when they apparently used to.

► VAST PONI CANYONS: Most of the island is comprised of canyons, caves, and valleys filled with particularly strong Pokemon, and also a lot of fight-hungry Pokemon trainers. Most of them will want to fight you as soon as they see you, since they are there mostly to train, but they will back down if you tell them you're not a trainer. Though, at that point they will strongly urge you to go home, because it's too danger for anything other than the strongest trainers.

► ALTAR OF THE SUN: A matching altar to the one found on Ula'ula, except this time dedicated to a legendary Pokemon of the sun. If you play some magic flutes here at the right time then apparently a giant lion might show up, but there's no way to be sure.

► TRIAL SITES: The only Trial here is the Grand Trial, which is a fight against the leader's ground type Pokemon. You may also get lucky and have the Fairy Trial's kahuna deign to fight you, with her fairy types, if she randomly wanders into your path. Both of them are very strong, and are not advised to challenge for new trainers.
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[ 'Disappeared' and 'dead' are two very different things, but Papyrus is right: if there's anyone who wouldn't shy away from that fact being dropped into their conversation like a dead rat, it's Lambert. He doesn't have any platitudes to offer, but he does wonder why Papyrus bothered trying to word it differently in the first place, considering the information Papyrus has dropped on him, because really -- it's kind of a lot to respond to, for so little said.

Eventually, he decides to latch on the simplest impulse: bad humor. ]

Hope 'fixing' that doesn't include turning him into a vampire. [ He smirks, glancing over at the little Cubone hopping around so much. ] What's the idea -- go back and mess with time, keep it from ever happening? How'd he die in the first place?
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Ugh, no! That's awful. [Papyrus shudders at the idea of a vampire Asgore. It might actually work on him, he's... at least more than bones? Nobody ever properly explained how the vampire thing works.] No, uh...

[He taps his fingers together, struggling to decide how much of the story to recount. The thoughts make for a conflicted, pained expression... but at least he isn't as green. Cubone's listening in too, mostly distracted from the pin-the-tail mischief.]

So, I have this friend... who went through the underground, killing people. [He rushes to clarify, defensive of them:] In self-defense! Just about everybody was trying to kill them, and steal their soul.

...Except, it wasn't self-defense. Sans told me they kept... rewinding time? And killing different people. Including me! I can scarcely believe it.

[As this is the first time Papyrus has tried explaining things back home to anybody, it doesn't really occur to him to clarify some of the bigger details of it all. For instance, the king is dead? Monsters can steal souls? Time travel is simultaneously a potential solution and cause of the problem? Sorry Lambert. Going out to sea and talking about these things is jumping in the deep end.]

We have to get them to stop, after rewinding to before anybody is dead... I don't have a plan for that yet.
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[ Throughout Papyrus's stumbling explanation, Lambert is, surprisingly, quiet and attentive. Partly it's because he's curious, mostly because Papyrus's train of thought is just that difficult to follow that it requires him to actually listen if he wants to get anything useful out of him. Even to someone as essentially emotionally stunted as Lambert -- someone whose moments of kindness and compassion are more lucked into than deliberately engaged in -- it's not difficult to discern that the memory causes Papyrus some pain.

It's also not difficult to discern he doesn't really seem to understand it enough himself, at least not enough to explain it to someone else. ]

That what you meant, about your brother thinking you were dead? [ Bodies of water just seem to facilitate these types of conversation with them, apparently. It's also his only real stab at trying to clarify a point, because the rest of that is... ]

Sounds like a shitshow. [ There, that's his professional and well thought-out opinion as someone who's seen many a shitshow in his time. ] You said you heard it all from Sans -- does that mean you don't remember anything when time turns back? How come he can?
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[Papyrus nods at the question of his own death and the summary of things as a shitshow. He can't disagree, not with any of it. It's the kind of awful, uncoordinated, low-quality show that has no place in the Carnival, except, well..]

Sans talked to the Ringmaster. They made a deal to help him remember. I guess he thought he'd remember something useful! Instead, he remembers everybody dying. A lot. [She has phenomenal cosmic power, used in creating a traveling realm and helping people to the freedom of choosing new futures of their own free will. Alas, free will includes the freedom to really mess yourself up sometimes.]

Some things felt really familiar. Like, I thought I'd met the human before... But I don't remember.

[Papyrus stares out over the sea, pensive. For a fleeting moment, the solemnity of it makes him almost look cool and tragic. The sunlight getting right in his eyesockets messes with that soon enough, and he squints and covers his face with a gloved hand.]

Maybe I need to. We'll need to do something to get the human to stop, and my brother can't seem to talk about any of it. Every time I don't remember something he does, he gets upset all over again. It's not helping anything.
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[ That sounds like some pretty heavy shit to deal with. Lambert tries to imagine it -- watching everyone he knows dying, over and over again, not able to change a damn thing? ]

That's fucked up. [ He says, out loud. Really, if he was a deep and meaningful sort of person, he'd have something more sympathetic to say, but it's honestly mostly disturbing how Sans and Papyrus just seem to ... accept the whole thing? ]

You'd need some serious magic to to keep winding time back again and again -- never heard anything like it. And what's the point of even doing it? You're not living out your whole lives over and over again -- it only started when your 'friend' showed up?

[ He rests his back against the side of the boat, letting the gentle motion of the ocean rock him as he speaks, thinking out loud. ]

Maybe you're looking at this the wrong way.

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[Papyrus perks up at Lambert's last remark, sitting upright and eyesockets widening. He decides to answer that question first, just in case it tells Lambert something important.]

Hmmm. My brother said there was 'somebody else' before the human... But, of course, he didn't say who! Or why.

[Being dependent on Sans for information about all this stuff is incredibly frustrating. If Papyrus weren't striving so hard to be pleasant and kind, and his brother weren't in such visibly awful condition, well, he probably would've been on his case that much more.

Visibly awful from the first time they talked, back in the Dream world. To Papyrus' sight, anyway. One of the benefits of being skeletons in worlds with very few skeleton monsters is that they have pretty decent poker faces. Sure, Papyrus emotes all the time, but they're almost comically exaggerated expressions. The tiny hints of feelings that come with small muscle movements are lacking, with his lack of muscles. And Sans has a constant smile, for all that careful attention to his eyesockets reveals some things. It really helps them keep things secret, to pretend all is well.

Not to say that Papyrus' loud and silly demeanor is all pretend. He exaggerates some things (like his reactions to puns), offers encouragement faster than criticism, and generally tries to be enjoyable to be around... But his weirdness, and his tendency to be astonishing forthright with some of his feelings, is all him.]

So... How else could I look at this? Bring on the best and worst alike, I welcome all perspectives, no matter how repugnant.
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editing this to include reference to handwaved stuff!

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Hard to say without seeing things for myself. [ An impossibility in their present circumstances, obviously, but since it's all hypothetical anyway and they've still got time to kill before their destination and it seems to have distracted Papyrus from giving a demonstration of what exactly a seasick skeleton can get up to... ]

Let's say you really are repeating time over and over again, and it's supposed to make you forget it each time. I've never heard of magic that can do that to time, but I've seen magic that took away someone's memories, and it wasn't permanent. So, like I said, it must have taken a lot of magic to pull it off. It's gotta come from somewhere.

Maybe it's not about stopping the killing, but about stopping something or someone else. Stopping what's really going on. The dying's just one part of the whole thing. [ He wiggles his talons at the Cubone in a 'c'mere' gesture, inviting it closer to give it a gentle scratch on the forehead, claws tapping against bone. ]

'Course, then you have to figure out what's causing it. Way I see it is, could be a couple of things. [ He holds up and ticks off the possibilities as he lists them out. ]

First, and the easiest, is that none of what you or your brother remember is real -- you were just being tricked into thinking it is. I don't know if that's possible with the magic where you're from, but it could be someone forcing you to have a shared vision. The other ... [ Lambert pauses. ] Well, I don't know if it's this 'somebody,' but someone could have cursed all of you. That's the only thing I can think of that would have that much power.

[ He sits back, expectantly, waiting to hear what Papyrus thinks of that theory, but unfortunately? They never get a chance to get around to it, as a wild school-form Wishiwashi chooses right this moment to ram into the side of their boat, nearly knocking all its occupants sideways. In the ensuing chaos and confusion (and inevitably, Pokémon battle -- which poor, Ground-type Pig can't contribute to but which the Scyther Lambert had captured ends up contributing to) the conversation is entirely forgotten. ]
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