Lauren Tanner ([personal profile] mylastchance) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-03-31 12:37 am (UTC)

Day 75

It's maybe a few hours after his desperate plea for help that he begins to act on the other's advice. It was strange, before he'd felt desperate and helpless. Now, he had a feeling like maybe there really was something he could do. It felt ridiculous. Susan hadn't even done anything since that day he'd attacked the Ringmaster, Lauren knew any outsider looking in wouldn't understand his concern. At the same time, that his young brother who had always been so cheerful and positive would attack someone and speak with such vehemence... He couldn't help his concern.

Though Susan may have been without magic at the moment, he was normally very powerful. Susan also wasn't accustomed to losing. His younger brother had the careless optimism of a child, because he was a child. Lauren knew Susan wouldn't take his concerns seriously, he never did. That still wasn't any reason not to try. If things were as dire as they felt, and he believed they were, then he had to do everything he could to stop Susan from hurting anyone else or himself. When Susan comes back to the trailer, he knew he had to talk to him then, or else he might loose his nerve.

"Susan, we need to talk."

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