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Jonathan Strange | all throughout the carnival

closed prompt for the actual summoning
Strange had picked this time for a specific reason: the less people in the Carnival, the less people to bother him or try to stop him. Alola was serving as a wonderful distraction from what he was planning to do. That potion he had picked up in Atlantis was supposed to grant one's darkest desire. Well, that was easy enough for Strange to identify. He wanted to find his wife and rescue her. That involved summoning the faerie who had kidnapped her, remarkably imprecise magic to begin with, and...he hadn't planned that part out yet, possibly threatening the faerie? He'd work on it as they got there.

So naturally he just chugged the entirety of the potion in one gulp. Somebody needs to have a talk with Strange about 'don't put things in your mouth that you don't know where they've been.' Still, once it was drunk, he could feel the power granted by the potion flow through his body. Of course he could do this. He was one of the greatest magicians of the age, he would certainly summon that faerie and save his wife! Muttering under his breath, he lit the candle and cast the summoning spell. Almost instantly there's a chill in the air as the faerie is summoned.

Giving the other man a small nod, Strange started up the conversation. "I'm sure you're wondering why I summoned you here. My name is Jonathan Strange and I wish to discuss terms of the release of an English woman from your realm."

It doesn't really occur to him that with the imprecise magic he used, he might have summoned the wrong faerie in the first place.

open prompt! scavenger hunt time
In retrospect, he probably should have paid more attention to that little lecture about realms and dimensions and whatever that the Ringmaster gave him a few weeks ago. Whoops. Because this was obviously not the faerie he was looking for--a fact that's just a massive blow to Strange's pride. He should have been able to do this! Why on Earth did it fail?

And now here he is, charged with cleaning up the mess, which would have been easier had he not mentioned the whole 'your presence here is tied to the candle' thing to begin with. Great job, dummy. Strange storms around the Carnival, occasionally casting spells, occasionally just lifting things up to look underneath them. He's obviously trying to find something (the candle used in the summons) but is coming up with nothing, a fact that's intensely aggravating.

There's something different about Strange, and not just because his hair's returned to it's wild state. He seems more on edge, more willing to snap at people and just grumpy. It's an odd change for the magician who, at least for the past few days, had seemed genuinely excited and happy about things for once.

So sorry random carnival worker, you're getting a side of grumpy Strange today as he points to you and walks right up. "You there! Have you seen a lit candle sitting around any where? He's obviously cloaked it from me but I've no idea if he's thought to cloak it from everyone."

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