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what's cooler than being cool? ice cold

Who: everyone!
What: hey wait a minute, why's it suddenly cold oh for fuck's sake Strange...
Where: the carnival + Alola
When: all of day 76!
Warnings: none, will edit if needed

the Carnival
Surprise, it's now winter.

Starting from the early hours of day 76, the Carnival is covered in snow, the temperature rapidly dropping from 'nice' to 'freezing.' Patterns of frost cover everything and icicles dangle from most buildings. Try to be careful as you're walking around, patches of the ground are frozen over and incredibly slick. Nobody be that dumbass who tries to stick their tongue to the ferris wheel, you're just going to regret it later. Enjoy the fact that almost anything that used to be a liquid is now frozen solid. All in all, it's like someone flipped a switch from summer to winter--there was absolutely no sign something like this would happen in the first place. Why not ask around to see what's up? Or, just enjoy the change of weather and pelt your friend in the face with a snowball, that's also an option. The Carnival re-enacting the plot of Frozen lasts all day, though things finally start to melt and/or magically vanish once dusk settles.

For all you vampires who've slept through most of this, the effects of winter still linger a bit after the faerie's vanished, though in slowly diminishing form. The temperature's a bit warmer and some of the liquids have started to melt, but it's still a bit uncomfortable. It's hard to clean up an entire magical wintery hellscape by yourself, okay?

Due to the way the Carnival drops people in Alola, it's entirely possible to miss the fact that something weird's going on at the Carnival. Still, some of the winter wonderland manages to seep it's way into the tropical paradise. For most people, the changes are noticeable but easily dealt with. The temperature drops to something more chilly but not downright freezing. Occasionally there are small flurries of snow, but they'll end up melting fairly quickly. Locals are downright confused, mentioning that really, it shouldn't be this cold, this weather is weirdly unseasonable.

Also, what's that weird little ice fox that keeps showing up? More and more ice Pokemon feel a little bit braver thanks to the cold temperatures and are willing to venture out into areas that ice Pokemon might not normally live in. Go train all your fire cats by having them beat up the sentient ice cream cones, everybody.

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the summoning

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This faerie might not be at all what Strange was expecting - instead of any form fitting to the title 'the Gentleman', this creature is about four feet tall, with long white hair and wings apparently made out of some kind of flexible crystalline ice. They are also almost entirely naked, except for what amounts to a glittery loincloth.

They appear extremely surprised when they appear, as if they had been relaxing only the moment before. They flex their wings, floating up into the air, looking around with alarm, and then curiosity.

"Well, excuse me," they say, putting their hands on their hips. "You're going to have to be more specific."
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"Did we?" they ask, becoming more confident by the moment. The initial surprise of their displacement seems to be fading as they figure their way around the situation. "She might be hard to find. There is no small number of humans in the realms of Winter!"

"Really, though, you must be talking to the wrong guy. I couldn't claim any authority over Her Majesty's subjects."

Let's both just keep pretending we're on the same page, here.
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"Orrrr..." the faerie prompts, with an encouraging gesture, "what? You've yet to offer a carrot or a stick! You must be fairly powerful to have summoned me in the first place, but it's pretty obvious that you're out of your league, Jonathan Strange."

They repeat his name with a particular chill, as if they have become more dominating simply by having knowledge of it.

"Since you went through all the trouble, though... humour me! What would you give me were I to have her safely restored? Your magic? Your soul?"
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hey there strange buddy ya need some help

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Normally, there's a pretty high chance Strange may have changed directions and backpedaled away from this particular carnival worker — or maybe not, considering he kind of needs all the help he can get, who knows — but considering Childermass has more or less given up on trying to maintain the gloomy, overdressed, wearing all black in a tropical location aesthetic, a mistake isn't too hard to make. Honestly, who would ever expect Childermass to be wearing an Alolan shirt or anything generally colorful at all?

But he is. That and linen slacks, though he's absolutely grateful he stuck to much more substantial footwear when he came back to a carnival covered in snow. Not that the cold seems to bother him much, even in clothing not at all meant for it. It helps that there's a short, fire-red and black tiger-striped dog busy shoving his face through the snow around them, causing it to melt more often than not.

Anyway, back to Strange walking up and asking about a candle. Good timing, because Childermass was just about to go looking for him! Considering the headache this place was giving him, he already knew from the get go this wasn't the Ringermaster's faerie magic. He turns, giving the other magician a very carefully maintained cool look, since he doubts grabbing Strange and demanding to know what he did isn't going to get them anywhere.

"A candle?" Well, that sure explains a whole lot in a heartbeat. "What in the world did you summon?"
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Several, actually, if any closer inspection of his belt is given. The Growlithe, however, is the only one he bothers to let wander off-leash. Almost as if realizing he's being looked at — more like sensing Childermass actually being pretty annoyed at Strange, which these things have a very bizarre knack for — he pulls his nose up out of the snow and starts growling at Strange.

Strange is a stranger, his master isn't happy with him, therefore growls. Not long-lived ones, of course, since Childermass glances down at the little dog creature and waves a hand, shaking his head as he does. Basically, waving off the growling, as if to tell the Pokemon not to bother. It works, too. There is a reason he settled on a Growlithe out of all the other choices, after all. Having something prone to obedience is a perk, especially when that something can literally shoot fire from its mouth.

"Of course you did," Childermass sighs, returning his attention to the other magician. "That was stupid and you know it." He's not even going to pull his punches or even bother with formalities or even false politeness. Strange should have known better. "You don't even know what faerie it was. So what did you get instead, an entire snowstorm?"
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It was incredibly stupid and Childermass is going to stand by that. That Strange begins shouting honestly just confirms it, that the man has fucked up badly enough to be this on edge. He stands his ground because, of course, that's what he does, unruffled by the yelling.

"If you'd thought this through, you would have realized you need a name to summon anything that specific," he shoots back, remaining collected in the face of Strange being loud and angry. He takes a step closer, hand still held out over the Growlithe to keep on making sure the dog doesn't do anything. "What did I say? To not do anything reckless? But I suppose you wouldn't care listen to me, either, would you?"

Either, of course, meaning Norrell, who stopped listening to him once he'd made all his new London friends.

"That explains why you're looking..." Wait. Childermass frowns, brow furrowing. "What potion?"
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probably yeah

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just don't kill the dog

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strange and all his chickens too

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The carnival worker Strange has chosen to accost on this particular instance, alas, is in less than a helpful mood. Lambert flips the blanket back from where he's draped it over his head (when your horns are literally made of gold, you don't care how stupid you look, you just want to keep your head warm) and shoulders to scowl at Strange. Under it, he's still wearing his Alolan outfit -- he had zero intention of staying any longer than it took to check on his garden, then fuck off back to the islands -- but with these interruptions, that's plan looking less and less likely.

"Why the fuck would I--" The rest of Strange's words hit him then, and he just stares at him incredulously. "Wait, do you have something to do with this shit?"
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Any other day, any other problem, Lambert would help Strange gladly -- not without giving him shit about it, to be sure, but he'd help. But before Strange has even finished speaking, Lambert's taking a step back through the slush.

"Oh, no," he groans, shaking his head. Sorry your buddy's temporarily taken a level in wimp, Strange. Under the tan he's acquired in Alola, he looks pale and he's clearly clenching his teeth against a chatter. "If this--" He'll risk waving a hand to gesture at the snow around them. "--is a bunch of magic bullshit, you're on your own. I'm not spending any more time here than I have to."
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"Yeah, but I get paid for it," Lambert retorts. "And we can say 'thanks but no thanks.'"

It is definitely not a little snow. It is, in fact, horrific levels of snow, which is why Lambert plans to leave as soon as possible. Just standing here is enough to make the cold bite a little more deeply, and he shifts, wincing. He can already hear Eskel and Geralt giving him shit now, but apparently whatever witcher mutations gift you with a tolerance for low temperatures straight up skipped Lambert. He's never had an easy time getting warm.

"Why can't you just make this go away if it's your fault?"

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And then suddenly everything made sense.

Joker just wanted to nip by the cookhouse for something to tide him over for the night before he heads out into Alola again, on account that most places at this particular stop don't take into consideration certain.... needs. However, it looks like he's being interrogated instead, and the man gives a pause, quirking up an eyebrow. Up in the air, something small and fat is flapping about, and starts to circle down when it realizes Joker has stopped moving.

"Can't say that I have," he says simply, since it's true. "Care ta tell me who's been botherin' ya, Strange?"
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Joker's expression is the perfect level of 'that sounds fake but okay', even as he's smiling. A bit of incredulity, but he's willing to let it go. At least it's obvious that Strange is making an attempt at fixing everything. How successful he will be is up in the air, but Joker is fine with letting him work on it for a while.

Anyway. Bird conversations now. Joker gives a shrug as the Rowlet flaps down further, visibly adjusting to the extra three pounds as it lands on his right shouldder. "Well, it won't stop followin' me around," he says lightly, "so I suppose I got a bird now. It wasn't the only one, but it's what's stuck around."
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Even a simple compliment seems to sate the fat owl, the Rowlet's feathers puffing out as it gives a coo and just seems to.... deflate. That's how you hoot. This bird has decided it.

The theory has Joker snort, his own wings stretching a bit. "I mean, it's definitely an idea. It'd explain all the other birds that wouldn't leave me alone while I was wanderin' about. I wonder if that'll be the same for all the other folks lookin' a bit bestial."

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/shows up to the scavenger hunt two weeks late with starbucks

[personal profile] destiny_key 2017-04-12 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
This guy is nothing if not a little frightening in his mannerisms, but Sora can safely say he's pretty tame in comparison to some of the things he's seen. Hell, Sora's a vampire right now, he's probably the scarier of the two, despite Strange easily being a foot taller.

Either way, he moves the umbrella to shield himself from the sun better when he comes up to him, and looks at Strange, confused.

"A... candle?" Sora repeats slowly. "Cloaked... what? I don't get it. Did you lose something?"
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Sora was just about to open his mouth to ask if Strange needed help looking, when the guy asked if he wanted him to change the weather. Was... was that possible? It's not the weirdest power he's ever seen, but one would think the Ringmaster wouldn't appreciate anyone who could change something inside the carnival.

"Oh, uh, no thanks," Sora answers, grinning. "I don't wanna, like, take the sun from everyone else, you know?"

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