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what's cooler than being cool? ice cold

Who: everyone!
What: hey wait a minute, why's it suddenly cold oh for fuck's sake Strange...
Where: the carnival + Alola
When: all of day 76!
Warnings: none, will edit if needed

the Carnival
Surprise, it's now winter.

Starting from the early hours of day 76, the Carnival is covered in snow, the temperature rapidly dropping from 'nice' to 'freezing.' Patterns of frost cover everything and icicles dangle from most buildings. Try to be careful as you're walking around, patches of the ground are frozen over and incredibly slick. Nobody be that dumbass who tries to stick their tongue to the ferris wheel, you're just going to regret it later. Enjoy the fact that almost anything that used to be a liquid is now frozen solid. All in all, it's like someone flipped a switch from summer to winter--there was absolutely no sign something like this would happen in the first place. Why not ask around to see what's up? Or, just enjoy the change of weather and pelt your friend in the face with a snowball, that's also an option. The Carnival re-enacting the plot of Frozen lasts all day, though things finally start to melt and/or magically vanish once dusk settles.

For all you vampires who've slept through most of this, the effects of winter still linger a bit after the faerie's vanished, though in slowly diminishing form. The temperature's a bit warmer and some of the liquids have started to melt, but it's still a bit uncomfortable. It's hard to clean up an entire magical wintery hellscape by yourself, okay?

Due to the way the Carnival drops people in Alola, it's entirely possible to miss the fact that something weird's going on at the Carnival. Still, some of the winter wonderland manages to seep it's way into the tropical paradise. For most people, the changes are noticeable but easily dealt with. The temperature drops to something more chilly but not downright freezing. Occasionally there are small flurries of snow, but they'll end up melting fairly quickly. Locals are downright confused, mentioning that really, it shouldn't be this cold, this weather is weirdly unseasonable.

Also, what's that weird little ice fox that keeps showing up? More and more ice Pokemon feel a little bit braver thanks to the cold temperatures and are willing to venture out into areas that ice Pokemon might not normally live in. Go train all your fire cats by having them beat up the sentient ice cream cones, everybody.

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The Carnival!

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This should probably be a cause for concern. Under other circumstances, 'Scorching hot summer' to 'Multiple inches of snow on the ground' should at least raise eyebrows and possibly a surge of hits to the FAA website for what the weather's supposed to be. Except Jimmy's in a reality hopping, faerie enchanted Carnival, and he's going to enjoy himself.

Even if Castiel is here, Jimmy refuses to sit in the corner and worry himself to death about what the angel is up to. So seeing that it's snowed has him up and about in surprisingly light clothes for the temperature (jacket, jeans and boots), and is off to the kitchens, Sweet Pea bouncing after once she figures out that snow is Harmless, but Not To Be Trusted.
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Sherlock is not pleased.

Fortunately, he was able to get to the trailer before snow actually started falling, and he'd bundled up by wearing several layers of clothes, his scarf, and his coat, and a couple bottles of boiled hot water wrapped up inside said coat.

He'd been meaning to walk right back to Alola, but it was such a slog through the snow, he had to take a breather inside the kitchen. And load up on some coffee, because the cold just made him sleepy. He'd never really hated snow before, but now he wanted to smack whoever was responsible for this fluffy nonsense.

So there was a muttering, angry green figure under a heavy coat, a beanie stolen from somewhere (or someone), and his scarf covering his entire face, sipping a jumbo-sized cup of coffee in between the folds. Toby, his rockruff, was happily inside his coat, his tiny face peeking out from between his buttons.
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Jimmy is making his way into the kitchen, pausing to kick the snow off his boots and wipe the snow off Sweet Pea's paws (in between bouts of wriggling attack puppy.) "Hey, hey!! It's okay... Who's a good girl, yes you are..." With an answering Ruff!

When she notices Sherlock, she wriggles out of Jimmy's hands, dashes to put herself between Jimmy and Sherlock and starts barking fiercely, filling the kitchen with Rockruff! Rockruff! He looks up in the direction of Pea's barking and sees who's got her all bothered. "Oh... Hey Sherlock." Jimmy turns back to his Pokemon, trying to get her to settle down. "Hey Pea, c'mon. Sherlock's okay." Sherlock gets a side-eye at the mention of his name. "No. Really. He is." Pea lets herself be scooped up and patted as Jimmy stands and walks over.
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"Hello, Jimmy," Sherlock said, in between sips of his coffee. He looked down, blinking at the rather...overexcited Pokemon at his feet.

Toby peeked his head out further, trying to see what all the commotion was about.

"Ruff!" Toby answered back, bristling and trying to wiggle out of Sherlock's coat. "Ruffruffruffruff!"

"Hey, st--I'm going to spill--" Sherlock caught Toby before he jumped to the ground, managing to save his coffee in the process.
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"Oh hey! You've got one too!" Jimmy finally scoops up Sweet Pea and scratches behind her ears. "See? It's okay. You're okay." Pea snorts once and gives Jimmy's face a good washing. "Yeah, that's right. Everybody's just fine."

"Where'd you find yours at? I ran into Sweet Pea here out on the... Ten Carat Hill?" He looks down at Pea and she answers with a Ruff! "Right. Ten Carat Hill. I thought she was a stray dog at first, and took her to what I thought was the vet." The smile turns sheepish as Sweet Pea chimes in with an offended sniff. As if she was some kind of common dog.
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"Rockruff?" Sherlock looked at Jimmy's own creature, trying to see if it was identical to his own.

"I believe mine may have had a previous owner, I found it in a place that they normally don't show up in," Sherlock had probably memorized the entire guidebook. "Or he was abandoned. Either way, he was quite lonely. I thought it was a stray dog at first too."
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"Yeah, I'm sorry." He gives her a good scratching and she moves her head around, making sure he gets all the right spots. Jimmy's careful to avoid the super-scratchy rock neck ruff, though. "And yeah, Sweet Pea here's a Rockruff too. At least, according to the Nurse at the Pokecenter." She had been one of the ones explaining Pokemon to Jimmy like he was either deranged or a very small child.

"So what brings you by? I'm just stopping to get a clean bucket and a brush, myself. Did you want something while I'm here?" Pea wriggles again and would maybe like to chase that other Rockruff around the cafeteria a few times, though.
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"They seem to be quite friendly," Sherlock's tone changed, one could tell that he really, really had a soft spot for dogs. Toby had basically volunteered to be with him. That hit him quite strongly.

"I'm on my way back, stopped in to warm up," he said, grouchily, remembering the stupid that was the environment outside.

Toby wags his tail, yips, and runs in a small circle. Chase me! Chase me!
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Pea nearly falls out of Jimmy's arms with the wriggling, and as soon as her paws touch the floor, she's off like a shot after Toby. They run off into a far corner to wrestle and do God knows what else.

Jimmy smiles, pleased that Sherlock is paying attention to that now, instead of another round of surprise hibernation. "Anything I can get you while you're here?"
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He holds up the coffee he's already sipping. "I'm fine, thanks. I might get a round-two before heading back to the beach."

Ugh, the beach. He could almost taste it. Just a few more minutes of warming up.

"Oi! Toby! What are you doing?"
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There's an answering clatter as somebody knocks a chair over and both come bolting back to Jimmy and Sherlock. "Hey... Hey... It's okay. You're okay. Just knocked a chair over is all. You're fine." Pea barks up at Jimmy a few times and is reassured by scritches.

"Yeah, I'm just in for a coffee myself too. We were going to take a look around the grounds and see what it all looked like out there." Pea starts chiming in with a whole lot of ruffruffruffruff! (loosely translated as 'Holy crap! White stuff! COLD white stuff!') "Kinda missed snow, honestly. Figured I'd go run around in it for a while."
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"I don't understand what could have caused this," Sherlock looked accusingly out towards the evil stuff, taking another sip. "But I'm certainly not interested in it enough to try and figure out who did it."

It was a mystery, and he was curious, but he hated the cold more than his curiosity, which was certainly saying something.

Toby flopped over at Sherlock's feet and whined until the detective picked him up.
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"Well, we are in a faerie carnival. You'd have an easier time figuring out what didn't cause this than what did." With 'It just happened' as a valid reason.

"On a better note, I've gotten ahold of some recipes for Pokemon kibble and what kind of dietary restrictions they've got." Jimmy scoops Pea up as well, and smiles at her. "There aren't many, that I've found. And she's been happy to taste test the results. Since I don't think we're the only ones that have ended up with Pokémon, it makes sense that we should be able to feed them too, right"

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"Mister Strange! It's good to see you're..... Not looking so good. Are you okay?" Jimmy's Pokemon inches over and gives Strange's leg a sniff before inching back to Jimmy. "Sure. Be glad to. What do you need?"
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Jimmy doesn't say anything about Strange's 'perfectly fine', just raises an eyebrow. Strange is so far removed from 'fine' it doesn't even register on the horizon.

"Okay, I can do that." He was planning on taking advantage of the snow and making snow cream, so keeping an eye out for a candle won't be a huge problem. Especially with him going all over the place to look for clean snow. ".... On the condition that you at least get yourself a cup of something hot to drink and something to eat. Admit it or not, you look like hell, and if you're not going to sleep, then you should go eat."
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Jimmy refrains from sighing. Barely. He should have known that Strange was another 'Work work work until I fall over' type. He really should have noticed by now. "Getting something to eat will help, if only so you don't pass out from hunger. And you'll be able to think clearer after you've eaten."

"I'll help you look for this candle, just please... Go eat something while we help you look." The dog at his feet adds a ruff! in agreement.
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"No, probably not, but you won't have hunger making it worse. So go on and get something to eat. I'll be ducking in to get some supplies for a dessert, and you can get fed while we're in there. Sound good?" Yeah. Strange looked like five miles of hell, and he probably needed a lot more than just a sandwich, but it's a start.

Jimmy starts walking towards the kitchen, with the intent of both getting the things he needs and making sure Strange eats something.
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"It's a local thing we used to make back home. You take a lot of clean snow, add a little vanilla, milk and sugar, and eat it like ice cream. And it has the added bonus of me walking all over the Carnival looking for good spots to get snow." Jimmy keeps walking, with Pea bouncing around his feet.

"And if you want to come with me, we can check the kitchen and the cafeteria and then go walking all over the Carnival. Again, probably, in your case."
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"Exactly. And while I'm getting supplies, you grab something quick to eat, and then we'll be off. More eyes means it'll get found faster, right?" Sweet Pea weighs in with an agreeable ruff! at the mention of food. "Breakfast and a search of the kitchens for everyone, then."

"It.... Does it smell like anything in particular? Other than a candle, I mean. Was it made out of anything unusual? Rockruffs are supposed to be amazing scent trackers, so hey, it's worth a shot." Ruff! Jimmy's got no idea if Pea can actually find this candle, but with as thorough a search as may be needed, more eyes (or noses) could be useful.

Strange's admission of not minding company brings a smile to Jimmy's face. "Sounds like a plan, then. Because I wouldn't either."

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