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what's cooler than being cool? ice cold

Who: everyone!
What: hey wait a minute, why's it suddenly cold oh for fuck's sake Strange...
Where: the carnival + Alola
When: all of day 76!
Warnings: none, will edit if needed

the Carnival
Surprise, it's now winter.

Starting from the early hours of day 76, the Carnival is covered in snow, the temperature rapidly dropping from 'nice' to 'freezing.' Patterns of frost cover everything and icicles dangle from most buildings. Try to be careful as you're walking around, patches of the ground are frozen over and incredibly slick. Nobody be that dumbass who tries to stick their tongue to the ferris wheel, you're just going to regret it later. Enjoy the fact that almost anything that used to be a liquid is now frozen solid. All in all, it's like someone flipped a switch from summer to winter--there was absolutely no sign something like this would happen in the first place. Why not ask around to see what's up? Or, just enjoy the change of weather and pelt your friend in the face with a snowball, that's also an option. The Carnival re-enacting the plot of Frozen lasts all day, though things finally start to melt and/or magically vanish once dusk settles.

For all you vampires who've slept through most of this, the effects of winter still linger a bit after the faerie's vanished, though in slowly diminishing form. The temperature's a bit warmer and some of the liquids have started to melt, but it's still a bit uncomfortable. It's hard to clean up an entire magical wintery hellscape by yourself, okay?

Due to the way the Carnival drops people in Alola, it's entirely possible to miss the fact that something weird's going on at the Carnival. Still, some of the winter wonderland manages to seep it's way into the tropical paradise. For most people, the changes are noticeable but easily dealt with. The temperature drops to something more chilly but not downright freezing. Occasionally there are small flurries of snow, but they'll end up melting fairly quickly. Locals are downright confused, mentioning that really, it shouldn't be this cold, this weather is weirdly unseasonable.

Also, what's that weird little ice fox that keeps showing up? More and more ice Pokemon feel a little bit braver thanks to the cold temperatures and are willing to venture out into areas that ice Pokemon might not normally live in. Go train all your fire cats by having them beat up the sentient ice cream cones, everybody.

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"Yeah, but I get paid for it," Lambert retorts. "And we can say 'thanks but no thanks.'"

It is definitely not a little snow. It is, in fact, horrific levels of snow, which is why Lambert plans to leave as soon as possible. Just standing here is enough to make the cold bite a little more deeply, and he shifts, wincing. He can already hear Eskel and Geralt giving him shit now, but apparently whatever witcher mutations gift you with a tolerance for low temperatures straight up skipped Lambert. He's never had an easy time getting warm.

"Why can't you just make this go away if it's your fault?"
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Lambert groans, but -- just because he likes Strange that much -- he follows anyway, Pig trailing behind. The Mudbray, covered with a blanket as well, is much less bothered by the temperatures as its master, and it's certainly not complaining about the slush. It's also leaving a muddy trail in its wake as the melting snow wipes off some of the dirt clinging to its hooves and flanks.

Thing is, though, as much as Lambert protests? Strange is right, he is a witcher, and that means he's already thinking through what the magician's said even as he walks beside him. A summoning, something hiding a candle, he might not know the specific details of how magic works in Strange's world, but he knows enough about how it works in his to know that if he's looking so desperately for it, it's the way to undo this.

"Ringmaster not up to just kicking it out, whatever it is?" If she's even around, anyway.
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Typical. Still, at least the Ringmaster's a believer in having people fix their own fuckups. As Strange works his magic, Lambert just sort of watches, not really having anything to contribute at this point, sorry buddy.

"If it's under an active spell, might be easier to look for that. Maybe my medallion could pick it up," Lambert says with a shrug. Never mind that he's never actually ever explained how his medallion works to Strange, but he fishes it out from around his neck now, cupping it in his palm and holding it out. Here, in a realm filled with magic, it's practically inert, but Strange's spells have been enough to make it hum in his palm every time he's cast them.

"It's not foolproof, but worth a shot."
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"Picks up on almost kind of active magic. Curses, charms, spells, even magic constructs or sources of power -- though it won't pick up on most naturally magical creatures." That includes mages and other witchers, for the most part. It's weird, seeing the thing around Strange's neck, and Lambert feels practically naked without it, but ... well, he's already pretty much determined Alola is as magicless as it gets. He tamps down the discomfort and continues, reciting from memory.

"Once you get near enough, you can't miss it. It'll feel like it's tugging you in the right direction. Your own magic might throw it off, though." It's spiky and a lot heavier than it looks, so it's also probably uncomfortable. Also, he's not telling Strange that at one point he used it to torture information out of a vampire!
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"You'd better," Lambert says, dryly. It's almost like he suspects Strange might ... just be ... a little irresponsible with other people's personal possessions. Despite the chill, it doesn't seem any colder than it would be at room temperature, something about it keeping

"I know it's an ugly piece of junk, but I went through a lot to earn it." That is a bit of a lie -- the first part, at least. Lambert doesn't actually mind its terrible aesthetic; it's fitting for what it represents. What he was made for, what shaped everything he is. If Strange does lose it, relocating it is going to be an adventure all of its own, and Lambert's definitely never lending him so much as a pen again, but he'd still rather find it again than losing.

He's also absolutely right about Lambert essentially meaning the handover as a 'good luck and so long' though he'll ... offer an explanation, at least.

"The last time I was hired to break a spell on something, the person who hired me got killed by it." And he got a best friend out of it, but ... "Call it superstitious, but I don't have the best track record."
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"You'd better," Lambert says dryly. "This isn't the only place the magic's messed up. It's getting chilly back there, too."

Think of all the poor tropical Pokémon you're freezing, Strange. Oh the Pokemanity. Do it for them.

He jerks a thumb over his shoulder, indicating the Mudbray behind him. "I'm gonna go train this one up. If it's still cold here in a couple of days, you know how to get me on the magic box things right?" Radio. He means the radio...
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"That's what I said," Lambert smirks, then offers a lazy wave. "Gotta check on my garden first. Make sure all the snow hasn't killed it."

Of course, the only thing planted there right now is the weird little seed the Ringmaster gave all the rescuers, but it's still his. Plants are tough little bastards in general, but all the same, who knows? If it's supposed to bear fruit that will restore health, maybe the magic won't let it be buried in snow, either.
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"It's called getting a hobby, Strange," Lambert calls over his shoulder, already turning to go as well. "You should try it sometime."

Like magic's not enough to get him in trouble on his own. Regardless, the witcher's quick to scarper, closing this particular chapter in this tale!