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what's cooler than being cool? ice cold

Who: everyone!
What: hey wait a minute, why's it suddenly cold oh for fuck's sake Strange...
Where: the carnival + Alola
When: all of day 76!
Warnings: none, will edit if needed

the Carnival
Surprise, it's now winter.

Starting from the early hours of day 76, the Carnival is covered in snow, the temperature rapidly dropping from 'nice' to 'freezing.' Patterns of frost cover everything and icicles dangle from most buildings. Try to be careful as you're walking around, patches of the ground are frozen over and incredibly slick. Nobody be that dumbass who tries to stick their tongue to the ferris wheel, you're just going to regret it later. Enjoy the fact that almost anything that used to be a liquid is now frozen solid. All in all, it's like someone flipped a switch from summer to winter--there was absolutely no sign something like this would happen in the first place. Why not ask around to see what's up? Or, just enjoy the change of weather and pelt your friend in the face with a snowball, that's also an option. The Carnival re-enacting the plot of Frozen lasts all day, though things finally start to melt and/or magically vanish once dusk settles.

For all you vampires who've slept through most of this, the effects of winter still linger a bit after the faerie's vanished, though in slowly diminishing form. The temperature's a bit warmer and some of the liquids have started to melt, but it's still a bit uncomfortable. It's hard to clean up an entire magical wintery hellscape by yourself, okay?

Due to the way the Carnival drops people in Alola, it's entirely possible to miss the fact that something weird's going on at the Carnival. Still, some of the winter wonderland manages to seep it's way into the tropical paradise. For most people, the changes are noticeable but easily dealt with. The temperature drops to something more chilly but not downright freezing. Occasionally there are small flurries of snow, but they'll end up melting fairly quickly. Locals are downright confused, mentioning that really, it shouldn't be this cold, this weather is weirdly unseasonable.

Also, what's that weird little ice fox that keeps showing up? More and more ice Pokemon feel a little bit braver thanks to the cold temperatures and are willing to venture out into areas that ice Pokemon might not normally live in. Go train all your fire cats by having them beat up the sentient ice cream cones, everybody.

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Childermass actually has to stop and stare at the windchime for a few seconds, assuming from the shells that, yes, it is from Atlantis, but why would fish have a bloody windchime? There was no wind. That made no sense. It's such a pointless idea to dwell on — a windchime, under the sea — but by God, he will dwell on it.

For all of six or seven seconds, then he's taking the wax from Strange and dragging his attention back to the matter at hand.

"Of course you didn't. Only an idiot hands out their name to some random faerie or magician," Childermass says offhandedly and drops down to crouch next to the Growlithe, he's been sniffing around curiously though never wandering more than a step or two away from Childermass. "Here, boy."

That immediately gets the dog's attention back, who turns, tail wagging some. He'll hold the little handful of wax out for the Growlithe to sniff, which it does. There doesn't seem to be much more need for any commands to 'go track' or anything of the sort, the Pokemon clever enough to already know what's expected. As such, he immediately begins sniffing around the trailer again, only this time in a much more alert way.
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Strange is lucky Childermass is watching the Growlithe and not him. It saves him from even more scolding, one which would no doubt only be made worse by how tropical his shirt is. Being told off by your dour friend is one thing, but being told off by that same dour friend while wearing a bright flowery shirt is just on a whole different level there.

"Not really," Childermass admits, first looking back up towards Strange and shrugging. He'll get back to his feet after that, since the dog has passed over where the faerie first appeared, back over near the table again, and then makes straight for the door. He stops there, staring back at the two humans expectantly.

Probably because dogs can't actually open doors on their own, so...
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in this location: everyone is faster than jonathan strange

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Well excuse him, but he hadn't anticipated needing to track down a missing candle hidden by an ice faerie out of freaking nowhere. Besides, if the Growlithe fails, he has a backup plan. Admittedly, that might also fail, depending on whether or not Belasis's Scopus considers literally everything around them as magic in the process of happening. Worse, it might just be one more spell that Strange feels like pestering him about, assuming the man hasn't figured that one out already.

"If he does not, I have another idea," Childermass will at least that much out loud. The rest, not so much. He won't stand still long enough to clarify it, either, since as soon as the door is open, Growlithe is out of the trailer and certainly tracking after something. The dog casts around the area for a bit, nose in the air rather than on the ground, then he gives a bark and whirls around in one particular direction, taking off that way.

They're going to have to book it to keep up! Good luck trying to outpace Childermass, Strange.
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It would be at least worth a shot, all right? They would just have to figure out a way to focus it past all the extra faerie magic or something. It's probably possible between the two of them, but for now, they have a dog to follow.

"Towards the lake, I think!" He yells back, forging his way on through the snow in the wake of the Growlithe. When the dog gets too far ahead, he'll pause and look back, waiting expectantly for them to catch up, then take off again. That continues until they are, indeed, ending up at the lake.

A lake frozen solid, at that.
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"It's also a problem," Childermass adds, having carefully continued on a few steps farther out onto the frozen lake by the time Strange had caught up. He doesn't sound awed, just a little annoyed. That may have something to do with the fact that the Growlithe is leading them straight out across the frozen lake itself.

That's a lot of ice to cross, but apparently, that's where the trail is leading, whatever the trail even is, and Childermass is about as ill-equipped to stroll across a frozen lake as Strange is. Though once the little dog (and undoubtedly much lighter than these other two idiots) realizes they aren't following along as closely as before, he'll pause, look back, and let out a bark or two.
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Childermass can only offer yet another shrug, as he can't exactly read the little beast's mind. All he can do is set off after him, slowly but surely. It's true that Strange is the worst off since Childermass at least knows how to walk on ice. It just takes a very, very long time versus what Baker can do.

Four legs are definitely better than two in this case. Every time the pair of magicians manage to catch up, the Growlithe takes off again, then stops and waits. This will happens at least twice until they've reached the dead center of the lake (or close enough to it, anyway). The ice out here isn't much thinner, creaking under their weight, but not willing to give out just yet. It's at that point Baker stops and sits and doesn't move again once they reach him.

"Out here?" Childermass looks around them. There's nothing else out on the ice. "I see no faerie, that's for sure."
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"Well, I do not see any candle, either," Childermass grumbles more to himself than anyone else this time and stops looking around, bringing his attention back around to Strange. Asking about whether he knows a spell like that, he does grimace for a second or two before shaking his head.

"I do not. It doesn't work for you when you do one?"
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It's the best idea they have, anyway, so Childermass isn't about to dismiss it. He steps across the ice carefully, putting himself next to Strange and moving to put a hand on the other magician's shoulder, to help keep him steady on the ice.

"Then show me how. Mr. Norrell would write down spells for me to do often enough when he did not want to go out and do magic himself, so it can't be much more difficult than that."
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Which leaves Childermass to read over his shoulder while he scribbles it down on paper, up until the page gets handed to him. He'll read it over another time, twice more, then comments, "Seems like it should work. Let's try and see what we get."

At which point he will start going through the spell, expecting Strange to jump in without much warning. This was his idea, after all, and his own spell. He ought to be able to keep up. Of course, once they do get through with it, nothing new appears on the ice with them. Childermass frowns again when he looks around.

"That doesn't make sense. I did feel something happen," he says after, vaguely annoyed right up until the Growlithe hops up from where he was sitting and begins barking at the ice under their feet. It would seem on the ice was the wrong assumption, because if either of the magicians look down, they're going to see a very faint light barely visible in the solid ice a below, close enough to only just be visible but still far enough in to be a problem.
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Likely because Childermass failed entirely to warn him that the fire dog is literally a fire dog.

As Strange rambles on, Childermass simply looks down towards the faint light of the frozen candle, trying to judge the distance. It might work, it just might. He reaches into the back pocket of his slacks — out here on the ice, he's definitely starting to regret his choice of tropical attire — and pulls out that odd red tablet that everyone out in Alola seems to have in one form or another. By now, he's at least figured out the basic functions of the Pokedex and he can point it at the Growlithe, bringing up what it can do with a cheery little beep.

"Ah. That should do it," he says mostly to himself than the muttering Mr. Strange. "Growlithe." And the dog looks up from barking at the ice, attentive. "Flamethrower."

And the dog, for his own part, seems to understand well enough. He looks back down towards the candle he's been tracking and draws in a huuuuge breath, chest visibly expanding with it, even if only a little. At that point, Childermass is going to grab Strange by the arm and drag him away a few paces.


Because a few seconds later, a stream of fire practically erupts from the Growlithe's jaws, aimed straight down, directly at the ice. He doesn't seem too worried about the backlash of his own flame, either.
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"He could. I did choose his breed for a very good reason, Mr. Strange, and this is only one of them," Childermass informs rather matter-of-factly. He put a lot of research behind his choice of weird elemental buddy, dude, so just trust him on this one.

The Growlithe lets the first long blast of fire trail off, hopping back a step to look over his handiwork. He's made a fairly deep dent in the ice, lake water that wasn't evaporated from the blast melting and dripping into a puddle at the bottom of a pit at least a yard deep now.

Leaving Strange where he dragged him off to, Childermass slides carefully back across the ice — he freezes any time he hears an unexpected creak — and close enough to the dog to look down the hole as well.

"Hm. Might need another blast or two."
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Childermass slides back a step, watching Strange remove the water without much need for commentary. When he turns back to agree with his own conclusion, just one more blast, he nods and looks back down at the Growlithe. The dog's been watching the two since they came up, tail wagging briefly when Childermass glances down again.

"Once more. Flamethrower," he tells him, waving down into the hole.

That's all the Growlithe needs, hopping back to it with a second intake of breath, followed by yet another stream of fire blasting from his jaws and down into the frozen pit.

just don't kill the dog

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strange and all his chickens too

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