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Lauren Tanner ([personal profile] mylastchance) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-04-03 03:41 am (UTC)

He takes it, looking at the label while he thinks. She liked him. Did he like her? Was it okay that he didn't know for sure? She was funny though, and easy to talk to. She hadn't laughed at his question like Carly had. She'd been easier to talk to as well, though in the end Carly's advice had likely been the most helpful. He glances to her again. Susan had liked her too, hadn't he? She wasn't a bad person at least.

Of course last time they were together there'd been that ridiculous argument. Susan had misbehaved, and he had said some rather stupid things as well. He winces at the memory of it. He should apologize, but it feels trite to do so after she's said something like that. Maybe it didn't need to be said.

"...Thanks." he finally acknowledges before putting the bottle back on the ground beside him. He pushes it into the sand to keep it from spilling. He looks up to the sky, full of stars he can't name or recognize. It was strange being in a world completely different from his own. He missed Faerun, but at the same time, he wondered if it was really home he missed or just the familiarity of it that he craved.

"I don't like it here."

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