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everything's fine

Who: Lauren and Annabelle
When: 76 or Something
Where: Alola on da Beach
What: Swimming and being Drunk and Losers.

Lauren is having the worst time of it lately. Saying mean things to his brother, sharing his problems with people on the radio, both were things he never thought he'd do before this week. He had though, and despite his desperation or maybe because of it, nothing had helped. In the end he'd simply decided to pretend everything was fine, if only so that he could move on with his life and away from all the terrible feelings the drama stirred inside of him. However, running from the problem wasn't really working either. He wasn't arguing with Susan, but instead he just felt like a failure. It was even harder to act like things were normal when Susan himself was so distraught over the loss of his own abilities.

If he were smarter maybe he'd have a solution, but as he was it didn't seem possible. Susan wanted to stay overnight in Alola, and Lauren hadn't fought it. He couldn't sleep though, so after Susan's dozed off he finds himself wandering his way down towards the beach. The sound of the waves hitting the shore is constant, even at night when everything else is silent. It does nothing to calm him, instead every lap of the water causes some new anxiety wash over him. He'd managed to find some kind of liquor here, and though he wasn't even sure what it was, he'd bought it. He's got it with him now as he sits there open and a few sips already taken. Relying on something like this to calm you down wasn't healthy, but if it was only one night then... Just tonight he'd pity himself, than tomorrow he'd be normal again.
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"Yes!" She responds insistently, clearing up some laughter as she grins. She takes another sip of his alcohol, and gives it back. He would get sick if he drank the whole bottle, after all, right?? Right.

Her head swims pleasantly, and she finds it interesting; most alcohol is a struggle for her to get down, to some extent, so she's never been terribly indulgent. The only tell with this bottle is how it burns a bit on its way down, but otherwise, she honestly wouldn't guess it was alcoholic...

"Take this back, it's gross."
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"The sun is a bit relentless, yes," she agrees, smiling. She brushes some sand off her bicep. "I sort of like it, though. I'm so used to the cold. Everyone here seems so comfortable."
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Annabelle pauses, clearly seeming taken off guard for a moment from how she rolls her eyes up to stare at Lauren. Then she grins, her posture straightening.

"Absolutely," she agrees. "Back home, I was never able to go into the water, or else you would freeze to death!" She glances at the water, looking excited. "I'd been considering it earlier."

She stands up, brushing off the backs of her thighs.

"Let's go, then!"
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Annabelle is beyond surprised by how he springs up, yanks off his shirt and takes off. But she responds immediately, racing him to the shore. Annabelle hates exercise, she hates running, but isn't awful at sprinting—her long limbs are a bit of help.

Once her ankles kick through the water as it simultaneously recedes away from the shore sand, she turns to look at Lauren, jogging backwards a little bit. She's a little winded, and she puts her hands on her knees, leaning forward a little as she laughs.
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"I was waiting for you!" Annabelle calls after him, unable to even feign indignation for how funny she's finding him right now. But too be honest, he's not sure if she can manage a leap and dive, like he did.

So she walks forward, and, yes, it's clearly with some timid-ness. She jumps a little when she feels the water hit her knees, and while it's kind of cool, she decides that it's taking too long—so she steps forward with wider strides, lifting her legs higher with each step, and eventually settles onto her belly as she swims forward. The cold takes the breath out of her lungs, though, and she laughs. She knows she'll get used to it.

She glances at Lauren.

"Stars, it's cold."
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Annabelle is buzzed, but not at Lauren's level. She smiles, shaking her head at him.

"I am! I'm just—normally dressed for it, for one thing," she says loudly, to compensate for their distance and the sounds of the waves. Her hair is dark and stringy, stuck to her face but somehow still mostly curly. "And I haven't been in water in a long time!"