pipers_son: (sillica) (If I buy you $300 worth of Popeyes)
Joker ([personal profile] pipers_son) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-04-08 01:54 am (UTC)


[Frankly? Joker is tired, by this point. Crying, as it turns out, is an exhausting business, and it's worse so when people try to actually get you to talk about it. But going back to the trailer makes his feathers stand up on end. He doesn't want to go back so soon, and face all the evidence of his failure to not protect Snake, not to mention Doll's existence now.]

[But there is one thing that, while it won't make the situation any more bearable... It's truly a miserable man's best friend in times like these.]

[And anyway, he's already buggered for the night. It can't get worst.]

[So that's why Joker is going through the cupboards of the cookhouse, thankful that the kitchens are blessedly empty right now. With Hinawa also having to deal with their shared... little problem, it'd been a concern. But there's no one in, so he's free to look for what will help him out tonight.]

[Hopefully no one enters until he's found what he needs to.]

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