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The Psionic isn't totally sure what to expect after hearing Tamaki's panicked and mostly incomprehensible message. He knew something was wrong with Joker, and vaguely the direction he was heading towards, but other than that the true details of the situation escaped him. It was hard to believe Joker was in any real danger. Aside from that bit with the agents the carnival was relatively safe for the people who worked here. It's true they were connected to a new world at the moment, making travel between the realms possible, but for someone not contracted to get in before performance week was pretty strange to consider. Even stranger was the thought that something dangerous could be happening and only affecting Joker without any security members already being in the know.

When he sees the situation for himself, however, he understands why Tamaki seemed so panicked. Psi didn't know exactly why, but he knew Joker didn't like others to worry about him. He thought it was pride that kept Joker smiling at everyone no matter the circumstances, or perhaps a strong unwavering devotion to looking only at the positive side of things. Needless to say, even working at the carnival as long as he had been the Psionic hadn't ever seen Joker looking quite like this.

He moves forward hesitantly. He doesn't know what's wrong, but already his heart aches in sympathy for his friend. He knows Joker doesn't like being asked things questions about possible injuries and bad experiences. He knows Joker just last week had basically told him to fuck off for asking if he was hurt. Still, he can't just leave when Joker is acting like this. Carefully he reaches out to put a hand on Joker's shoulder, kneeling down to sit beside him.

"Hey... I heard something about allergies?"

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