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but oh my heart is flawed // closed

Who: Joker and a whole bunch of people (Tamaki, Psionic, Childermass, Ginko, Doll, Hinawa)
What: After a good couple of years faking it, Joker finally breaks. He just wishes that multiple people didn't see it.
When: Early on in the Alola stop
Where: A couple places, including in a tree
Warnings: Alcohol. Joker's messed up past including child murder. A slight mental break.

[Snake is leaving.]

[Joker see it coming a mile away. All the bits of packing in their tiny shared space, and... Who couldn't see such obvious signs? But even with that kind of warning.... He doesn't do anything about it. Tries to ignore it, get back to work and do what he can, because the alternative is facing not only that hurt but so much else.]

[But there's no ignoring it when he steps into the trailer and all traces of Snake are gone.]

[Keep smiling and move forward. For years, that's been the only way he's been able to survive. Keep moving, keep making for over the hill, and until then, so that no one worries or sees too much... Keep smiling.]

[The words repeat through his head as he moves through the darkened carnival, a mantra to keep him going.]

[Just.... keep smiling.]
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[The bloody eyes, faint as it may be, similarly stun Tamaki for a moment. Not quite realizing it's a vampirism side-effect, Tamaki can't help but feel his panic rise. Joker has been bleeding. That has to be bad.

But at least Tamaki's yelling has temporarily stunned Joker into submission. Tamaki doesn't like that he did that, but he can't deny it was effective.

He hesitates for one second longer, then takes off running. Having a radio would make this easier, and luckily his trailer isn't too far away.

He manages to garble out something that mostly consists of, "Manager, trees, was bleeding, said it was allergies, lying, needs help." It's in the Psionic's hands now.]