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I Want to Break Free / closed

Who: Snake and Doll
What: Snake, who's run away from his living situation, is found by Doll, who disapproves
When: Early in Alola, after Joker's log
Where: Starting in the woods
Warnings: Sadness, possible mentions of past trauma, depressed Snake is depressed

[This is not what Snake wanted, not really. But with Doll in the carnival, he felt he had no choice. That's why he packed up his few meager possessions, boarded all his snakes but Emily in the carnival's menagerie, and set off with his stuff into the woods, ostensibly to meditate. More to hide.

He's not surprised that for a long time no one follows him. Why would they? He's not wanted. Joker would rather he wasn't here, and he'll be happier sharing a space with Doll. Those two are close. It's alright, Snake tells himself repeatedly, as he sits cross-legged under his umbrella in the forest's labyrinth depths. It's fine. They'll be happy, that's all that matters, and he can find someplace else to stay.

He's always been considerate of others' feelings, never once following along, never leaving his post until the day his family didn't return. He wishes sometimes he was more selfish, but his acts of selfishness always seemed to hurt others, so maybe it's better this way. Maybe it'll even help him separate from the demon within, the same demon which grants him hearing sensitive enough to pick up on the acrobat's light footsteps as she approaches. He'd know Doll's scent anywhere, and his hackles rise slightly at her approach. Though he wants nothing more than to run away again, he can't do that to her. His voice, when he speaks, is not harsh, but resigned, despite his words.]

"What do you want?" says Emily...
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[She's a little surprised that Snake can hear her, but sooner or later she's going to get used to the fact that nothing is what it seems here. Frowning, Doll comes out from behind the tree she was lurking behind-- partially to see where he was going, maybe if he'd tell Emily what he was doing. But apparently her cover is blown, so no time like the present.]

I want you to come home, Snake.