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because we’re all one of a kind

Who: Ginko and whoever!
What: Ginko tries to do his job and restocks on cigarettes
When: Before and during performance week
Where: Around the carnival, specifically the menagerie and trailer park!
Warnings: Drugs not actually drugs. Weird animals, though!

A - evening of Day 81 - outside Trailer 13

Contrary to what some might assume, Ginko’s ever-present cigarettes don’t manifest out of thin air. At some point, if they want to make sure that they’ve got a steady supply, he or Tanyuu has to make them - and tonight, that’s exactly what Ginko is doing, since he’d rather get this done before performance time starts up.

He’s sitting outside his and Tanyuu’s trailer, with supplies laid out in front of him on a cloth - a mortar and pestle, a roll of paper, stacks of leaves harvested from an assortment of plants grown in and around the trailer - and the spewpa that Tanyuu had dubbed Miu nestled against his leg.

It would be a lot more convenient if mushi repellent could be made from just one kind of plant, but, no such luck. So here he is, grinding the herbal mix together, setting each rolled cigarette in a wooden box as he finishes.

It’s not particularly fast work, but he does it with a practiced hand and seems relaxed as he works, not paying particular attention to anything around him.

B - All week - Menagerie

Everything is always busier during performance weeks. It’s no surprise, really, but even after this long, Ginko is still impressed by the sheer degree to which that energy seems to permeate the carnival. It’s… exhilarating, in a way.

At the same time, though, it makes him glad that his involvement with the actual performances is so minimal. He’s not sure he could deal with that much excitement.

Instead, he keeps mostly to the menagerie during performances, focusing on the animals; there’s a lot to do, though it’s more manageable now that he isn’t the only animal keeper.

He won’t object of anyone wants to come by and chat… provided they don’t interfere with his work or try to mess with the animals. That, he’d rather avoid.

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Things since Lambert's arrival have been something of a whirlwind, and not very carnival-like in the least -- but it seems to be back to business as usual, now. There wasn't much for the Nightrider to do right now, save sharpen his sword and get ready for trouble, but with a restless need to move settling in under his skin, he was patrolling the carnival.

He'd noticed the trailer surrounded by plants before, but he'd never actually spoken to its occupants. Some kind of herbalist, he'd assumed from what he saw, but he hadn't thought any more of it. Now, though, with someone outside, it's an opportunity to satisfy his curiosity (and kill boredom).

"What are those for?" he asks, with no preamble or greeting. His nose is sharp enough to tell him it isn't tobacco, but that doesn't necessarily let him guess what its intended use and properties actually are.
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"Mushi?" He rolls the unfamilar word around his mouth, testing the sound of it. "I've seen some around. Just thought those were will-o-wisps." And therefore, easily dismissed. One of the benefits of hunting the supernatural is a predisposition to seeing things other people can't, though it's hardly infallible. Still, he's never heard of the creatures before, so it's likely a peculiarity of another world -- much like the Pokemon -- that the Carnival has picked up on its travels.

"Seemed harmless. There a reason you don't like them?" Otherwise, why make anything designed to repel them?
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It's rare for Mimikyu to leave the secrecy of Foster's shadow--for some reason, it prefers to lurk behind him, watching his every move...

Now, though, it suddenly rises from the formless black shape it usually takes, oversized yellow dollhead wobbling precariously.

And hisses.

Foster turns, startled--but the Pokemon isn't hissing at him, or even at anyone nearby. It hisses a second time when he turns in the 'correct' direction.

Which is... more or less how Ginko finds himself, a few minutes later, with 5'10" of gangly vampire standing over him, idly scrutinising his work.
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Foster's eyes flick up to make brief contact with Ginko's, ears lifting, before he looks back at the cigarette-in-progress. He remembers to smile a second too late in relation to that, and so smiles only the instant before he looks down--when the eye contact itself is breaking.

"That doesn't smell like pot."

It's observational, not... uh, suggestive. He really was expecting this to be weed, though--at which point he would probably have had nothing further to say to Ginko.

Foster's reputation for licentiousness is only partially true; alcohol and mind-altering substances might as well be a literal repellent to him.
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[Yuya's getting used to all the strange sights of the Carnival by now--really, it's less seeing them and more realizing they're real and not just projections.

Sp he's more curious than alarmed as he peers at the animals, particularly whichever creature Ginko is currently working with.]

Hey. [He waves.] What's that one?
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This is where Foster has to stop and search his memory as to whether he has seen those around. Things like that, he tends to disregard--if anything, it's very easy to assume it's just a symptom of something and not a real phenomenon.

But, yes, he does know what Ginko is talking about. He just... assumed it had something to do with the fae nature of the carnival, and not something preventable or otherwise interesting.

Now Ginko has his attention.

"My shadow--" You know, the weird monster that's taken up residence in it, the one that grabbed your face? "--isn't a big fan."

He frowns.

"... these are...." Is there a word that isn't cigarette or blunt that denotes a rolled object that's meant to be smoked? He can't think of any in time, so-- "...cigarettes."

Why cigarettes and not something like... say, a torch?
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...on hand? Something about that statement strikes Foster as incongruous, but he doesn't concretely know 'why.' He has to think about it for a few.


Why would Ginko need it on hand--more specifically, why Ginko specifically? After a second or two, he turns it on its head, and reaches his conclusion:

"... do you attract them or something?" Wait-- "If that's how it works, is it necessary to smoke it at all, then?"

With other repellents, burning the leaves releases either a chemical or magical energy.
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It's not a show animal, is it? [It looks so lumpy and... not like it does any tricks.]
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Really, if Ginko doesn't want people to mess with the animals, then that means someone's going to mess with the animals. And that person is Strange. He had dropped by ostensibly to see the fancy chicken, but the monster book of monsters caught his eye the moment he spotted it. A sentient book? Who knows what sort of things would be written in there. He just had to pick it up and read it...

There's a yelp of surprise coming from the monster book's cage as Strange just backs away. When Ginko arrives to see what's up, Strange just points an accusatory finger at the book as he huffs, "The book tried to bite me!"

Which really, isn't something books should do, even if they're magic books. Of course, the only reason it tried to bite Strange was that the magician got the brilliant idea to poke the book in the first place.
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"Sometimes people call it 'fairy fire,' but it can be caused by all kinds of things. Usually just manifests as light in abandoned places." Lambert shrugs, evidently less interested in explaining those as he is in learning more about Ginko's problem.

"There are different kinds? What are they, monsters?"
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"It's a book," Strange complains, as he dutifully holds out his hand for Ginko to look at. The teeth scraped against one of his fingers so the skin's torn but thankfully, it's barely bleeding. Idiot'll live.

"I didn't expect a book to have teeth in the first place!"
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"You've got a lot of faith that people will actually read the sign in the first place." Strange's irritation is starting to fade as he gives Ginko a sarcastic little smile. Because yeah, he straight up knows people won't acknowledge it, mostly because he straight up knows he wouldn't acknowledge a sign saying 'danger, this book has teeth.'

"I imagine there will be a few people who'll try to manhandle the book anyway."
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Like Snake, his involvement with performance week of the Carnival really only picks up closer to showtime hours - during the mad scramble to get people outfitted and to make sure that nothing has been misplaced or to deal with any last minute wardrobe mishaps that might happen.

The rest of the time, he's been cautiously exploring, mostly sticking to the areas that he's familiar with and making sure he knows the ins and outs of the layout.

It's also why this is his first time visiting the menagerie area since his arrival - of course, being a dimension hopping Carnival, Yamato has to admit that some of the animals look... different, from what he's used to seeing. And he's seen quite a few especially since whoever programmed the Digital World also seems to be pretty creative.

He's currently standing in front of the cage for the six headed rat that he knows is definitely part of one of the performances. "Any idea where some of these animals were picked up from?" He points at it. "I mean. We definitely don't have anything like that in my world."
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"Did you know smoking is bad for you?" Says the Psionic coming up from behind Ginko, his grubbin on his shoulder.

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