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no bourbon, no scotch, no beer

Who: the idiot brigade aka Lambert & Strange
Where: Strange's trailer
When: backdated to late on Day 77
What: errybody in the trailer got tipsy
Warnings: alcohol use

( continued from here )

[ Taking the White Gull, Strange carefully puts two small drops of the alcohol into his mug of wine. His hands are steady, like he's used to doling out entirely small doses of liquids. Really, he doesn't believe this is as potent as Lambert says it is. After all, the other man can drink it and he...well, he's Lambert so who knows what sort of witcher nonsense makes you resistant to weird alcohols. Still, he can always add more later if need be.

As he finishes adding in the White Gull, Strange caps the flask and sets it on a nearby, hella cluttered table. Moments later, he raises his mug as well.

To your new appointment.

[ Might as well make an ATTEMPT at a toast. Strange downs a healthy serving of his wine...then just starts coughing a bit because wow, even with just two drops that stuff is surprisingly potent. ]

Good Lord.
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Isn't it in bad taste to toast yourself?

[ It's a good thing Lambert has more sense than to waste alcohol by doing something unfortunate like get it up his nose, but it' a near thing. As it is, he lowers the mug from his mouth, laughing at Strange's expense as he sputters. It's not that bad, really -- the potion really is more like a concentrated form of herbal liqueur, flavor-wise -- but it's unmistakably alcohol. Although it probably wasn't meant to be mixed with wine, the witcher's drinking it like he doesn't have any tastebuds at all...

Which is probably the case. Refined choices of vintages are Geralt's purview, not his. ]

Really packs a kick, doesn't it?