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Foster Van Denend ([personal profile] control_freak) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival2017-05-04 07:25 pm

A single-worded poem comprised of four letters [CLOSED]

Who: Foster and Ginko. Then Tanyuu. Then Sophie, then Sans and Lambert.
What: The thief returns. A motive appears??? Oh, wait, nevermind. It's a really shitty one.
When: Night 90
Where: The Barn
Warnings: Body horror, bad logic, minor violence, unnecessary drama.

It is deep in the dead of a cloud-covered night that Foster emerges from hiding, his kinked blond hair plastered cold and damp to his scalp and the sides of his face. Like some outlandish lake monster, perhaps... he is taking on a hefty amount of risk, returning to the carnival grounds at all. But if he doesn't, then there is no point.

Eventually he finds him.


In the barn, leaning heavily over a pitchfork, a single lantern hanging nearby. The multiheaded rat beast is awake, pushing a few of its many noses through the gate to snuffle in the man's white hair.

Foster approaches, one hand covering his left eye, fingers spread--but clutched, clawlike, over his face. His right eye has disappeared, grown over entirely by a thick shelf of deep purple mushrooms. His left eye is still visible--though ringed precariously by growths of its own, with dried ichor smears and cracked and broken brackets.

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