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If Ginko had any idea what was going through Psi's head, he might be kind of amazed by how familiar Psi's thinking here really is. He has no clue, of course - but he does know that the fact that the Psionic is talking to him about this is... probably a pretty big deal. He remembers what Psi had said before, about having feelings for him.

"I won't." From the sound of it, this is something other people don't really need to hear about, and he owes it to Psi to keep it to himself anyway; it's still hard to process, that he could end up as Psi's first choice for things like this. But talking through other people's problems was never the hard part.

...Hah. Almost immediately, Psi's complaints sound pretty familiar. Ginko's tail flicks back and forth a couple times, guilt and thoughtfulness making him restless for a moment. But then Psi keeps talking, and Ginko goes quiet, and still, and listens in silence once again.

For a couple moments, he stays silent and still as Psi watches him. Then he reaches over, setting a hand hesitantly on the Psionic's shoulder. It's an undeniably awkward gesture, but then, Ginko has never really been one for affectionate contact. This is about the most he can think to do. He looks him in the eye, just for a moment, before his gaze drifts off to land somewhere around Psi's knee, and there it stays as he speaks.

"...Joker is... it seems like he's not used to depending on people. He won't let it happen easily, and if you want to get through to him, it's going to take time. And you'll have to be careful. But--"


"It's good that you're trying. That you care enough to try - and it's clear how much you do care. I think that Joker probably knows that, too. That... might be part of what's scaring him."

He still remembers what Joker had said to him that night, insisting that his rescuers should have left him where they found him, back in Hell. If that's really what he thinks of himself, it's no surprise that he wouldn't respond well to Psi pushing to help him.

"Give it some time. I doubt he'll open up on his own, but letting him cool down should help."

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