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Who: Psi and Ginko
What: Ginko's sad. Also Joker is a dick.
Where: Weedhaus
When: Day 91

He flies his way to Ginko's pretty much immediately after his disagreement with Joker. He's still angry. He feels bad going to Ginko just to vent, especially to vent about someone else, but like fuck if he knows what else to do. He definitely doesn't want to shout at Grubbin or spend the rest of the evening sparking randomly or snapping at others. He wants to check on Ginko anyway, so really this way it was like he was hitting two flightbeasts with the same elasticity propelled pellet. He lands rather suddenly without warning, and if Ginko isn't around he just knocks on his door.
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"...Ah." He honestly has trouble imagining Snake punching anyone, either, but... when it comes down to it, he guesses that makes sense.

Ginko goes silent as Psi talks, but, for once, he doesn't hesitate to answer once he's finished. "No, you don't." He doesn't give him time to argue before continuing, either. He doesn't know if Psi would argue, honestly, but just in case.

"Even if you could have handled it better, your heart was in the right place - besides, who was telling me recently that it can be hard to stay rational when things get stressful?"
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If Ginko had any idea what was going through Psi's head, he might be kind of amazed by how familiar Psi's thinking here really is. He has no clue, of course - but he does know that the fact that the Psionic is talking to him about this is... probably a pretty big deal. He remembers what Psi had said before, about having feelings for him.

"I won't." From the sound of it, this is something other people don't really need to hear about, and he owes it to Psi to keep it to himself anyway; it's still hard to process, that he could end up as Psi's first choice for things like this. But talking through other people's problems was never the hard part.

...Hah. Almost immediately, Psi's complaints sound pretty familiar. Ginko's tail flicks back and forth a couple times, guilt and thoughtfulness making him restless for a moment. But then Psi keeps talking, and Ginko goes quiet, and still, and listens in silence once again.

For a couple moments, he stays silent and still as Psi watches him. Then he reaches over, setting a hand hesitantly on the Psionic's shoulder. It's an undeniably awkward gesture, but then, Ginko has never really been one for affectionate contact. This is about the most he can think to do. He looks him in the eye, just for a moment, before his gaze drifts off to land somewhere around Psi's knee, and there it stays as he speaks.

"...Joker is... it seems like he's not used to depending on people. He won't let it happen easily, and if you want to get through to him, it's going to take time. And you'll have to be careful. But--"


"It's good that you're trying. That you care enough to try - and it's clear how much you do care. I think that Joker probably knows that, too. That... might be part of what's scaring him."

He still remembers what Joker had said to him that night, insisting that his rescuers should have left him where they found him, back in Hell. If that's really what he thinks of himself, it's no surprise that he wouldn't respond well to Psi pushing to help him.

"Give it some time. I doubt he'll open up on his own, but letting him cool down should help."
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"So that's what that was." Ginko sighs and pushes his free hand through his hair. The one on Psi's shoulder stays where it is. It just... lives there now, he guesses.

"Yeah, he's probably pretty upset about that. But that's just another reason the first step there is going to have to be to apologize. If you don't think he'll let you do it in person, then you can leave him a note or something."
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"Don't worry about it." He gives a small shrug. "I don't mind talking through things if you need to; I'm glad to help."

It's only after he says that that he remembers - again - the whole pale romance thing. That must have sounded really weirdly forward? Shit, has he sounded like that to Psi all this time??
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Oh. Ginko goes very, very still, not even breathing for a couple seconds.

" problem."

This is a lot more physical contact than he had bargained for oh god
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Ginko relaxes a little when Psi draws away, though he does feel kind of bad for freezing up on him like that. But... well, it's not like he ever knows how else to respond when someone does something like that.

He would wonder why he's so bad at this, but let's face it, it probably has to do with the years of near-isolation.

His ears give a slight flick, and it takes him a moment longer than he'd like to think of how to respond. "You don't have to leave if you don't want to - it's alright."
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What? Ginko frowns, leaning over to look at him.

"...Psi, since when am I ever polite? If I didn't want you here I'd say so."
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"I mean it." He doesn't know if Psi is actually doubting what he said, but he wants to be sure. "You can stay here as long as you need to, alright?"
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Somehow, even if the sentiment itself isn't too much of a surprise from Psi, hearing it said so bluntly catches him off-guard. He takes a couple moments to reply, his shoulders hunching.

"...Thanks. I mean, I'm... glad you think so."
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"...Yeah?" Ginko's tail swishes a bit by his hooves, caught between curiosity and not wanting to press too much.
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It's a pretty flattering description, that's for sure - though Ginko can't say anything as far as his view of his enemies, either, having never considered someone as such. The closest he could remember was a few unpleasant or dangerous people he'd rather not see again.

Trying to think of a serious response to that gives him pause, so instead he gives a vaguely embarrassed laugh. "Uh... thanks, I guess. Though I wouldn't say I'm shy, exactly."
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"Well-- no. I'm just... reserved, I guess. Saying I'm shy makes it sound like I'm scared of people or something - which I'm not."

Just to be clear.
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"Yeah? Guess that is another way of looking at it."

It does seem like a difference worth noting - though, for the most part, Ginko isn't used to thinking of himself as being particularly concerned with other people's opinions of him, either. It doesn't matter what a stranger thinks of him, unless he specifically needs them to trust him.

But then, there aren't usually all that many strangers around in the carnival, and if he doesn't know someone already, he's bound to soon. Suddenly, what those around him think matters a lot more than it used to, whether he wants it to or not.

Ginko's ears tilt forward as Psi keeps talking. Just hearing the way he talks about Signless is more than enough to make it clear just how much he thinks of him - and how much he cares about him. Ginko can hardly think of what he could possibly say in response.

"...You must miss him."
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Ginko does not at all mind moving the topic away from whether he's shy or not. Frankly, this seems more relevant to... everything.

"That was the same guy?" The more Ginko hears about this guy, the clearer it becomes how important he is to Psi. "...I'm glad you met him."
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"Exactly what I was thinking."

From what he's heard, he can't imagine that Psi would be anything but worse off if he hadn't met the Signless - or, judging by how awful his world sounds, if he hadn't ended up here. Otherwise, Ginko might wonder if it was selfish of him to be so glad for the Psionic's presence. But as it is, this really does seem to be what's best for him.
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"Me?" Taken by surprise, Ginko takes a couple seconds to backtrack in the conversation enough to work out what Psi is asking.

"...Guess it's been weird, going so long without seeing Adashino. He was a doctor back home; we've known each other a while, and he'd buy items I picked up from my work whenever I stopped by."
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"I guess so." Thinking about Adashino is one thing, but talking about him to someone else is a lot more difficult - particularly while trying to separate their personal relationship from their professional involvement, since he supposes Psi is mostly interested in the former.

"He was... a weird guy." Ginko snorts quietly. "He couldn't see mushi, but he was completely fascinated with them. So, he just collected artifacts and such instead... and bothered me about my health every time I stopped by. ...You guys would probably get along."
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"Yes, that's one thing. Plus you're both too straightforward for your own good, and you make a habit of getting into other people's business."

The phrasing may sound harsh, but there's a definite hint of fondness in his voice, all the same.